Toshiba T1000LE

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Toshiba T1000LE
Toshiba T1000LE.jpg
Manufacturer Toshiba Corporation
Type Personal Computer
Release date 1990; 28 years ago (1990)
Operating system MS-DOS 3.3/4.01 (chosen at purchase)
CPU Intel 80C86 @ 4.77/9.54 MHz (switchable with keyboard)
Storage 20 MB Hard Drive
Graphics Text Mode (80 Columns, 25 Rows), CGA resolution (320x200), Toshiba Graphics (640x400); 32k VRAM
Sound PC Speaker
Predecessor Toshiba T1200
Successor Toshiba T3100
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The Toshiba T1000LE was a laptop made by Toshiba in 1990. It used a 9.54/4.77 MHz Intel 80C86, with the clock speed being switchable by using function keys on the keyboard. The laptop came with a 20 MB hard drive, 1 MB of RAM, a 1.44M/720K switchable 3.5" floppy drive, and a blue-on-white, back-lit, "Toshiba Graphics" 640x400 STN LCD. The laptop came with a choice of either MS-DOS 3.3 or 4.01 in ROM. The laptop's RAM was expandable to 2 MB, 3 MB, 5 MB, or 9 MB with 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB, and 8 MB proprietary memory cards, respectively.[1]

The Toshiba T1000LE was discontinued prior to 1994.[2]


CPU Intel 80C86
Battery Ni-CD, 2200MAh or 1700MAh
Hard Drive 20 Mb
RAM 1 Mb
Sound Internal PC Speaker


The Toshiba T1000LE was one of the first laptops to include both a hard drive and a Ni-CD battery. Previous laptops did not have enough power to run a hard drive from battery power (exceptions include the Toshiba T1200, which had a proprietary 26-pin JVC hard drive, and the Macintosh Portable, which used a lead-acid battery, instead of a Ni-CD).

The laptop has a notable lack of expansion ports, consisting of a RS-232 port, a printer port, and the docking connector. The computer used the docking connector to connect to a Toshiba DeskStation II, giving it extra capabilities.

Unlike the original Toshiba T1000, this model does not have a handle that flips out of the bottom, nor a display that tilts 180 degrees.

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