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Pages I'm Working On[edit]

  • Artists with little or no page:
  • Cupcake Wars, since my kids are obsessed.
  • Steven Pruzansky, where I think I did a nice job rounding out the controversy section
  • Israeli cities and neighborhoods, which are pretty poor translations of the Hebrew. Geula, Beit Meir (where I lived for a time), Arnona and Tzur Hadassah (where I lived for a longer time) could all use real edits. I think I made a good start
  • Companies that have no Wiki presence:
    • Fishs Eddy. Have you been there? That place is great, and a NY landmark, practically.
    • Gracious Home. Where are all my NY chains? These places are huge
    • James Allen (company). Also huge, and also missing
    • Weichert. Huge, at least on the East Coast
    • Melissa & Doug. There's like nothing there, and I bet like 90% of the toys my kids have are from them
    • Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which is a great store, but their page is an advert.
    • Stripe_(company), which basically an ad right now. Not sure how much there is to write about a payment processor, but can at least make it more WP:NPOV
    • Atlas Obscura, which is inconceivable to me that it doesn't have a Wiki page

Pages That Need a Real Edit[edit]

Planned Pages[edit]

  • All Done

TV Shows with no Wikipedia Page[edit]