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Hi. I'm a Wikipedian and you are, too, so I believe we can be good friends. I registered for Wikipedia in December 2011, however, for some reasons, I've only been an active editor here since July 2013. Therefore it's very likely that I sometimes I may make some mistakes, and I would really appreciate if you could point them out for me and instruct me how to get things right. Please write on my talk page if you have any ideas. I make edits on a number of subjects and areas, but generally I spend most of my time with films, songs and media-related articles. I am quite reserved; I don't like participating in arguments and controversies, instead I prefer to join friendly discussions and well-spoken talks.

And now I'm very excited to share one of my greatest interests which has greatly contributed to my participating in Wikipedia. That's my love for Disney. When I started getting aware of the film industry and film brands, the first Disney film I watched was the 2007 family story Enchanted, which immediately struck me from the very first moment with its beautiful plot, magnificent musical numbers and stunning scenery. Tangled followed a few months later, and once again, Disney, with their adorable princess, took my heart away. There is definitely no exaggeration when I say, I've watched this film over and over again for at least twenty-five to thirty times. As I started to keep track on Disney's news and future releases, I was aware that Frozen would be their next 53rd groundbreaking animated feature. Then I set a goal for me, I must be one of the first to go to the theaters enjoying this masterpieces. Ultimately, Anna and Elsa did get me on an exhilarating journey one more time. So far I've watched Frozen six times in cinemas, and I bought its soundtrack, too. I See the Light and Let It Go are definitely two most frequently-played songs in my phone, with at least 10 plays everyday, hundreds of plays overall up to now.

Therefore, it is undoubted that Disney is my primary theme for me to work on at Wikipedia. Currently I'm paying the most attention to Frozen-related articles, the article about the film itself, its soundtrack and theme song, as well as its main protagonist. I added citations, include valuable information and shut vandalism out.

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