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Me with my former English teacher, Kristina, and Vicki, a librarian who works at the Cambridge Public Library at the Harry and the Potters concert on June 23, 2006.
Joined: 2005
Gender:Female Female.svg
Born: (1985-09-24) September 24, 1985 (age 33)
In:Boston, Massachusetts
Wikipedia role:Writer/Editor
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As my username implies, I love fanfiction. I like writing it as well as reading other writers' as well.

I was born on (1985-09-24) September 24, 1985 (age 33) in Boston, Massachusetts, but I currently live in Cambridge.

I'm a twenty two-year-old high school graduate student. I graduated from YouthBuild/Just A Start on January 26, 2007. How I got there is a long story, but let's just say it has something to do with a certain test called the MCAS. I graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin in 2004.

I also love music (Pretty much all types), reading and writing. I hope to make a career of it someday. Writing for Wikipedia will probably give me practice. It's also fun.

I edit articles here when I feel they need to be edited. Or if something I feel needs to be brought to attention when Wikipedia doesn't have the info, I try to research the topic and then write about it. I won't write about stupid crap that I feel is meaningless or dumb.

I also like making websites. I've gotten quite good at it over the years.

I live with my mother, younger brother Zik and a cat named Tom. I am of Nigerian decent; my father being a Nigerian immigrant and a mother of African-American decent.

Articles I have started[edit]

Articles on the verge (Coming Soon)[edit]

Some interesting stuff about me[edit]

  • I am a cynophobic (I'm afraid of dogs)
  • My grandmother used to be a maid for Judy Garland (nothing to do with me, really) Not something I would really do, anyway.
  • I love to eat.
  • Was at least 20 feet away from Caroline Kennedy (JFK's daughter) at a public event in the sixth grade, but didn't get to meet her.
  • Found out I am related to Willie Mays, a famous baseball player. My great-great grandmother's surname was Mays before she got married. Her married name was Hicks afterwards. (I promise you I'm not lying!)
  • I watch the Phantom Gourmet a lot.
  • I have moved around a lot. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama, Lynn, Massachusetts, Dorchester, Massachusetts and now Cambridge.
  • I have never been to Walt Disney World, but would love to go!
  • Have made friends in Louisiana, Texas, England, New York and various other places.
  • Gotten over my fear of heights.
  • Huge SpongeBob fanatic, but Patrick is my fave.
  • Fan of various types of music, except heavy metal and gangsta rap. But if it's not crap, then I can tolerate it.
  • I got the chance to meet Ms. Lois Lowry on April 11, 2006 at the Bunker Hill Community College. She answered one of my questions (or statement, I should say) about her book The Giver during a lecture. After the lecture, she started signing books. I shook her hand and had a brief conversation with her. She's really awesome!
  • On May 7, 2006, I participated in the Walk for Hunger. I donated about $134 dollars and walked the whole twenty miles with some friends of mine. We walked into Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown and Cambridge and then back into Boston. It was fun, but man, was I sore!
  • On June 23, 2006, I was able to go to a free concert held at the Cambridge Public Library. Harry and the Potters performed. I bought a T-shirt, which you can see above along with three of their albums. I was also able to meet Joe DeGeorge, who portrays Harry in Year 4. I got a few snapshots of the band while they were performing, but they weren't really that good. But the guys were awesome!
    Me with Joe DeGeorge after the concert. He signed my CD! Can you tell that I was nervous, though? My English teacher came with me and she took the picture of us.
  • Samantha Hammel, the one in charge of the girl group, Girl Authority signed her name on a program for me! I've never met her, but it just so happened that my English teacher, Kristina, is good friends with Samantha's older sister, Eliza. When Kristina went to see Samantha at a show, she told her about me and Ms. Hammel signed a program for me. I don't have the autograph yet, but I will!
  • I have two cousins in my family who are female rappers. The oldest of the two is my cousin, Alicia, who's stage name is Panacea. She released an album recently titled Alternative Medicine. The next musician in my family is my other cousin, Ami. Her stage name is Lady Repo. If you're interested, I'd suggest you visit their MySpaces!
  • I once talked to Jordin Sparks' grandmother on the telephone once a few years ago! When I first bought the For Now album, Jordin's grandmother's phone number was in the sleeve (Pam Wiedmann was her manager and in order to book Jordin for an event or something, that's why the number was there). Well, to make a long story short, my brother and I talked to her for five minutes and we both wished Jordin the best of luck with things. And now, look at her!

My autographed CD, signed by Joe DeGeorge! (Sorry, it's blurry.)
My other autographed CD, from my friend, Taylor Horn!

Links of Interest about me[edit]

My favorite links[edit]


Here's my very first award!

Barnstar of High Culture.png The Barnstar of High Culture
For The Starting and maintaining of the Girl Authority Page to a Truly High standard. From Gamersedge 23:14, 18 January 2007 (UTC) and Girl Authority

Thank you to fellow WikipedianGamersedge and to Crystal "Country Girl" Evans of Girl Authority!

I'd like the opportunity to say that I wish the family of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre my condolences. I was deeply hurt and touched by all those lost as well as the heroes who risked their lives to save themselves as well as others in the tragedy. Godspeed.

God Bless the victims of the Northern Illinois University shooting as well. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these victims of this senseless act of violence.