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Tivoli Software
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Tivoli Software encompasses a set of products originally developed by Tivoli Systems Inc.. IBM bought the company and ran the operation as its Tivoli Software division. Additional products were acquired and run under the Tivoli portfolio brand. Since 2013 IBM appears to be phasing out use of the Tivoli Brand.

History of Tivoli Brand[edit]

Tivoli Systems Inc. was founded in Austin, Texas in 1989 by Bob Fabbio, Peter Valdes, Todd Smith and Steve Marcie who all were former IBM employees.[1] Bob Fabbio in an interview indicated the purpose was to provide systems management on systems from a diverse set of vendors while at IBM he had been directed to focus on IBM products only.[2] As an independent software vendor Tivoli Systems developed and sold Tivoli Management Environment (TME) "systems management" software and services. The then CEO Frank Moss saw the company listed on NASDAQ on March, 1995[3] and the subsequent merger into IBM in 1996.[4]

Tivoli Software became a brand within IBM's Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure division.[5] IBM initially grew the software portfolio under the Tivoli brand through development and acquisition.[6][1] There are some thoughts this may have resulted in the brand containing a large set of overlapping and marginal products[1] In April 2013 IBM renamed "Tivoli Software" Division to "Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure".[7] IBM seems to continue to move from the Tivoli brand also as exampled by the explicit rebranding of Tivoli Storage Manager to IBM Spectrum Protect™[8] and the renaming of IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler to IBM Workload Scheduler as of release 9.3.[9]

Market Position[edit]

According to IT analyst research firm Gartner, Inc., IBM in 2012 owned the largest share of the "IT Operations Management" software market, with an 18% market share.[10] IBM is also the leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management software, for the 7th consecutive year, according to ARC Advisory Group, a leading research analyst firm for industry and infrastructure.[11]

Service Management Segments[edit]

Service management segments related to the Tivoli brand for which IBM has offered software and services include the following:[12]

List of IBM Tivoli products[edit]

Tivoli Products[edit]

Tivoli Management Framework[edit]

Tivoli Management Framework (TMF) is a CORBA-based systems and network management framework. It allows administrators to manage large numbers of remote locations or devices. In the early years of TMF's lifecycle it was a pre-requisite to several other key Tivoli components. With IBM's adoption and promotion of other non-TMF based products, such as Micromuse Netcool Omnibus in February 2006[13] and the increasing general acceptance of Secure Shell in preference to CORBA meant TMF entered the latter stages of Product Lifecycle. The final independent release version of TMF was 4.1.1 with release 4.3.1 supplied with and to Tivoli Configuration Manager 4.3.1 in 2008.[14][15]


IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus operations management software consolidates complex IT and network operation management tasks as the primary event management platform within the suite. [16]


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