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The Insider
The Insider Pennsylvania logo.gif
Type Biweekly political newspaper
Owner(s) Neri & Associates
NeriVerbanac Public Affairs (former)
Editor-in-chief Albert J. Neri
John Verbanac (former)
Founded 2002

The Insider was a prominent subscription-based newsletter reporting on Pennsylvania politics.


It was once described as the "state’s most widely read newsletter devoted to state politics and government."[1] With an audience of both the "hard-core state political junkie and the casual political observer," The Insider featured interviews with state politicians and political analysis for activities at the Pennsylvania State Capitol.[2] It has been called a "biweekly guide to the capital's back room deals"[3] and "a twice-monthly political capsule" [3] by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Traditional news organizations, including the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, have covered items reported in The Insider.[4][5]

Publication history[edit]

The Insider was developed in 2002 by the late Al Neri, a veteran political commentator with over 20 years of political experience, and political operative John Verbanac, a protegee of Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum[6][7][8] Within a short period of time, the Insider became the largest statewide political publication.[9] Verbanac and Neri parted ways amicably in 2005 and The Insider was incorporated into the GovNetPA system.[8][10] The editorial opinions expressed in The Insider were exclusively of Neri, unless the article carries a different by-line.[11] Other individuals occasionally publish material in The Insider, including David Buffington, who is best known as the former editor of the Pennsylvania Report, a publication similar to The Insider.[12]


A single annual subscriptions, with 26 total issues, cost $99.[13] Multiple subscriptions could be purchased at reduced rates; up to 49 subscriptions cost $49.99 each, between 50-99 subscriptions cost $39.99, and more than 100 subscriptions cost $24.99 each.[13] The publication was delivered biweekly via email.[7] Some back issues of The Insider were available in "The Insider Archive" section of The Insider's web page.[14] The subscription-based political website GovNetPA is the exclusive host of complete searchable archives of The Insider.[15]


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