The Kitchen Musical

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The Kitchen Musical
Genre Musical drama
Directed by Chee Kong Cheah (CheeK)
Starring Stephen Rahman Hughes
Karylle Tatlonghari
Christian Bautista
Arthur Acuña
Rosemary Vandenbroucke
Voices of Karylle Tatlonghari
Narrated by Karylle Tatlonghari
Theme music composer Karylle Tatlonghari
Opening theme "OMG", Karylle Tatlonghari
Ending theme "OMG", Karylle Tatlonghari
Composer(s) Karylle Tatlonghari
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13[1]
Location(s) Singapore
Running time 1 hour
Production company(s) The Group Entertainment
Distributor The Group Entertainment
Original network AXN Asia/Sony Entertainment Television (Southeast Asia)
NTV7 (Malaysia)
Channel 5 (Thailand)
DWAC-23 (Philippines)
MediaCorp TV Channel 5/HD5 (Singapore)
MetroTV (Indonesia)
International Channel Shanghai (China)
TVB Pearl (Hong Kong)
Formosa Television (Taiwan)
Australia Television International (Australia)
Picture format SDTV (480i 4:3)
PAL (576i 4:3)
DVB-T (Digital UHF)
HDTV (1080i 16:9)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Datasat Digital 5.1
Sony Digital 5.1
First shown in 7 October 2011
Original release 7 October – 30 December 2011
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The Kitchen Musical is a Singaporean musical restaurant drama television series developed for NTV7 and co-produced by Media Prima Berhad.

The series was premiered on Friday, 7 October 2011, and ceased transmission on Friday, 30 December 2011. It aired in 12 countries, three regions and two continents. These include East Asia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Australia (the only country from Oceania).

The show features a pool of actors, both veteran and new faces from around the region. There are 13 episodes, each lasting one hour long. The show centers on good food and wine, with each episode featuring re-arranged and re-recorded popular hits accompanied by dancing. Every episode features a different menu.

In Malaysia, it will be broadcast on NTV7 on Friday at 11:00 MST (UTC+07:00). It was telecasted on Malaysia's free-to-air terrestrial television channel form NTV7. In Malaysia, it will be broadcast on the NTV7 primetime drama slot at every Friday at 11:00 until 12:00 MST.

The show was filmed in Singapore (the national capital of the Republic of Singapore).

The show began airing on Myx TV in the U.S.[2] but there are no reports if it will be available through the iTunes Store.

The show was renewed for a second season.[3][4] Although it was said that the show was renewed for a second season, it has been five years since the series has aired a new episode.


The story revolves around a rich young girl who goes to work at her father's famous restaurant, The Avilon, after graduating from the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.


Main characters[edit]

  • Karylle as "Maddie Avilon", a fresh graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. She lands a job as the sous chef in her father's restaurant. She struggles to show her individuality and creativity in the hands of the head chef.
  • Stephen Rahman-Hughes as "Alex Marcus", a executive chef of The Avilon, known for his perfection.
  • Christian Bautista as "Daniel Ray", a supportive childhood friend of Maddie and the other sous chef of the restaurant.
  • Arthur Acuña as "Harry Shaw", a general manager of The Avilon. He keeps secrets from Maddie on her father's motives for letting her work in the restaurant.
  • Rosemary Vandenbroucke as "Selena Argon" and a sommelier of The Avilon who will do everything to get what she wants. She has a deep desire to get rid of Maddie and win Alex's heart.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Ikey Canoy as "Winston" – Pastry Chef
  • Thou Reyes as "Thou" – Line Cook
  • Juan Jackson as "Juan" – Line Cook
  • Carla Dunareanu as "Carla" – Line Cook
  • Erwin Shah Ismail as "Rico" – Dishwasher
  • Juwanda Hassim as "Nelson" – Bartender
  • Nadiah M. Din as "Britney" – Receptionist
  • Oon Shu An as "Paula" – Receptionist
  • Gayle Nerva as "Gayle" – Waitress
  • Rebecca Spykerman as "Bec" – Waitress
  • Debra Teng as "Leslie" – Head Waitress[5]


Some scenes in this drama were shot in Kuala Lumpur with co-production with NTV7. Some Kuala Lumpur scenes were also shot in Singapore.



This series was somewhat criticized when it was first aired in Republic of Singapore.


The show received high viewership in Malaysia.


After the successful media launch of the series, Ben Silverman struck a deal with Singapore-based The Group Entertainment in association with Small World IFT to co-produce and bring the scripted musical drama to the United States. Silverman brought the BBC's The Office and Colombian telenovela Ugly Betty to the United States.[6][7]


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