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(I've also studied Hebrew, ancient Greek, and -- as a small child -- French, but I doubt that my knowledge of any of them is sufficient to help Wikipedia. I have only ever carried on a conversation without a phrasebook and written a letter by myself in English, Latin, Portuguese, and German.)

Hi there[edit]

My name is Seth Schoen.

I'm working on some grammar articles: User:Schoen/Indirect discourse (intended to receive redirects eventually from Indirect statement and Indirect question); User:Schoen/Sequence of tenses; User:Schoen/Double dative.

This reminds me -- how about all the kinds of genitive, kinds of dative, kinds of accusative, and kinds of ablative? Latin grammar is influential enough that each kind of use of each Latin grammatical case has received its own individual technical name, which may not be the case in other inflected languages.

I'm also working on User:Schoen/The world, the flesh, and the devil.

I would really like to do an article on Vegetarian literature or Literature of vegetarianism or just plain History of vegetarianism. There are some useful secondary sources on this topic including the catalogues of a few antiquarian bookdealers who specialize in vegetarian literature.

I did a translation of Referendum concerning the prohibition of the sale of firearms and ammunition from the Portuguese.

Among other things, I made some contributions to

I wrote

I provided illustrations for

In mostly no particular order, I was thinking of working on (or writing, where appropriate)

plus a couple of things I have on my watchlist.

I'm interested in the left-wing/right-wing anarchism issue but rather afraid to wade into an ancient and bitter terminology/POV fight.

adapter from my Orkut page list of communities, here are some topics that I'm interested in that might be relevant to Wikipedia (there is some overlap with the list above):