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I am an Administrator on the English Wikipedia, and am semi-retired from the project.

Major Article Contributions[edit]

I've participated in Featured Article Review. Though I very specifically had nothing whatsoever to do with writing or nominating these articles to Featured Status, I'm proud of the fact that we were able to take once great articles and polish them enough to pass current FA standards. With substantial help from others (!), I've helped in retaining the following as Featured Articles:

I have also created the following articles. On a long enough timeframe, the chance of this list growing is 100%.



I've done some other things, as well, that aren't found in articles. These include:

  • {{ymbb}}, a template that helps standardize user warnings, even when a custom or informal warning is preferred.
  • {{Admincheck}}, a version of {{usercheck}} with added links for admin actions, used for RFAs of former admins.

I am also on IRC, which is unrelated. But this edit confirms it.


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