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Epsilon Tau Pi (ΕΤΠ) was founded in 1999 at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio.[1] The fraternity was formed as a collegiate Honor Society for Eagle Scouts at universities and colleges in the United States.


The fraternity was initially founded by Michael Hammes and Michael A. Mahon, who joined with six other students at the University of Dayton to become the Founding Members of the Alpha Chapter. This group of eight formally commenced operation of the Alpha Chapter on April 28, 1999; This date is celebrated by the fraternity as Founder's Day.[2]

In 2001, the Alpha Chapter authorized the formation of a 5-member National Executive Board. The board serves to support and bolster the expansion of the fraternity, as well as to support existing collegiate chapters.

Chairman of the National Executive Board[edit]

The National Executive Board Chairman is elected by all members of the fraternity at Convocation and serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity.

Past Chairmen
  • April 2001 - April 2003:
  • April 2003 - April 2005:
  • April 2005 - April 2007: William Stees (Delta Class - Alpha Chapter)
  • April 2007 - April 2009: John Meyer Jr. (Founding Class - Alpha Chapter)
  • April 2009 - April 2011: Benjamin White (Delta Class - Alpha Chapter)
  • April 2011 - Current: Dr. Michael Brazeau (Lambda Class - Alpha Chapter)

In 2003, the Fraternity began to hold biennial convocations, where alumni and collegiate members alike could meet and conduct fraternity business. Officers and alumni delegates to the National Executive Board are elected at convocation.


The fraternity was formed with several goals in mind. Foremost, the fraternity dedicated itself to upholding the high ideals of the Eagle rank. These include the ideals of Honor, Loyalty, and Courage, as well as service to others and to Scouting, the community, the university, and the fraternity itself. Members of the fraternity must maintain strict academic standards, in addition to participation in individual, group, and chapter-wide service projects.

Merit Badge College[edit]

One of the more prominent activities of the fraternity is the Merit Badge College (MBC). The MBC is an annual event held at the University of Dayton, and offers scouts the opportunity to earn merit badges not otherwise offered outside of summer camps. Badges such as Chemistry and Art have the added advantage of college-level facilities, to which scouts would not otherwise have access. The program is held in three Saturday morning sessions, and scouts may complete up to three merit badges during the course of the event. In 2008, over 400 scouts attended the event.[3]

Chapters & Colonies[edit]

The fraternity consists of six chapters and two active colonies. Three additional colonies have gone inactive for lack of membership and/or activity - these are indicated below.

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