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Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel Spider-Man Title.png
Also known asMarvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom (season 3)
Based on
Developed byKevin Shinick
Voices of
Theme music composerKevin Manthei
Composer(s)Kevin Manthei
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes51 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Running time21–22 mins
Production company(s)Marvel Animation
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original network
Original releaseAugust 19, 2017 (2017-08-19) –
Preceded byUltimate Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man, or simply Spider-Man, is an American animated television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. A replacement for the previous series Ultimate Spider-Man, the first season premiered on August 19, 2017 on Disney XD, and was renewed for a second season which premiered on June 18, 2018.[1][2][3] The show's third season will be retitled Marvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom which was announced for an early 2020 release.[4]


Season 1[edit]

A gifted teenager named Peter Parker is given spider-like powers when he is bitten by a radioactive spider during a school field trip to Oscorp. After the death of his Uncle Ben at the hands of a burglar that he hesitated to stop at a wrestling arena, Parker comes to his own terms of becoming a masked superhero named Spider-Man. Some time later, Peter begins learning how to balance his crime-fighting career with his new enrollment at Horizon High, a school for students with genius-level intellect run by headmaster Max Modell. Joining Peter in his ordeals with Jackal, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Rhino, Spencer and Alistair Smythe, and numerous other villains are his classmates Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, and Anya Corazon, as well as his best friend Harry Osborn.[5]

Over the course of the school year, Peter merges with (and later removes) a parasitic alien dubbed the V-252 and trains Miles on how to use his Spider Powers when he gets bitten by a genetically-modified spider as well. Peter and his friends eventually discover that Jackal (who is actually Gwen's uncle Raymond Warren) created the spiders that gave them their Spider Powers for the purpose of raising an army. Raymond's scheme of turning everyone in New York into spider-like monsters (dubbed "Man-Spiders") is thwarted by the teamwork of Peter, Miles, Anya, and Harry. During this period, Gwen and Anya develop Spider Powers of their own with the former assuming the alias "Spider-Gwen".

With Osborn Academy destroyed at the climax of the "Spider-Island" crisis, Harry dons the Hobgoblin armor and discovers that his father Norman Osborn orchestrated his expulsion from Horizon High at the beginning of the school year as part of his vision of making his son execute Spider-Man and become the definite hero of New York. Ultimately, Harry chooses to side with Peter instead of his father, and Norman apparently perishes in an explosion at the Osborn laboratory. As summer vacation begins, Harry takes over his father's business and discovers a hidden chamber filled with Norman's Goblin technology while Max creates a monument of Spider-Man at Horizon High, deeming him the school's unofficial mascot.

Season 2[edit]

Peter navigates through his sophomore year and his career at the Daily Bugle while contending with Doctor Octopus and the V-252 symbiote, the latter of which has now assumed the name of "Venom" after merging itself with Peter's jealous co-worker Eddie Brock. While Peter uncovers a bounty that was seemingly placed on him by Chameleon, Anya adopts the alias Spider-Girl when her Spider Powers from the "Spider-Island" incident resurface and forms a "Spider Team" with Miles and Gwen. Doctor Octopus is revealed to be the true mastermind behind the bounty, his consciousness inhabiting the Living Brain after a past battle resulted in him falling into a coma, and successfully manages to swap bodies with Spider-Man, becoming the Superior Spider-Man. Around the same time, Gwen also regains her Spider Powers from "Spider-Island" and gains new abilities thanks to a relic called the Blood Gem and begins working alongside Miles and Anya under the alias Ghost-Spider.[6]

After being swayed by Peter's memories of Uncle Ben into becoming a hero, Octavius begins working on methods to become more efficient in crime-fighting than Peter ever was. However, his ruthless behavior causes suspicion to Miles when he nearly kills Sandgirl, prompting him to have Iron Man, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel investigate on his behalf. Meanwhile, Peter's consciousness does whatever it takes to escape the Living Brain via Neuro Cortex and be reunited with his body, encountering memories of Octavius' past in the process. Peter eventually downloads himself into Octavius' discarded tentacles, allowing him to reunite with Miles and inform him of recent events. Octavius (via Peter's body) re-enrolls at Midtown High and befriends the assistant chemistry teacher Anna Maria Marconi. Discovering how wrong he was about himself and Spider-Man, Octavius reunites Peter's consciousness and body before his tentacles degrade the former into nothing. After saving Anna Maria from a genetically-altered Venom, Spider-Man honors Octavius' heroism by placing his consciousness back in his inactive body.

Despite becoming his former self once more, Spider-Man takes it upon himself to rescue Iron Man, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Hulk from a suspected new villain team (consisting of Mister Negative, Spot, Electro, Cloak, Sandgirl, and Molten Man). However, he discovers a more dangerous enemy known as Regent has been replicating the abilities of the "Sinister Six" and other super villains incarcerated at the Cellar. Regent's plan was to imprison the Avengers in another dimension as payback for arresting his father for what he saw as minor felonies. Octavius recovers from his coma in time for him and Anna Maria to free Cloak and Dagger so that they can rescue the missing Avengers, allowing Spider-Man to defeat Regent.

After Spider-Man is able to stop the rampaging speedster Slyde with help from Octavius (now going by Doctor Octopus once more), they discover the existence of a cult-like organization known as the Goblin Nation, armed with the same kind of Goblin technology used by Norman. While investigating Norman's Goblin tech chamber, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin discover that the Goblin Nation's leader-referred to as the Goblin King-is none other than Adrian Toomes. Spider-Man rallies the rest of the Spider Team (Miles, Ghost-Spider, Hobgoblin, Spider-Girl, Doctor Octopus, and Anna Maria) so that he can challenge the Goblin King and his generals (consisting of Electro, Silvermane, and Crossbones) with an army of his own. When the Goblin King takes control of a powerful Goblin Mech in a bid to destroy the city, Octavius stops him by disabling his control over the suit with the Neuro Cortex, but sacrifices his life in the process. At Octavius's funeral, Peter reconciles with Gwen, Anya, and Max for what happened when Octavius was Superior Spider-Man. To his surprise, Peter re-enrolls at Horizon High thanks to a recommendation letter given to Max by Octavius.

Season 3 (Maximum Venom)[edit]

Venom resurfaces following his latest defeat at the hands of Spider-Man and unleashes a new threat to humanity from his own planet.


Spider Team[edit]

  • Spider-Man / Peter Parker (voiced by Robbie Daymond)[7] - The show's protagonist. A teenager who was bitten by a genetically-modified spider during a field trip to Oscorp, Peter tries to balance his crime-fighting and civilian lives as a student in Horizon High and a freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle. Thus far, only Miles, Harry, Octavius (as Superior Spider-Man), Anna Maria, Venom and Eddie (via Venom) know Spider-Man's secret identity.
  • Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider (voiced by Laura Bailey)[7] - One of Peter's classmates at Horizon High. Unique to this show, she is portrayed as Warren's niece. In Season 1, Gwen briefly takes on the Spider-Gwen alias when New York was exposed to the Jackal's chemicals during the "Spider-Island" arc. In Season 2, Gwen regains her abilities due to exposure to the Blood Gem relic and adopts the Ghost-Spider alias in "The Day Without Spider-Man". Thus far, only Peter, Miles and Anya know Ghost-Spider's secret identity.
  • Miles Morales / Spy-D (voiced by Nadji Jeter)[7] - One of Peter's classmates at Horizon High and primary partner-in-justice. After being bitten by the Electrolis Arachnatis spider, he is mentored by Spider-Man on how to use his abilities in "Ultimate Spider-Man". Miles is the first person to discover Spider-Man's secret identity, as seen in "Kraven's Amazing Hunt". Thus far, only Peter, Gwen, Anya and Octavius (as Superior Spider-Man) know Miles's secret identity.
  • Anya Corazon / Spider-Girl (voiced by Melanie Minichino)[7] - One of Peter's classmates at Horizon High and Gwen's best friend. In Season 1, Anya gains Spider abilities when the majority of New York was exposed to the Jackal's chemicals in the "Spider-Island" arc. In Season 2, Anya regains her Spider abilities due to the experimental cure she took earlier and adopts the Spider-Girl alias during the "Bring on the Bad Guys" arc. Thus far, only Gwen and Miles know Spider-Girl's secret identity.
  • Harry Osborn / Hobgoblin (voiced by Max Mittelman)[7] - Peter's best friend and a student at Osborn Academy. Throughout Season 1, Harry is resentful of Spider-Man, blaming Spider-Man for his expulsion from Horizon High, yet supportive towards Peter. Examples of this relationship include Harry blaming Spider-Man for Norman's 'death' in "The Rise of Doc Ock" Pt. 4 while vowing that he and Peter will never fight like Herman Schultz and Clayton Cole in "Osborn Academy". Harry eventually discovers best friend's secret identity during the "Spider Island" arc, putting his friendship with Peter at risk as he still blames Spider-Man for his misfortunes. In Season 1's finale "Hobgoblin", Harry receives the Hobgoblin armor from Norman and saves Peter from Octavius's mind control before ultimately betraying Norman after seeing his father's true colors. When his father presumably perishes in an explosion, Harry is Oscorp's acting CEO. After a long absence, Harry eventually returns in Season 2's finale arc "Goblin War" and assists his friends in stopping the Goblin King. Unique to this show, he is depicted with black hair compared to past series.
  • Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius / Superior Spider-Man (voiced by Scott Menville as Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius, Robbie Daymond as Superior Spider-Man)[7] - A scientific prodigy. Having graduated from school early and a teacher at Horizon High, Octavius had a hard life between being picked on by a jock named Steve and having problems with his own father Torbert. In Season 1's "The Rise of Doc Ock" arc, an accident by Crimson Dynamo caused his harness with tentacle-like appendages to be fused to his body, and he adopts the Doctor Octopus alias and turns the Osborn Commandos into the Sinister Five. His plans are foiled by Spider-Man and Hobgoblin in Season 1's finale "Hobgoblin". In Season 2, Octavius' body falls into a coma and his consciousness ends up in cyberspace to remain alive before relocating himself into Spider-Man's body, adopting the Superior Spider-Man alias. Despite his original agenda, Octavius is swayed by Peter's memories into being a hero, leading to eventually discover how wrong he was about himself and Spider-Man. Octavius is able to restore himself and Peter to their former selves yet remains in a coma which he eventually comes out of during Spider-Man's ordeal with Regent. From there, Octavius begins working alongside the Spider Team as a genuine ally under his old Doctor Octopus alias. In Season 2's finale arc "Goblin War", Octavius sacrifices himself to stop the Goblin King using the Neuro Cortex with his body disintegrating into light particles and is honored as a hero by the rest of the Spider Team who attend his funeral along with Anna Maria and Max.
    • Spiderbots - Mass-produced spider-like robots created by Octavius as a means of perfecting his crime-fighting skills as the Superior Spider-Man. They were first used to assist their master and Miles during their battle with Sandgirl in "Critical Update". After Octavius undoes the body-swap and recovers from his coma, the Spiderbots are repurposed to assist Spider-Man and the rest of the Spider Team beginning in "The Road to Goblin War".


  • Flash Thompson (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - A student jock at Midtown High and Osborn Academy. First appearing in "Osborn Academy", he initially picks on Peter and admires Spider-Man. In "Venom", Flash briefly merged with the V-252 symbiote only to be saved by Spider-Man. In "Superior", Flash was taken hostage by the reverse-engineered Venom symbiote and was rescued by Spider-Man after Octavius undoes the body-swap.
  • Randy Robertson (voiced by Zeno Robinson) - One of Peter's classmates at Midtown High. He first appears in the series premiere "Horizon High". In "How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation", Randy runs into Peter on the street and helps get a job at the Daily Bugle by having his father hook up with Jameson.
  • Liz Allan / Screwball (voiced by Natalie Lander) - One of Peter's classmates at Midtown High. She is ranked class president, first appearing in the series premiere "Horizon High". She also operates as the internet celebrity prankster Screwball but develops a change of heart after Spider-Man saved her and Randy from Absorbing Man and Hammerhead in "Screwball Live".
  • Joe Q. (voiced by Joe Quesada) - The manager of a coffeehouse that is frequented by Peter and Harry.
  • The Avengers - A world-renowned team of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", the Avengers occasionally lend the Spider Team a hand over the course of their adventures. In "School of Hard Knocks", Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel are taken prisoner by A.I.M. for experimentation and rescued by Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel. In "A Troubled Mind", Iron Man, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel investigate Miles' suspicions of Superior Spider-Man. In "Brand New Day", Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and Captain America are imprisoned in another dimension by Regent only for to be rescued by Spider-Man, Octavius, Anna Maria, and Cloak and Dagger in "The Cellar".
  • J. Jonah Jameson (voiced by Bob Joles)[8] - The Daily Bugle Communications' head, John's father, and the Spider Team's regular critic. One such example is deeming Miles' Spider-Man as a third-rate menace-in-training. Peter worked for Jameson as a freelance photographer, making an improvement on proving footage of Spider-Man compared to Eddie, from "Take Two" until "Venom Returns" where he fires Peter for putting him, Gwen, Anya, May, and Max in danger by aiding Spider-Man (actually Miles in disguise) in thwarting Venom and Eddie's hostage plot. While for the most part he viewed Spider-Man as a menace, he apparently began warming up in "Critical Update" when impressed with Superior Spider-Man's more ruthless demeanor and begins focusing his smear champing on supervillains rather than the Spider Team.
  • Eddie Brock (voiced by Ben Pronsky) - A former employee at the Daily Bugle and a temporary host of the Venom symbiote. Growing jealous of Peter's progress, Eddie goes against Jameson and ends up bonding with Venom, discovering Spider-Man's secret identity upon reviving Venom's memories, in "Dead Man's Party". In "Venom Returns", Eddie becomes Venom's accomplice in his hostage plot, though he gets himself fired by Jameson prior to the latter's abduction. During the battle against Spider-Man and Miles, Eddie is affected by the same experimental sonic device that puts Venom into a coma. In "Superior", Eddie remains in a coma and it's also revealed that Venom exploiting Eddie's jealously of Peter to fulfill his own plans for revenge.
  • Yuri Watanabe (voiced by Sumalee Montano) - The New York Police Department's chief of police. She assists Spider-Man during his ordeal with Chameleon in "Bring on the Bad Guys" Pt. 4, and later teams-up with Spider-Man once more to stop Electro, Beetle and the Octavius-controlled Living Brain in "The Living Brain". In "Brand New Day", Chief Watanabe tries to convince Spider-Man that Mister Negative, Spot, Electro, Cloak, Sandgirl, and Molten Man are still locked up in The Cellar when he claims that these villains captured the Avengers one-by-one. In "The Cellar" when Spider-Man reveals that Regent was the real mastermind behind the attacks, Chief Watanabe identifies Frostbite, Whirlwind, and Paradox as the inmates with abilities replicated by Regent that Spider-Man has never encountered before. She also interrogates Roman's assistant Shannon Stillwell after discovering evidence of her suspected involvement with Regent.
  • Anna Maria Marconi (voiced by Katrina Kemp) - The dwarfish assistant chemistry teacher at Midtown High. In "Cloak and Dagger", she befriends Octavius (in Peter's body) and assists Superior Spider-Man in defeating Cloak and Dagger, as well as exposing Tiberius Stone's true colors. In "Superior", Anna Maria gets taken hostage by the Venom symbiote as a bargaining chip to undo Octavius' body-swap with Peter, leading her to discover Spider-Man's secret identity. After Peter defeats Venom, she learns the truth about Superior Spider-Man and declares Octavius a true hero. In "The Cellar", Anna Maria helps Spider-Man by freeing Dagger so that Cloak can rescue the Avengers. During Season 2's finale arc "Goblin War", Anna Maria assists Doctor Octopus in providing tactical support during the battles with the Goblin Nation.
  • Cloak / Tyrone Johnson and Dagger / Tandy Bowen (voiced by Aubrey Joseph as Cloak, Olivia Holt as Dagger) - Teenagers capable of teleporting in a shroud of Darkforce energy and generating dagger-like constructs out of Lightforce energy respectively. In "Cloak and Dagger", they assault Midtown High to exact vengeance on Tiberius Stone on account of Alchemax's experiments behind their powers ruining their lives (identified as Subjects 338 and 339 in Alchemax's experiments). During their battle with Superior Spider-Man, Dagger is struck by Anna Maria using a chair and defeated by Superior Spider-Man while Cloak is thrown into a wall by Tiberius using his forcefield. In "Brand New Day", Cloak and Dagger are incarcerated in The Cellar. Cloak is one of the villains suspected by Spider-Man to have been involved in the Avengers' capture, though it turns out Regent was replicating Cloak's powers as well as Dagger's. Cloak and Dagger eventually reform in "The Cellar" when he helps Spider-Man rescue the Avengers upon escaping from his cell and she helps after being freed by Octavius and Anna Maria to which the two help defeat Regent.


  • Norman Osborn (voiced by Josh Keaton as Norman Osborn / Spider King, Max Mittelman as Hobgoblin)[9] - Harry's father and Oscorp's original CEO. During Season 1, Norman secretly orchestrated his son's expulsion from Horizon High in the series premiere "Horizon High" in an attempt to make Harry as New York's definite hero, with Spider-Man's very existence being an interference with that vision. Although he was initially presumed dead following the "Rise of Doc Ock" arc, he resurfaces as the Spider King of the Jackal's Man-Spider army during the "Spider-Island" arc. In Season 1's finale "Hobgoblin", Norman utilizes a replica Hobgoblin armor he made for his son so he can end Spider-Man himself, but is ultimately betrayed by Harry and is presumed dead following an explosion at Oscorp's laboratory.
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren (voiсed by John DiMaggio)[7] - An animalistic, green-furred criminal. One of Season 1's central antagonists, he is portrayed as Gwen's uncle, and the creator of the spiders behind Peter's and Miles's Spider abilities. In his earlier life, Raymond was a former staff member at Empire State University who was dismissed for his genetic experiments. In addition to his specialty in hybridization, Raymond is capable of generating clones of himself, one of which served as a decoy to fool Spider-Man and the authorities into believing they caught him. During the "Rise of Doc Ock" arc, it is revealed that he conspired with Doctor Octopus and fully intended to use the genetically modified spiders to create an entire army at his command. His master plan unintentionally happened during the "Spider-Island" arc with the Man-Spider army but was ultimately thwarted by the Spider-Men, Anya and Harry.
  • Vulture / Adrian Toomes / Goblin King (voiced by Alistair Duncan)[7] - A vulture-themed villain and scientist. A personal vendetta against Max due to being fired for stealing equipment, he claims that the stolen tech was originally his. In Season 1's first half, his first fight with Spider-Man in the series premiere "Horizon High" ended in defeat, but was released in Norman's custody to work at Osborn Academy in "Symbiotic Relationship" where he developed Vulture armor to be used by Oscorp as the Vulture Force. During Season 1's second half, Vulture joins the Osborn Commandos before being brainwashed by Doctor Octopus and freed by Hobgoblin. In Season 2, Adrian works to reform himself when he's recruited by the Wake Riders as their way of asking him to lead. During Season 2's finale arc "Goblin War", Adrian acts as the Goblin King, the Goblin Nation's semi-charismatic leader, using an updated Goblin armor with a green color scheme. Adrian's Goblin Mech is ultimately defeated when Doctor Octopus used the Neuro Cortex.
  • Venom / V-252 (voiced by Benjamin Diskin in Season 1, Ben Pronsky as Season 2) - A parasitic alien symbiote. In Season 1, the symbiote was sent over to Horizon High for research which Peter first meets after it gets stolen by Black Cat in "A Day in the Life" and merges with it as its host from "Sandman" until "Stark Expo" but has several hosts (including Flash) in "Venom". In Season 2, the V-252 merges with Eddie who revives the symbiote's knowledge of Spider-Man in "Dead Man's Party". Venom attempts to expose Spider-Man's civilian identity to Peter's peers in "Venom Returns", and is put in a coma by an experimental sonic device. Venom is reawakened from stasis in "Superior" when a series of experiments alters his genealogy, enabling him to function without the need of a host. Abandoning Eddie, Venom assaults Midtown High in search of Peter to exact his revenge only to discover Octavius's consciousness in Peter's body. When the real Peter arrives in Octavius's discarded tentacles, Octavius reunites Peter's consciousness and body to defeat the reverse-engineered symbiote with electricity.
  • Alistair Smythe (voiced by Jason Spisak) - An inventor of the Spider-Slayers. In "Party Animals", he auditioned for a scholarship at Osborn Academy by testing his Spider-Slayer against Spider-Man. During Season 1's second half, Alistair joins the Osborn Commandos before being brainwashed by Doctor Octopus and freed by Hobgoblin. In Season 2, Alistair enrolls at Horizon High after Peter re-enrolls at Midtown High in "Goblin War: Part 1" (due to Octavius' earlier body-swap), and is suspected by Spider-Man as the Goblin King's secret identity but is merely one of the Goblin Nation's latest members.
  • Spencer Smythe (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - A teacher at Midtown High School, an inventor of the Spider-Slayers, and Alistair's father. He has a personal vendetta against Max, first appearing in the "Origin" shorts. In "Ultimate Spider-Man", Spencer is taken into police custody after a rivalry between him and Alistair over capturing Miles is thwarted by Spider-Man. It is also revealed Spencer has been collaborating with Jackal.
    • Spider-Slayers - Spider-like robots that have been used by Alistair and Spencer to fight Spider-Man during Season 1's first half. Alistair piloted a Spider-Slayer as a member of the Osborn Commandoes / Sinister Five.
  • Scorpion / Mac Gargan (voiced by Jason Spisak) - A scorpion-themed villain. In the series premiere "Horizon High", Spider-Man stops Scorpion from robbing the science museum. In "Kraven's Amazing Hunt", Scorpion is used as bait to hunt the Spider-Men in an episode of Kraven's show. In "The Day Without Spider-Man", Scorpion teams up with Tinkerer in a bid to enhanced himself using the Blood Gem and draw out Spider-Man, only to be defeated by Miles, Spider-Girl, and Ghost-Spider.
  • Black Cat / Felicia Hardy (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A cat burglar who can cause bad luck. In "A Day in the Life", Spider-Man's first run-in with Black Cat inevitably leads to him meeting the V-252. In "How I Thwipped my Summer Vacation", Black Cat battles and loses to Spider-Man during a trip to the beach.
  • Rhino / Aleksei Sytsevich (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - A student at Horizon High who is constantly turned into a humanoid rhinoceros. He first appears in "Party Animals". During Season 1's second half, Rhino joins the Osborn Commandos before being brainwashed by Doctor Octopus and later freed by Hobgoblin.
  • Hammerhead (voiced by Jim Cummings) - A hard-headed crime lord. In "Sandman", he is shown responsible for turning Flint Marko and Keemia into Sandman and Sandgirl and is taken into custody after being defeated by Spider-Man when bonded to the V-252 symbiote. In "Spider-Man on Ice", Hammerhead gets betrayed by his henchman Randy Macklin who wanted to start his own crime spree. In "Screwball Live", Hammerhead and Absorbing Man went after Screwball and Randy in an attempt to draw out Spider-Man so they could reclaim a drive containing incriminating evidence on Hammerhead, only for the two villains to be defeated. In "How I Thwipped my Summer Vacation", Hammerhead battles and loses to Spider-Man at a Ross Caliban concert. In "My Own Worst Enemy", Hammerhead is the first of several crime bosses defeated by Superior Spider-Man.
  • Sandgirl / Keemia Alvarado (voiced by Sofia Carson) - A teenage criminal with sand-related powers. She gained when Hammerhead dumped a mixture sand and toxic chemicals dumped on her. Blaming her father Flint Marko for what happened to her, Keemia partnered with Hammerhead (who became her mentor and father figure) and adopted the Sandgirl alias. In "Sandman", she fought and defeated Spider-Man and her father due to her great control over her abilities yet was beaten when Spider-Man merged with the V-252 and escaped. Sandgirl returns in "Critical Update" where she begins forming her own criminal organization from the henchmen of Hammerhead and Silvermane following their bosses' defeats only to be challenged by Superior Spider-Man and Miles. After Superior Spider-Man used electricity to turn her to glass, Miles prevented Superior Spider-Man from shattering Sandgirl. In "Brand New Day", Sandgirl is incarcerated in The Cellar and is one of the villains suspected by Spider-Man to have been involved in the capture of the Avengers, though it turns out Regent was replicating her powers.
  • A.I.M. - An evil scientific organization. They first appear in "Symbiotic Relationship".
    • Monica Rappaccini (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - The Scientist Supreme of A.I.M. She first appears in "School of Hard Knocks" where she posed as the elite boarding school Bilderberg Academy's headmistress.
    • MODOK (voiced by Charlie Adler) - A robotic creation of A.I.M. Short for Mental Organism Designed Only for Kaos, he is created in "A Troubled Mind".
    • A.I.M. Agents (Various Voices) - The foot soldiers of A.I.M.
  • Kraven the Hunter (voiced by Troy Baker) - A hunter with interests in hunting exotic animals who hosts the TV show Kraven's Amazing Hunt. In the episode "Kraven the Hunter", Kraven is hired by Norman to capture the two Spider-Men for experimentation following the Spider-Slayers' repeated failures, only to betray Osborn and Vulture and be defeated by the two Spider-Men. In "Spider-Island" Pt. 3, Kraven allies with Spider-Man, Anya, and Harry in combating the Man-Spiders, unsuccessfully betraying the group when hunting two Man-Spiders (Gwen and Norman) and is defeated once more.
  • Crossbones / Brock Rumlow (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A mercenary that works for Hydra. In "Spider-Island: Part 2", Crossbones led Hydra's operation involving Vibranium only to be driven back by Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Black Widow. In "Goblin War: Part 3", Crossbones joins the Goblin Nation as the War Goblins' leader. However, he gets into a scuffle and weakens Electro with a device he had 'some eggheads' build. He is then attacked by Ghost-Spider before being defeated by Spy-D.
  • Steel Spider / Oliver Osnick (voiced by Josh Keaton) - A student at Osborn Academy who can manipulate steel alloy into levitating. He first appears in "The Rise of Doc Ock" Pt. 3. Oliver joins the Osborn Commandos under the Steel Spider alias before being brainwashed by Doctor Octopus in "The Rise of Doc Ock" Pt. 4 and freed by Hobgoblin in Season 1's finale "Hobgoblin".
  • Tinkerer (voiced by Aaron Abrams) - A criminal inventor and technician. In "How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation", Tinkerer battles and loses to Spider-Man at a baseball game. In "Brain Drain", Tinkerer attempted to claim the bounty placed on Spider-Man only to be defeated once more. In "The Day Without Spider-Man", Tinkerer teams up with Scorpion and created a weapon powered by the Blood Gem to enhance the latter. However, the weapon unknowingly reawakens Gwen's spider powers and their plot is thwarted by Miles, Spider-Girl and Ghost-Spider.
  • Silver Sable (voiced by April Stewart) - The Wild Pack mercenary group's leader. In "Take Two", Sable and her team attempted to steal the Neuro Cortex before being defeated by Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. It is later revealed in "Between an Ock and a Hard Place" that the Wild Pack was hired by Doctor Octopus. In "My Own Worst Enemy", Silver Sable attempts to set off explosive A.I.M. caches in Central Park only to be stopped by Superior Spider-Man.
  • Wake Riders (Various Voices) - A viral stunt group using Vulture's same technology. In "Rise Above it All", they got Spider-Man involved in some of their stunts while covering up heists. When it came to their heist on Horizon High, they were joined by the original Vulture who they wanted as their leader because a "wake" is one of the names for a group of vultures. The Wake Riders are defeated by the two Spider-Men, though they released from police custody when their publicist Gabby Flenkman states the press saying that Spider-Man had 'set them up' which Jameson supports. In "Goblin War: Part 2", the Wake Riders are shown to have joined the Goblin King's Goblin Nation as Goblin Thugs.
    • Barkley Blitz (voiced by Ogie Banks) - The Wake Riders' leader who idolizes Toomes. In "Rise Above it All", his team's exploits attract the original Vulture's attention. When it came to their heist on Horizon High, Barkley convinces Vulture to help in their fight against the two Spider-Men and provides an upgraded Vulture suit. Along with the Wake Riders, Barkley is defeated by the Spider-Men while Vulture escapes yet is later released from police custody. In "Goblin War: Part 2", Barkley is shown to have joined the Goblin Nation as the Goblin King's second-in-command. In "Goblin War: Part 3", Barkley is defeated by Ghost-Spider.
  • Beetle / Abner Jenkins (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A beetle-themed criminal. In "Dead Man's Party", Beetle targets an armored truck using Oscorp's stolen technology only to be defeated by Spider-Man. In "The Living Brain", Beetle battles Spider-Man and Chief Watanabe while imprisoned at the Supervillain Holding Facility, only to be defeated and returned to his cell.
  • Silvermane (voiced by Nolan North) - A crime lord named for his silver-colored hair. In "Bring on the Bad Guys" Pt. 3, Silvermane sent Prowler to capture Spider-Man so that he could obtain the bounty in exchange for releasing Abraham Brown after botching an assignment. However, Spider-Man and Prowler worked together to save Abraham from Silvermane. In "Critical Update", Silvermane is one of the crime bosses defeated by Superior Spider-Man. In "Goblin War: Part 3", Silvermane is shown to have joined the Goblin Nation as the Cyber Goblins' leader. He battles Spider-Man and Hobgoblin but is eventually defeated once more by the two.
  • Electro (voiced by Daisy Lightfoot) - A female African-American teenage supervillain with electrical abilities. In "Bring on the Bad Guys" Pt. 4, she attempted to claim the bounty on Spider-Man but was defeated, with the destruction caused by her powers resulting in the Horizon High Open House being cancelled. In "The Living Brain", Electro battles Spider-Man and Chief Watanabe while imprisoned at the Supervillain Holding Facility, only to be defeated and returned to her cell. In "Brand New Day", Electro is incarcerated in The Cellar and is one of the villains suspected by Spider-Man to have been involved in the Avengers' capture, though it turns out Regent was replicating her powers. In "Goblin War: Part 3", Electro joins the Goblin Nation as the Electro Goblins' leader. During a scuffle, she is weakened by a device that Crossbones commissioned 'some eggheads' to build.
  • Regent / Augustus Roman (voiced by Imari Williams) - The warden of the Cellar prison and Chief Watanabe's mentor. As Regent, he wears a special suit capable of tapping into the powers of the Cellar's inmates, namely Cloak, Dagger, Electro, Mister Negative, Molten Man, Sandgirl, Spot, Frostbite, Whirlwind and Paradox. Roman held a vendetta because the Avengers arrested his father for what he saw as only a few felonies where he gained a life sentence. This leads to him to banishing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and Spider-Man into another dimension in "Brand New Day". In "The Cellar", Regent's plan to keep the Avengers imprisoned in his pocket dimension is undone by Cloak and Dagger who had been liberated by Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus and Anna Maria. Regent is ultimately defeated by Spider-Man and the Avengers before being relieved of his duty as warden and remanded to the Cellar which Jameson reports on.
    • Shannon Stillwell (voiced by Kathreen Khavari) - Roman's assistant. In "Brand New Day", she helps prove to Spider-Man that the villains suspected of the Avengers' capture are still locked in their cells. In "The Cellar", Stillwell is interrogated when Chief Watanabe uncovers evidence of her involvement in Regent's crimes but is actually framed by her superior.
  • Goblin Nation - A cult-like organization led by the Goblin King. They appears throughout Season 2's finale arc "Goblin War". Their outfits worn by the organization's members are recolored versions of the Osborns' Hobgoblin technology. The following members are listed below:
    • Dr. Joseph Rockwell (voiced by Eric Lopez) - Beemont Chemical Corporation's CTO who has been collaborating with the Goblin Nation. In "The Road to Goblin War", Dr. Rockwell orchestrated Slyde's rampage against the company and New York itself so that Beemont Chemical Corporation's CEO Alan Beemont would be fired and the Goblin Nation would take over. As his true colors are exposed, Dr. Rockwell is taken into custody alongside Slyde.
    • Goblin Thugs (Various Voices) - The Goblin Nation's common foot soldiers. As different variations of Goblin Thugs exist, they wear recolored Goblin armor depending on the type of weapons utilized.
      • Electro Goblins - A variation of Goblin Thugs under Electro's command. They first appear in "Goblin War: Part 2". The Electro Goblins are armed with electricity-emitting gauntlets.
      • Cyber Goblins - A variation of Goblin Thugs under Silvermane's command. They first appear in "Goblin War: Part 3". The Cyber Goblins have cybernetics.
      • War Goblins - A variation of Goblin Thugs under Crossbones's command. They first appear in "Goblin War: Part 3". The War Goblins are equipped with missile launchers.



In October 2016, the series was announced by Cort Lane, senior vice president of Marvel Animation, as a replacement for the series' predecessor, Ultimate Spider-Man, which ended its run in early January 2017. It premiered on August 19, 2017 on Disney XD.[5][10]




  • In Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, Spider-Man makes guest appearances in the episodes "Back in the New York Groove" and "Drive My Carnage", with Max Modell and Venom also appearing in the latter episode.
  • In Avengers: Black Panther's Quest, Kraven the Hunter makes a guest appearance in the episode "T'Challa Royale", and Spider-Man and Vulture later make guest appearances in the episode "The Vibranium Curtain, Part 2".


The show premiered August 19 on Disney XD in the US, August 28 on Disney XD in India and a simulcast premiere October 14 on Disney Channel and Disney XD in Southeast Asia.


Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the first season's premiere a score of 7.4 out of 10, writing that the series "strikes a solid balance between the familiar and the new, emphasizing qualities and hallmarks Spider-Man is known for while skipping over well-trod territory like showing the origin story." She commented, Marvel's Spider-Man "has enough of a different approach to make it stand apart from other animated takes on the character."[11] Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media gave the television series 4 out of 5 stars, and described the series as a “likable interpretation“. Ashby also declared, “For the casual Marvel fan, Marvel's Spider-Man is a fun, action-filled series that pays homage to the character's comic book beginnings throughout the episodes.“[12]


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