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Hello. Do you have a question about a page I have edited? Please resist entropy: ask on the relevant talk page. Maybe I watch the page, maybe not, so if you want a fast reply ping me on my talk page.


My Wikipedia work[edit]

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Most Wikipedia articles that I edit concern cancer in children, with a focus on interwiki links and reliable sources. I also translate, mostly from German, Spanish, and Portuguese into English.

Here are some articles I have worked on:

Article Class Importance Toolbox links
Primary contributor
Anethole Start Mid history contrib stats page view stats
Tapetum lucidum Start Mid history contrib stats page view stats
Gastroenteritis B Top
Enterolith Start Mid
Hyperuricemia Start Mid
Hypouricemia Start Low
Major contributor
Osteochondritis dissecans FA Mid
Rotavirus FA High
Gout B High

Editor tools[edit]

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  • Dispenser's other tools
  • Link to an abstract in PubMed like this: PMID 16945659 or just write PMID 16945659
  • Get {{Cite}} text of a reference from its PubMed ID
    • Diberri
    • Holek (select "Library of Congress", paste in the PMID, click "Send")
  • Online link suggesting tool
  • CatScan: find category intersections
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More reminders[edit]

Did You Know?[edit]

What makes a good "hook"?

Date Did you know ... Archive number, effect on
page view stats, note
2008 October 19 ... that in the Canary Islands, palm syrup is made from sap collected laboriously from the crown of a date palm? 233, 1000x; rescued nomination
2008 October 20

Pawtuckaway campsite.JPG

... that the volcanic ring dike at Pawtuckaway State Park (pictured), an important orienteering venue in New Hampshire, resembles a meteor impact crater?
233, page view stats jump 4.9k; primary contributor
2008 November 2 ... that an enterolith is a calculus found in the intestine of an animal, usually a horse or human? 234, page view stats, contrib stats
2009 March 19

Ouzo effect of anethole in absinthe

... that anethole, cause of the ouzo effect (pictured) in anise-flavored alcoholic beverages, yields a derivative drug that may be used in novel self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems?
242; 50x for anethole, 111x for ouzo effect, 81x for the image, and 280x for SMEDDS
2009 March 20 ... that most of the 156 episodes of the 1950s series The Cisco Kid were filmed in color, more than a decade before color television became common? 243; 92x for The Cisco Kid (TV series); rescued nomination
2009 March 22

Pedestrian bridge (passerelle) at Lac De Monteynard-Avignonet

... that Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet, a lake in the French Alps, has a 220-metre (720 ft) long, 85-metre (279 ft) high simple suspension bridge (pictured) for non-motorized use?
243; page view stats; rescued nomination
2009 March 31 ... that a rules dispute during the first all-cowgirl rodeo, held in 1948 in Amarillo, Texas, led to the formation of the first rodeo association for women?
2009 May 8 ... that during the 2008–09 flu season in the United States, only 14.1% of influenza tests were positive for influenza? 244; 2.6x
2009 May 26 ... that a population bottleneck among Finns about 4000 years ago may be the origin of the Finnish disease heritage that affects 1 in 500 children born in Finland today? 7,300x
2009 June 3 ... that surform tools can shape materials as diverse as automobile repair plastic body filler and elephants' hooves? 2,200
2009 Sept 11 ... that while racing in the 2009 World Orienteering Championships gold medalist Thierry Gueorgiou rescued an injured competitor? 808
2009 Sept 15 ... that Anders Nordberg was elected Orienteer of the year 2007 by Norwegian sports journalists? 432
2009 Sept 18 ... that Czech Republic orienteering world champion Michal Smola joined an orienteering club at age 12 and won his first national championship race at age 14? 535
2009 Sept 23 ... that while in the lead of the last relay leg of the 2009 World Orienteering Championships, Martin Johansson was injured by a wooden stick penetrating 12 centimetres (5 in) into his leg? 37
2009 Oct 3 ... that successful repair of both cruciate ligaments in a human knee was first reported in 1903? 703
2009 Oct 26 ... that Robert Brown's 1818 botanical article Congo was deemed by one reviewer to be remarkable for its frequent use of the word "remarkable"? rescued nomination, 1.3k
2009 Oct 30 ... that many congenital malformations in babies share the common life-threatening complication of pulmonary hypoplasia? 993
2009 Nov 6 ... that babies with alveolar capillary dysplasia may seem healthy at birth, but cannot breathe well and soon die? 1,600
2009 Nov 19 ... that a propeller operated at such a high rpm that it cuts more than it pushes, is sometimes known as a blade grinder? 4.7k
2009 Nov 24 ... that in medieval England the Honour of Wallingford existed for almost five centuries?? 4.1k
2009 Nov 24 ... that chocolate liqueurs have been produced from at least the 18th century?? 2.2k
2009 Dec 4 ... that the poppy seed test is a simple, accurate, and inexpensive medical test for vesicointestinal fistula? 5.1k; Vesicointestinal fistula 2.8k
2009 Dec 4

Opium poppy seed pod

... that opium poppy (seed pod pictured) is the source of poppyseed oil, which has several pharmaceutical uses, none related to opium?
3.0k; Opium poppy

2.9k, Opium 0.7k

2009 Dec 10 ... that Robert Sumrall survived being lost in the Gila National Forest for seven days in winter without food, water, or camping gear? 3.6k; Gila National Forest 1.4k

Missing Articles[edit]

Acanthoma, Enterolith, Kidney cancer, Influenza-like illness, Finnish heritage disease, Poppy seed test (medical sign)

What's this? See Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Missing Article Trophy.

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