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As of 14 April 2007: 31,060 Orphaned articles June 2006 - March 2007

As of 25 April 2007

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Possibly useless pages[edit]

  1. List of Australian television ratings for Dragons' Den
  2. List of Australian television ratings for True Stories
  3. List of Cher Songs
  4. MegaMan NT Warrior episode summaries


  1. (December 2006) Mathsoc
  2. (December 2006) MetroQuest
  3. (February 2007) Anna Fitzpatrick
  4. (February 2007) Arabsiyo
  5. (February 2007) Arno Surminski
  6. (February 2007) Atom Seed (band)
  7. (February 2007) BOSU
  8. (February 2007) Metalenema
  9. (February 2007) Tales from the n9ne
  10. (March 2007) 1st Company Shipmates
  11. (March 2007) 90Y-DOTA-biotin
  12. (March 2007) ArLiSNAP
  13. (March 2007) Beaufort Theatre
  14. (March 2007) Chris Musina
  15. (March 2007) Dynamite Boy
  16. (March 2007) Geoffrey Gates
  17. (March 2007) L. Leslie Brooke
  18. (March 2007) Quinn Walker
  19. (March 2007) The High Strung
  20. (March 2007) The Sellouts
  21. (March 2007) Tim Toterhi
  22. (March 2007) University of Neasden
  23. (March 2007) V8 Thunder
  24. (April 2007) Gehennah
  25. (April 2007) Mad Money (2004 novel)
  26. (April 2007) Manhattan Nocturne
  27. (April 2007) Mardo
  28. (April 2007) Megabitch
  29. (April 2007) Mehad Hamad
  30. (April 2007) Melniks
  31. (April 2007) Memorial Heroes of Chernobyl

Proposed Merge[edit]

  1. (discuss) 204th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line station)
  2. (discuss) Amplitude scaling invariance
  3. (discuss)(discuss) Ballistic conductor
  4. (discuss) Breathe (Télépopmusik song)
  5. (discuss) Ma On Shan Plaza
  6. (discuss) Majestics (Beyblade)
  7. (discuss) Matrox RT.X100
  8. (discuss) McCourt origins
  9. (discuss) Mega Turrican
  10. (discuss) QWERTY effect
  11. (discuss) SX-Key
  12. (discuss) The bell and the hammer
  13. (discuss) Zuenoula


  1. List of Adelaide Football Club players
  2. List of American primetime network series that ran ten seasons or longer
  3. List of Andhra Pradesh Telecom Companies
  4. List of Anpanman characters: A
  5. List of Argentine provinces by HDI
  6. List of Arya Vaishya people (redlist, one link)
  7. List of Australian television ratings for Dragons' Den
  8. List of Australian television ratings for True Stories
  9. List of Belgian provinces
  10. List of Boston Red Sox people
  11. List of Breton cyclists
  12. List of Breton historians
  13. List of Bulgarian generals in the Kingdom of Bulgaria (no links)
  14. List of CTV affiliates
  15. List of Canadian baseball players who surpass 100 RBI's
  16. List of Canadian stores
  17. List of Canadian whiskies
  18. List of Catholic Cathedrals in Ireland
  19. List of Catholic cathedrals in Australia
  20. List of Catholic cathedrals in China
  21. List of Cher Songs
  22. List of Chinese names of bronze vessels
  23. List of Chinese taikonauts
  24. List of Christian denominations in Malawi
  25. List of Cingalese Privy Council cases
  26. List of Council Presidents of the Turks and Caicos
  27. List of Danish government ministries, past and present
  28. List of Delaware State Senators
  29. List of Des Moines sports teams
  30. List of Disney shorts
  31. List of Edinburgh suburbs
  32. List of Encyclicals of Pope Benedict XV
  33. List of Encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII
  34. List of Encyclicals of Pope Pius IX
  35. List of Encyclicals of Pope Pius X
  36. List of European Football Championship national team droughts
  37. List of Family Guy Guest Stars
  38. List of Finnish magazines
  39. List of German weapons of World War I
  40. List of Government Types in Civilization
  41. List of Hills of Porto Alegre (cleanup)
  42. List of Hong Kong police officers killed during duty
  43. List of Indian hill stations
  44. List of Indonesian rock bands
  45. List of Irish Privy Council cases
  46. List of Israeli NBA players
  47. List of Israeli companies quoted on the Nasdaq
  48. List of Jamaican books
  49. List of Japanese Latin alphabetic abbreviations
  50. List of Jewish pacifists and peace activists
  51. List of Jungle Jam characters (The Jungle)
  52. List of Lake Charles Worship Centers
  53. List of Landmarks in London
  54. List of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia deputies in the State Duma
  55. List of Long Island public school districts and schools
  56. List of Looney Tunes video games
  57. List of Los Angeles Dodgers people
  58. List of Love Deities
  59. List of Major League Baseball players with 1500 career RBI
  60. List of Mother locations
  61. List of Muslim reformers
  62. List of NHL players with 1000 assists
  63. List of New Mexico amphibians
  64. List of New York Mets people
  65. List of New Zealand film makers
  66. List of Norse mythological figures
  67. List of North American railroad bankruptcies
  68. List of Norway international footballers
  69. List of Ontario Hockey League head coaches
  70. List of PC Engine emulators
  71. List of Philippine writers
  72. List of Philippines movie studios
  73. List of PlayStation Portable firmware compatibilities
  74. List of Polish-Canadians
  75. List of Pomeranian cities, towns and villages
  76. List of Port Adelaide Football Club players
  77. List of Prime Ministers of Ukraine
  78. List of Quarternary Mammalian Faunas of China
  79. List of Quebec architects
  80. List of Registered Historic Places in DuPage County, Illinois
  81. List of Rescue Me Episodes
  82. List of Roman triumphal arches in Italy outside Rome
  83. List of Sega Games
  84. List of Shenmue 2 characters
  85. List of Slovenian ski jumpers
  86. List of Sorbian-language writers
  87. List of South African Ministers of Defence
  88. List of South African Ministers of Justice
  89. List of South Korean ambassadors
  90. List of Statutory Instruments of the Welsh Assembly
  91. List of Sufis Influenced By Ibn 'Arabī
  92. List of TV networks in the Czech Republic
  93. List of TV6 news anchors
  94. List of The King of Fighters teams
  95. List of The Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes
  96. List of The Sopranos writers and directors
  97. List of The Tick merchandise
  98. List of Toyo University people
  99. List of UK Digital Terrestrial radio channels
  100. List of UK Parliamentary constituencies (1974-1979) by region
  101. List of UK Parliamentary constituencies (1983-1997) by region
  102. List of UK Parliamentary constituencies in Ireland 1801-1832
  103. List of US Assistant Attorneys General
  104. List of University of Calgary people
  105. List of University of Memphis people
  106. List of University of Tokyo people
  107. List of Urdu prose dastans
  108. List of Uyghur singers (redlist, one link)
  109. List of Venezuelan artists
  110. List of Voith transmissions
  111. List of Wales rugby union footballers killed in the World Wars
  112. List of Washington Nationals broadcasters
  113. List of Washington breweries
  114. List of XML Schemas
  115. List of Zaza-Gorani languages
  116. List of Zimbabwean guitarists
  117. List of abandoned education methods
  118. List of abattoirs in the UK
  119. List of academics and intellectuals against the 2006 Thailand coup
  120. List of aircraft manufacturers by ICAO name
  121. List of amino acid metabolism disorders
  122. List of animals new to science
  123. List of anthropomorphism in film
  124. List of autonomous and secessionist regions
  125. List of bands from Iceland
  126. List of bands from Las Vegas
  127. List of bicycle and human powered vehicle museums
  128. List of capitals of Brazil
  129. List of car models commercialized in Argentina
  130. List of character deaths on family affairs
  131. List of cities and towns along the Maumee River
  132. List of college radio stations in Ohio
  133. List of colleges by mascot
  134. List of computer and video games set in Chicago
  135. List of countries by spoken languages incomplete list
  136. List of countries by style of national flags
  137. List of current members of University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees
  138. List of directors of the Bank of England
  139. List of druids
  140. List of engineering schools in Massachusetts
  141. List of entertainers who have lived in or near Chicago
  142. List of estuaries in England
  143. List of female film score composers
  144. List of female rock singers
  145. List of fictional journalists
  146. List of fictional law firms
  147. List of fictional military ranks
  148. Various list of Fish Stamps
  149. List of flora of the LCRV (birdwatching)
  150. List of football players from The Hague
  151. List of foreign born per cities (prop merge)
  152. List of free royal cities of Croatia
  153. List of graduate programs at The Catholic University of America
  154. List of heads of state of the German Democratic Republic (prop merge)
  155. List of heads of the colleges of the University of Cambridge
  156. List of heaviest animals
  157. List of high schools in Zagreb
  158. List of host cities of the Eurovision Song Contest
  159. List of individuals designated "father" of their country (prop merge)
  160. List of insurance companies in Hong Kong
  161. List of international earthquake acceleration coefficients
  162. List of law schools in Massachusetts
  163. List of living former sovereign monarchs
  164. List of major cities with notable rivers
  165. List of mining companies
  166. List of ministries of Bulgaria
  167. List of minor characters in Battle Royale (film)
  168. List of modern countries within the Frankish Empire
  169. List of motorcycle deaths in U.S. by year
  170. List of mountain passes with Tibetan names
  171. List of museums in Prague
  172. List of music organizations in the United States
  173. List of music videos made in the 1960's
  174. List of national parks of Iceland
  175. List of newsreaders and journalists in France
  176. List of people from Athens, Georgia (shortlist - 2)
  177. List of people from Manchester, New Hampshire
  178. List of people from Mobile, Alabama
  179. List of people from Prescott, Arizona (shortlist)
  180. List of piratical attacks (shortlist - 2)
  181. List of plants for Biblical gardens
  182. List of players from Ireland in Major League Baseball
  183. List of political composers
  184. List of political organizations whose name include "Marxist-Leninist"
  185. List of portland schools
  186. List of private and independent schools in Arizona (shortlist - 2)
  187. List of provincial ministries in British Columbia
  188. List of psychotropic medications
  189. List of quiz television presenters (prop merge)
  190. List of radio stations in Catalan
  191. List of radio stations in Key West
  192. List of schools of psychoanalysis
  193. List of scooters
  194. List of selectmen of Lakeville, Massachusetts
  195. List of shortest reigning Monarchs in China
  196. List of silent musical compositions
  197. List of skyscrapers in the European Union
  198. List of stellar angular diameters
  199. List of swimwear manufacturers
  200. List of television shows produced by Universal Studios
  201. List of the largest Protestant churches of the world
  202. List of theories
  203. List of transfers of Segunda División - 2005/2006 season
  204. List of triumphal arches (provincial)
  205. List of undergraduate majors at The Catholic University of America