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This timeline of Apple II Family models lists all major types of Apple II computers produced by Apple Computer in order of introduction date. The Apple I, Apple III and Apple Lisa are included, even though they are not classed as part of the Apple II series (or a Macintosh), because of their unique role in Apple's product lineup of the era.

Text timeline[edit]

The Apple Lisa does not support Apple II software, but shares common hardware. The Apple IIe Card requires a Macintosh LC for operation. Both are shaded to indicate their unique status on this timeline. The Apple I and Apple III both run Apple II software natively, classifying them as Apple II family computers except in name for the purposes of this timeline.

Apple I
Year Launched Model Family Discontinued
1976 July 1 Apple I Apple I September 1, 1977
1977 April 1 Apple II Apple II June 1, 1979
Apple II
1979 June 1 Apple II Plus Apple II December 1, 1982
Apple II EuroPlus Apple II December 1, 1982
Apple II J-Plus Apple II December 1, 1982
Bell & Howell Apple II December 1, 1982
1980 September 1 Apple III Apple III December 1, 1981
Apple III
1981 December 1 Apple III Revised Apple III December 1, 1983
1983 January 1 Apple IIe Apple II March 1, 1985
Apple Lisa 68000 January 1, 1984
December 1 Apple III Plus Apple III April 1, 1984
Apple IIe
1984 January 1 Apple Lisa 2 (Macintosh XL) 68000 April 1, 1985
April 1 Apple IIc Apple II September 1, 1986
1985 March 1 Apple IIe Enhanced Apple II January 1, 1987
Apple IIc
1986 September 1 Apple IIGS Apple II October 1, 1989
Apple IIc Memory Expansion Apple II September 1, 1988
1987 July 1 Apple IIe Platinum Apple II November 1, 1993
Apple IIGS
1988 September 1 Apple IIc Plus Apple II September 1, 1990
1989 October 1 Apple IIGS (1 MB, ROM 3)[1] Apple II December 1, 1992
1991 March 1 Apple IIe Card Apple II May 1, 1995

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