The Marihuana Story

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The Marihuana Story
Directed by León Klimovsky
Produced by Carmelo Vecchione
Written by Wilfredo Jiménez
Bernio Mason
Starring Pedro López Lagar and Fanny Navarro
Music by Juan Lhert and Anatole Pietri
Cinematography Alberto Etchebehere
Edited by José Serra
Release date
27 September 1950
Running time
98 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

The Marihuana Story (Spanish: Marihuana) is a 1950 Argentine film directed by León Klimovsky. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.[1]



The relative financial success of the American exploitation film She Shoulda Said 'No'! (1949), a morality tale involving the use of marijuana, prompted producers in 1951 to import The Marihuana Story from Argentina.[2]

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