The Cure (X-Men)

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"The Cure"
X-Men: The Animated Series episode
Angel comes to Dr. Adler for the Cure
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 8
Written by Mark Edward Edens
Production code 108
Original air date February 20, 1993
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Slave Island"
Next →
"Come the Apocalypse"
List of X-Men 1992 TV Series Episodes

The Cure is an episode in the animated TV series X-Men Animated Series. It introduced the villain Apocalypse to the series.[1]


In a cabin, Warren Worthington III and a woman sit by a fireplace. The woman wonders why Warren always tries to push her away. Cable, meanwhile, sleeks in the shadows of a different room, until Warren opens the door and enters the room himself. A battle ensues, and Cable is eventually able to blast Warren off the balcony. Warren's wings tear his jacket and he flies back up to the house. The woman, noticing the commotion, enters and is confronted by Cable. He asks where Dr. Adler is, and she replies Scotland. Before he can get anymore information out of her, Warren attacks. Cable manages to use a blinding explosive and escapes, but the woman blindly shoots Warren with Cable's gun, and he flees, leaving the woman in her sorrow.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Professor X and Moira MacTaggert talk about Dr. Adler as they go to visit him. As Professor X scans Dr. Adler's mind, he gets warped visions and slips unconscious. Later, Professor X wonders if Dr. Adler is a mutant himself, which Moira states might suggest why he wants to create a cure for mutants. Professor X decides to tell the X-Men about the cure. The X-Men, rebuilding the X-Mansion after Juggernaut's destruction, bicker as Wolverine tries to help the others. Gambit and Wolverine get at each other's necks, but are stopped by Rogue and Cyclops. Jubilee comes rushing in, stating that Professor X wants to talk to them.

Professor X explains the cure to the X-Men, and Rogue in particular seems interested, as she longs for the feeling of companionship that Cyclops and Jean Grey have. The other X-Men seem to think that it would be betrayal to take the cure. Later that day, Jean shares her waryness with Cyclops over Rogue. Rogue plans to go to Muir Island, but is interrupted by Gambit. She throws him out, but he catches up with her and flirts some more. He recommends a kiss before she goes, but she flies off.

In a bar, Avalanche and Pyro play a game of darts, bored while waiting for their "friend," Mystique. Rogue flies in, and Pyro flirts with her, thinking she's Mystique. She throws him against a wall, which angers Avalanche. The two fight, and she knocks him off a cliff and into the ocean. Avalanche notices a boat speeding by with Cable on it.

Rogue visits Dr. Adler and tells him how she is considering the treatment. Dr. Adler sends her on her way, and Apocalypse appears. Dr. Adler reverts to Mystique and they discuss Rogue's powers. Apocalypse plans on turning her into his slave. Rogue, while sitting by the ocean, remembers how she kissed Cody and had him slip into a coma. She walks away, while Pyro searches for Avalanche but finds Cable, who is looking for Dr. Adler. He instantly attacks Cable, but Cable blasts him into the water. Avalanche picks him up and Pyro schemes over kidnapping Dr. Adler.

Dr. Adler tells Rogue about the changes she will experience during the treatment, but the entire facility is destroyed by Avalanche. He rushes in and kidnaps Dr. Adler, then flees with Pyro. Cable, watching from afar, chases after them, while Rogue gets out of the rubble. Moira and Professor X rush to the scene, but are too late.

Pyro and Avalanche set Dr. Adler down, who changes into Mystique. They talk about Apocalypse, and Mystique threatens them if they interfere on her plans. Rogue appears and Mystique turns back into Dr. Adler. Rogue, Avalanche, and Pyro battle, but the latter are disoriented when Avalanche destroys rocks that are hurled at them. Cable finds Dr. Adler, who was retreating. Cyclops and Jean Grey find Professor X and they plan to find Rogue. Meanwhile, Pyro and Avalanche are finally knocked out by Rogue, who goes back to searching for Dr. Adler. Cable has him at gunpoint on an edge of a cliff. They talk about the collars that were used to enslave mutants. Rogue finds them and attacks Cable. He throws a grenade at her, which takes her out. Mystique shapeshifts and tells Cable that Dr. Adler is already dead. The Blackbird flies up and drops Cyclops and Jean Grey out. They battle Cable, but Jean is knocked off the cliff. Rogue rushes to save her, but Cable escapes.

Deciding not to take the cure, Rogue rebuilds Dr. Adler's machine and leaves, but crashes into Warren Worthington III. He tells her she's lucky she doesn't have to have wings to fly, and Warren goes into Dr. Adler's lab. Later, Mystique finds Apocalypse and tells him of Warren, and he replies that he is planning on destroying the world.



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