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Old proposal for Signpost[edit]

Hi there,

I just stumbled upon this draft: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Newsroom/Special desk/Proposals/Education Cool!

It's a good idea, and a good start. It's also a rather ambitious topic, so I won't ask what happened...I'd imagine it might take a few phases to finish up a big story like that! But, would you be interested in picking it up, or perhaps finding somebody to pick up where you left off?

As the first (and only, I suppose) Public Outreach Officer for WMF, I could probably answer many questions, and I'd be happy to do an interview if you's like. I wrote most of the grant proposal / project plan for the PPI. Also, though you do mention David Ferreio, I think any broad treatment of public outreach would have to consider the GLAM movement more broadly; I'd be happy to talk through that stuff as well. And, for all these reasons, it probably wouldn't make sense for me to serve as the editor for the piece; but I'm sure we could find somebody to read through it and offer feedback who's less closely connected.

What are your thoughts? Still worth pursuing? -Pete Forsyth (talk) 01:13, 3 February 2017 (UTC)

Pong ball in flight.svg Peteforsyth: Ah, I remember that. At the time I was going through a few different hair-brained takes on in-depth journalism; this was one of them. I didn't get too far into this one (edit: never mind, I got very far into it...didn't recall writing so much!), as I recall, because I found that I didn't have enough personal experience with the subject matter, and the work I was doing to mine out a proper timeline was too burdensome with respect to the rest of my duties to the paper at the time.
If I remember, the idea at the time was that I would write a series of three or so of these covering the history of the Edu initiative, copyedit all of them, get feedback, the whole nine yards, and then publish in installments.
Your support is generous, but I think the time for me to write such long diatribes is now past. :) A lengthy multi-parter such as this one is simply too much for me now; and besides, I think that shorter, more self-contained pieces resonate better with readers anyway. In that spirit, there are some smaller pieces that I can think to contribute to the Signpost here or there, once I find the time for them. ResMar 05:11, 7 February 2017 (UTC)

March Madness 2017[edit]

G'day all, please be advised that throughout March 2017 the Military history Wikiproject is running its March Madness drive. This is a backlog drive that is focused on several key areas:

  • tagging and assessing articles that fall within the project's scope
  • updating the project's currently listed A-class articles to ensure their ongoing compliance with the listed criteria
  • creating articles that are listed as "requested" on the project's various task force pages or other lists of missing articles.

As with past Milhist drives, there are points awarded for working on articles in the targeted areas, with barnstars being awarded at the end for different levels of achievement.

The drive is open to all Wikipedians, not just members of the Military history project, although only work on articles that fall (broadly) within the military history scope will be considered eligible. More information can be found here for those that are interested, and members can sign up as participants at that page also.

The drive starts at 00:01 UTC on 1 March and runs until 23:59 UTC on 31 March 2017, so please sign up now.

For the Milhist co-ordinators. Regards, AustralianRupert (talk) & MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 07:24, 26 February 2017 (UTC)