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Gigya Inc. is a privately held technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California with additional offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company offers a Saas-based technology for making websites social. Gigya provides websites with a variety of social engagement services and social plugins based on a raw API that aggregates social network and identity provider APIs such as Facebook for Websites (formerly Facebook Connect), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpaceID, Windows Live, Y!OS, AOL and others.


Gigya was founded in 2006 by Eyal Magen, Rooly Eliezerov and Eran Kutner, with Mr.Magen functioning as CEO. The company's initial round of investment funding came from Benchmark Capital Israel [1].

In February 2007 Gigya launched their first product, Wildfire. The product was the first social tool of its kind; enabling users to email each other plugins directly as opposed to being limited to uploading them via websites [2].

In 2008 Gigya received two more rounds of Venture Capital funding, from investment companies Mayfield Fund and DAG Ventures [3]. That same year Gigya appointed Value Click Chief Executive David Yovano as the company's new CEO [4]. They also launched their new product "Socialize" - today referred to as Social Login [5].

In 2009 Adobe partnered up with Gigya to offer flash developers the ability to share applications to a variety of popular social networks including Facebook, My Space, My Yahoo and more [6]. Acquia partnered up with Gigya as well, making social login technology available to webmasters in the form of drupal modules [7].

In 2011, Patrick Salyer, VP of Business Development, became Gigya's CEO after more than four years with the company. That same year Gigya also launched their Game Mechanics, or Gamification Platform, which enables website owners to promote customer loyalty by rewarding specific site behaviors [8].

In 2012 Gigya attained a company record of reaching more than 1 billion users per month [9]. They were also selected by Facebook as a "Preferred Marketing Developer" [10].


Gigya's client roster now includes more than 500 different content publishers, brands, retail and travel sites. The company's technology is used by seven of the top ten media companies [11] in the U.S. Some current clients include: ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, Fox News, CNET, Time Magazine, Reuters, Forbes, PC World, the NBA, the NFL, Verizon, The Home Depot, Nike,Logitech, Lenovo, Dell, Barneys New York, Pepsi, Hard Rock Hotel and Tesla Motors.


Gigya has financial backing from investors Benchmark Capital, Mayfield Fund, First Round Capital, and DAG Ventures[12]. Software maker Adobe Systems is also an investor [13].


Gigya offers a full variety of social plugins and services that increase site traffic and drive user referrals. The plugins include:

Share Plugin – This plugin enables sites to offer visitors one-click sharing functionality to a variety of social networking sites, automatic news feeds, email and bookmarking sites. Additional functionality includes the shortening of URL's in social feeds as well as the option to implement hash tags thus maximizing brand exposure.

Comments Plugin - Gigya's comments plugin allows users to post feedback on website content and automatically share it to their choice of social networks. The plugin's design is SEO friendly, making all content available to the search engines through HTML rendered pages. The product's design also includes a fully customizable UI that can be adjusted via CSS.

Ratings & Reviews Plugin - This social plugin enables users to rate and review site content and products. Users can log on site using their preferred social network information or as a guest. Their ratings and reviews are then added on site as well as automatically updated to their social network feed along with a direct link back to the product or company website.

Activity Feed - The activity feed is fully integrated with all of Gigya's social plugins enabling for the auto-update of all on site user activity. It's designed to provide users with a community like feeling, offering users real-time updates of all on site activities including purchases made, songs listened to, videos watched, badges earned and more.

Social Live Chat - This plugin is implemented in conjunction with live events, enabling live chat functionality between users of any major social network. With just a single click users can broadcast their chats to a variety of social networks thus increasing event exposure. Addition plugin functionality allows for the fetching of relevant tweets thus enriching the conversation and attracting new visitors.

Additionally Gigya recently introduced:

Gamification - Gamification is a social loyalty and rewards solution that allows websites to reward users and incentivize user activity. Loyalty is forged via the creation of various user challenges, which upon being met are then rewarded with points, badges and/or prizes [14]. Gigya’s Gamfication solution provides both plug-and-play and fully customizable integration options, and is interoperable with all of the company's plugins and Social Analytics.

Gigya's Services include:

Content Moderation - Gigya offers their clients around the clock comments and rating moderation. This service relies upon human moderators to sort through all incoming comments, removing any negative content and maintaining the desired site environment.

Social Identity Management - This next generation user data management platform provides businesses with permission-based access to users' social and on-site behavior data. Products within the platform include:

Social Identity Storage - Gigya's storage solution is a cloud-based database designed to store user's social data. The data can then be accessed via social authentication, traditional site authentication, or on-site activity.
Single Sign-on - This turnkey authentication solution syncs users’ login state across multiple web properties [15].
Social Login – Enables website users to automatically log onto a site via a preexisting social identity such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Paypal and more.
Social Analytics – Social Analytics provides users with a reporting and analysis dashboard that consolidates user activity. The activity can be broken down according to demographic, and can be analyzed across all social providers for any given client.


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