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Basic navframe[edit]

Why is this two columns not two rows?

for two columns, do this:

Roll-upable table[edit]

yeah I invented that word. get over it!

Peer review suggestions[edit]

Hi, sorry i'm not sure how I'm meant to reply to your message, but I just wanted to tell you there is a detailed David Tyrrell profile on, I would post a link but it's one of those ones that stay the same no matter what page you're on. If you visit that address, click "2007 player profiles" then click his.


Group deletion suggestions[edit]

Inidigenous territories[edit]

The Cammeraygal (variously spelt Cam-mer-ray-gal, Gamaraigal, Kameraigal or Cameragal) are an Indigenous Australian people that inhabited the Lower North Shore area of the present-day North Sydney Council in Sydney, Australia.

The Darug (also spelt Dharuk, Dharug and Daruk) are a tribe of Indigenous Australians, who are traditional custodians of the geographic area that now includes Bidjigal Reserve in the Northwest region of Sydney.

The Turuwal people were an Aboriginal sub-group of the Dharug language nation in the area around Wollongong, south of Sydney. They are famous for the name of the boomerang coming from their language.


The Gadegal clan lived to the south and west of the Balmain peninsula, the Wanegal to the north and west, and the Cammeraygal on the present-day lower north-shore (e.g. Cammeray).

Cyclone Justin
File:Justinon PI.jpg
Cyclone Justin on Palm Island. Photographed 1997
Cyclone Justin on Palm Island. Photographed 1997

this is garbage, from an interview.[2]

This is more garbage, from an online news story:[3]

more online news.[4]

Tropical cyclones[edit]

Tropical cylcones are a seasonal


Thredbo ski resort

In Australia snow can fall in the mountains of Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania. Sometimes snow has even been reported in the mountains of South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland though this is very rare.

There is a regular snow season in the following areas, which have seasonal ski tourism industries: