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If you wish to contribute, please try and spend some time learning Wiki style. Please Scotty

My very first message[edit]

DONT USE CAPITALS. Learn how to create Wikilinks such as Spallation Neutron Source. Put proper copyright tags on images you upload. Log in when you do edits. -- RHaworth 07:25, 2005 July 17 (UTC) *OK Got ya Roger, Thanks!*

  • I am sorry to be firm with you, but your recent edits suggest you have taken in only the first and last of the above. Create wikilinks as wikilinks eg. code superconducting not Superconducting. Use wikilinks in preference to external, eg. Los Alamos not Los Alamos. (If you want external links as well, Wikipedians generally like to see them demoted to the end of the article.) Tag your images - see Wikipedia:Copyrights. (Optionally, use the 'Show preview' button rather than 'Save page' - but do Save page at the end!) But do keep contributing. -- RHaworth 18:39, 2005 July 17 (UTC)

Hi Mr.Haworth, I'm learning, and indeed I can use help...Truley Appreciate your help... I checked out the web pages and thank-you so much for your expertise..... I also checked out your web pages...Damn you are good! I am still digesting the instructions as you can see..... In all sincerity, Bear w/ me.........Scotty.


File:SNS LOGO.jpg

I am not actually sure what you wanted me to do about LINAC but …

I have had a good go at Spallation Neutron Source. Please check my edits very carefully and tidy anything you don't like. Note:

  • the logo stays aligned right - it is a waste of space to centre it
  • I have left your *'s in place though I don't see what purpose they serve.

>Thanks Roger


  • Please remember to log in when you edit.
  • Please study Help:Editing#Links.2C_URLs and learn tricks such as piped links, pluralisation (..]]s - the s becomes part of the link) and the fact that the first character of an article name is case-insensitive.
  • All your images need copyright tags. I am not sure whether "Image by Scott Fisher" actually in the image is approved, it is certainly not needed. But even on your own pics, you need to give a copyright tag to indicate how far you are releasing the copyright - I don't understand all these different licences either - I just mark mine {{PD-user}} and have done with it. But if you are uploading more, please upload them to the Commons so other language Wiki's can use them.
  • Someone has added at the bottom of spallation the quasi-vandalistic comment "Cost per neutron? Not sure yet". On checking the history, I was most amused to see that this was added from Scotland - the Scots are traditionally canny with their money! But it would be interesting to see your estimate - I am sure it will actually be (neutrons per cent) > 1.
  • One niggling doubt in my mind - this billion-dollar project was started in 1999 and presumably was in planning long before that. How come it is only now that anybody has thought to write it up here? Is there some politics involved?

Keep up the good work. -- RHaworth 09:56, 2005 July 19 (UTC) Thank-You


As for your questions above;
1)" How come it is only now that anybody has thought to write it up here?"
2)"Is there some politics involved?"

  • Ans 1) Well, we've all been busy building the machine.

Internet, SLAC, and Al Gore[edit]

  • Ans 2) Indeed there is always politics involved. At the time SNS was proposed, during the Bill Clinton era the US was in a different time.

It was Pre 911. era. meaning the *world trade centers had not fallen in Manhattan.

A Cold war, if you will.

SNS had the politics of present day governor of New Mexico , Bill Richardson (politician), but back then he was United States Secretary of Energy and Al Gore was vice president of the USA.
Political......Indeed, remember SNS is built in the home state Tennessee of a previous vice president of the US, Al Gore.

You know Al claims to be the inventor of the Internet, LOL, But I know different. It was first used by scientists at SLAC and CERN for transfering scientific data/ text, between labs, I remember. It was called spires. Did not know SLAC was the first websight too? Interesting, a bit Internet history;

So how does the future look? Check out the next proposed potential contender for the 2008 Democratic nomination for President, *Phil Bredesen. But then again who knows what the future holds?
Roger, Thanks again, for enlightening me to ESS, and your time. Sounds like we have competion, or just future verification of what we find in the future. That's good too and that's the way it should work and has been. I will add the ESS link to SNS for the scientific community to digest. Looks like a cool place to live!

Caio~ Scotty 7/20/2005 04:00 EST.


Thanks again, Your expertise has helped out with immensely. Wikipedia SNS now looks good and shaping up...... Again thanks for your help. I'm still learning, LOL Not sure why there wasn't a previous web page, but I'm glad I could help out also with facts.

The SNS project is moving along well......... Wish you could come here and see it live... "I'd give you a personal tour."

I noticed that comment from Scotland also....

Also I will continue to apply your recommendation rules, suggestions, No problem! I will add the copyright tags.. Be advised I will be away for two weeks as I head across country to Silicon Valley/ San Jose, California. for vacation.





Likewise, I never heard of *ESS, nor Burn, North Yorkshire "Most interesting for sure." I do know the *International Collider is in the conceptual design stage, as I worked on some of the conceptual design in California at SLAC. It is suppose to be a conglomerate of countries, unknown where it will be on the earth at this time.


It's entirely possible it needs to be mentioned - integrated into the text. You just tacked the sentence on at the end of the article. If you can find some place in the article where it belongs, and expand it and cite, then there's no problem with it. --Golbez 17:18, August 7, 2005 (UTC)


Go for it Roger! Lots of work though...Not sure if I can vote, but yes here User:Scottfisher

Request for your help[edit]


I accidently deleted, I guess it's a portion of a template on Pottsville, Pennsylvania It's the Moto section on the upper right, (Inside the box), see: {{{{{2}}}|12={{{3}}}|City motto|{{{motto}}}}} Yuk! I don't know how to return it to its original text, Can you help me out? I also believe the whole box can be reduced in size. Thanks again for your time and at your convenience;

User:Scottfisher Thanks Roger for fixing the problem I created accidently! User:Scottfisher

  • I know how to do it now, Thanks
  • Infobox width. It is not exactly rocket nuclear science and it does not even require knowledge of wiki markup and css. Near the top of Template:US City infobox you will see width: 25em;. Changing that might have the effect you desire. Normally I say, be bold - do it. But in this case, discuss it first at Template talk:US City infobox - the change would affect 100 articles.

>Understood, Better do as you say, No problem...

  • -- RHaworth 09:34:54, 2005-08-09 (UTC)

Another Question[edit]

Is there anyway I can adjust the size of this ???

Example is on Steve Winwood page. I took the pic and adjusted it I need to shrink or adjust accordingly for all the pic donations. Thanks.. Scotty User:Scottfisher 8/8/05 18:35 EST.

  • Very glad to see you addressing the matter of image copyright tags - I was going to write to you about that anyway. No, you clown, they do not go in the article, they go in the image description. Now - follow this link, delete {{unverified}} and replace it with {{PD-user|Scottfisher|date=July 2005}}. It is far better that you do it (in a logged in state of course) because of the edit history (see above). Then repeat the exercise with every image you have uploaded. Every image in an article page is a link to its description page. And for the ones that Charlie thinks should not be in SNS, you can get to those via you contributions history. In fact here is the full list.
Not all of your uploads qualify for the PD-user|date=July 2005 tag - see Wikipedia:Image copyright tags for the bewildering variety of tags available. The ones you took inside SNS probably require one of the PD-USGov-… tags. OK I was wrong about your aerial photo but I am very suspicious about all the pics you have added to Pottsville PA - I shall watch with interest what tags you put on those pictures.
  • I'm working on it Roger, Just wish I did it when I loaded them up in the begining.
It is useful to add a few words of description as well as the copyright tag. OK the "File links" section should provide a link to the description but it is better to duplicate the info in the image description page. For example, this image City of london shield 037168x.jpg is only used at this size in Template:London-geo-stub but click on the image to see the careful description I have give it.
Editing wiki is fun. Uploading images to wiki is a total pain compared with doing it to ones own website. But you have to do it. -- RHaworth 10:07:15, 2005-08-09 (UTC)

Morning Roger, I think I understand. I'll digest it more later. I will address the pics as recommended and required; I am a man of my word. It's not bad uploading, not a problem. It is just a matter of time..... That is a Promise! Clown? You are too much! I see you have a great personallity also! LOL Thanks again for your time! Scotty 06:40 EST

Steve Winwood[edit]

It has not escaped my notice that you have slipped the link to your page back into Steve Winwood. Don't be surprised if the flying pig takes it out again. Trouble is, he is a brummie and seems prone to getting involved in some rather acrimonious edit wars - see User talk:pigsonthewing. Just be satisfied with putting the link in your user page. -- RHaworth 10:34:05, 2005-08-09 (UTC)

  • Right you are.

Three dimensions[edit]

  • Well the way I see things Roger web pages should be alive to the fullest! We live in a three *dimensional world, no more should things be flat on the web! ....File:Atomic.gif

John O'Hara pictures[edit]

Could you please note the sources of these photos? Since they are pictures of O'Hara as an adult, it is doubtful that the copyright has expired on them. Gamaliel 22:43, 13 August 2005 (UTC)

Take the first one as an example. The page clearly states "Copyright © 1995-2004 by Coal Region Enterprises. All Rights Reserved". Why have you listed the picture as in the public domain? Gamaliel

  • >Gamaliel: I'm sure if there is a copyright by Coal Region Enterprises they don't have it for the pic, Anyway what do you suggest we do?

Unless you can establish that these pictures are in fact public domain or unless you can get permission from the actual copyright holder, they will have to be removed. Gamaliel 16:02, 14 August 2005 (UTC)

  • >Gama: Do what you must. I'm sure there will be more, and not by me.

I will be more cautious next time. Thanks Scotty

Barnstars origination, Hex signs, (Folk magic)[edit]

PS: Whats a barnstar? Must be European? Thanks. Scotty

See * Wikipedia:Barnstars on Wikipedia for more info on Barnstars. Gamaliel 05:15, 14 August 2005 (UTC)

  • >Interesting, I see....

Coming from the Amish of Pennsylvania Dutch country myself we call them Hex signs. See: [Pow-wow folk magic] Interesting, I can see how origination of Barnstars:Origination of Barnstars on Wikipedia . I did not know that....

Thanks for your time Scotty

Transformer picture[edit]

Hi there - would you happen to know the MVA rating, and primary voltage for the 13.8 kV transfomer picture you sent up recently?

Thanks, --Wtshymanski 17:16, 17 August 2005 (UTC) 
  • I'll have answer shortly, Please stand-by, check back shortly
  • GOT IT! 161KV Primary Delta 13.8kV Secondary WYE, 47MVA, Medium voltage is up to 35KV.

Adjusted text accordingly/ Thanks



What's the source information on the above picture? I haven't seen it before and find it difficult to believe the whole thing is PD-USGov (the photo looks like a wire photo). --Fastfission 04:40, 21 August 2005 (UTC)

Hi Fastfission![edit]

  • I was hoping we could converse some day, as I noticed we've been in some of the same places on Wikipedia and also looked at your profile/ Etc..
  • "Glad to meet you, For sure."
  • Anyway, the source of the Einstein pic and text is a freebie that lays on the ORNL Visitors center. It just lays there on the counter, multiple copies for people to pick up.

I seriously could not believe anyone had not uploaded it to the Einstein page as I thought it would be a great addition. ....

  • Comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Do you think I tagged it right? I hope so.

  • PS: I'm glad it got moved down on the page. It really is about Einstein sending a letter to Roosevelt about making the bomb.

Hope it is in the right location on the page.

Someone made it really cool by being able to read it by enlarging it too, (software wise).

I'm glad they did, Have you seen it?


  • Hi Scotty, sorry I haven't written back to you get. One page you might find fun that needs a lot of work is List of nuclear tests. Best, --Fastfission 21:46, 9 September 2005 (UTC)

Roger that will do that sir, Have a few errands to do tonight and won't be back until late tommorrow. I will look at it.

Was watching a documentary on the tube last night about area 51. LOL By the way, again love that pick of teller....Just Excellent!

PS: Got my picture taken with teller before he passed on [2] Caio Scott

19:40 EST. Fast Fission[edit]

  • Fast fission, I looked at the page and must say it is confusing, especially with the grid system, however it does have very useful information, in my opinion. Like the pics. Info good. Now I must admit here I am not that good with the code like that. However, I think possibility of someone here on Wkipedia exists to do whatever you feel needs to be done on List of nuclear tests. As always.... it's just a time thing. Would you recommend we put a tag on it saying needs clean up? With a message of what needs done? Your opinion is valued.
    PS; My older brother worked at the test site before it kinda closed down. Non nuclear proliferation/ EGG Still lives in Vegas.

Scott 00:02:59, 2005-09-11 (UTC)

re: Two HTML Questions[edit]

  • nbsp with the & is used to create a space
  • hellip look here [3] which is not much help. CambridgeBayWeather 17:06, 21 August 2005 (UTC)


  • Looked at hellip, not much help, and thanks much for the definition of nbsp, (sp) must mean space I guess.
  • Thought you might be interested in this CBW:
  • [4]

Image deletions[edit]

Don't panic! I have not deleted anything significant yet and in fact when we get round to the real deletions, I will ask someone else to do them (Wiki etiquette).

I have just deleted: Image:Boyle's mercurial gauge.jpg, Image:Replica of Magdeburg Hemisoheres.jpg (note mis-spelling as well), Image:Repo von Guericke hemispheres.jpg and Image:Spheres.jpg. These were the blank ones that you had trouble with.

Talking of Bavarian beer, if you want to copyvio this picture which comes from What is Switzerland like?, feel free as long as I am acknowledged as the photographer. -- RHaworth 10:30:12, 2005-08-23 (UTC)

  • Roger,
    When I first looked at your message indeed you read my Thoughts! "I panick'd and said "Oh no, Not him too", Good job on the deletion as not sure why it did that uploading last week. Operator error I suppose, but I did manage to get the ones uploaded and contributed, accordingly. Yea!

I would love to go to CERN. Indeed in my hometown area there was a Bavarian beer produced in Mount Carbon Pennsylvania, town of about 50. The label was Bavarian and we use to drink it all the time on tap for 25 cents a glass, before they went out of business. I remember it well. Not sure the equivalency of your money. So the label and the beer is never made here anymore, what they called "Bavarian". I see your pic is a Lager and hell, on it, LOL Let me know when you and Lesley want to come to the states for a visit.

Again, Thanks for applying the (delete) to those blanks. "We'll keep in touch" Caio~ Scott

Mine fire[edit]

I see that you know when to laugh! It's not everyone at Wikipedia, let me tell you... --Wetman 00:42, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, California[edit]

Hi Scottfisher. Fortunately, it's not too humid out here. I spent about a week out in the Knoxville area when I was 8, so I've been through that Southern heat and humidity.

Anyway, as you might have noticed I just listed the new article you just created, Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, California, on Wikipedia:Copyright problems because it appears to be copied from here. If you look on the bottom of the page, you'll see a copyright notice, so it's highly unlikely that the content on the page is free. I truly hope you don't take my tagging the article copyvio as a personal slight, because it is not. If Jimbo himself posted a copyvio, I'd do the same thing. Thanks for all your valuable contributions to Wikipedia, and have a good one. sɪzlæk [ +t, +c, +m ] 05:30, August 27, 2005 (UTC)

Just sent you a message on your page meet you there.

Scott 05:33:54, 2005-08-27 (UTC) Thanks...

It's generally assumed that material copied from websites is a copyvio, especially when there is a copyright message on the bottom of the page. For more on the subject, see Wikipedia:Copyrights. Around here, we have to be very careful to make sure all our content is free. If you have evidence that the content you posted is free, you can submit your evidence on the talk page of the article and at the article's listing on Wikipedia:Copyright problems#August 27. Even if the text on the webpage is free, it's always better to write your own content. Thanks, and good night. <font color=green 05:45, August 27, 2005 (UTC)
I agree with you that the Grove merits an article. So I went ahead and wrote a temporary article at Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, California/Temp. In about a week it'll replace the original article. sɪzlæk [ +t, +c, +m ] 18:36, August 27, 2005 (UTC)


That'll work, Great Good work... Too bad we can't have the name Cocoanut Grove with a redirect or notification in error of spelling Coconutgrove Got to get my picture up, you know, and a mention of the history of the mispelling.

Thank-You again Do miss the bay area and weather Scott 19:19:22, 2005-08-27 (UTC)


Thanks for your comment on my pic: it's a fluke shot that flatters me, sadly. I thought I was a pretty low-key Wikipedian—which article were you looking at? Tony 00:44, 30 August 2005 (UTC)

  • Your welcome. It's ok..... I was looking briefly at Cerebellum.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Hurricane Katrina victims[edit]

American RED CROSS

Presently gettin' remnants here of the hurricane, there is a tornado and flood watch now, and all the United States Army , National guard is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have not heard from Bush. New Orleans and Alabama really got it bad. Where are all the countries the USA help? I guess they are still looking for free hand-outs. Caio~ Scott 12:32:53, 2005-08-30 (UTC)


If you have a problem with Boothy443 please take your concerns to WP:AN/I. Please do not use WP:RFPP as a place to stop your problems. Even if a protection was enabled, because Boothy443 is a sysop, he would be able to edit the page anyway. Furthermore, you can only request the protection of your own User page. --AllyUnion (talk) 08:23, 2 September 2005 (UTC)

Understood, read this from boothy discussion page:
Removed inappropriate link, blocked for 17 seconds
I removed a highly inappropriate link from your toolbox page and blocked you for 17 seconds as punishment.  :-) Please don't do that again. I got a complaint and I'm at a Major International Corporation today getting donations for us to buy more servers, and they let me do email from here. And I got a complaint about your page. And I clicked on the link. And it was Not Work Safe. So, please, that's not the sort of thing we ought to be doing here.--

:Jimbo Wales 19:39, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

I further strongly recommend that you do not place any offensive links on that page or I will remove them again. And I also recommend that you discuss this with me like a mature adult rather than insulting me, and that if you don't, you may be cordially invited to permanently leave the project, ok? We are trying to do something useful here; this is not your playground.

:--Jimbo Wales 15:05, 25 August 2005 (UTC)

I am just curious if youplan on remove other "offencive" material from the user pages of others, i would have to say that is seriously doubtful, as for mature, i dont i didnt see you discussing it with me befor hand or asking me to remove it, how would you like it if i wnet to you page and started to remove things that i found offencive then tell you that, i am sure you would not, so no i dont consider your actions mature. So you keep on being a hippocrate and i'll keep on doing my thing.

--Boothy443 | comhrÚ 21:48, 25 August 2005 (UTC)

There's nothing to discuss about a link which causes dozens of popups and the computer to scream out 'Hey everybody, I'm looking at gay porn.' There is nothing hypocritical at all about my actions. If you see me doing something that ridiculous then by all means remove it from the page and ask someone to block me for 17 seconds. However, it's worth noting that I don't do such things in the first place, you see. :-)
Do I plan on removing such things from other people's user pages? Yes, I do, if I come across them. I have never before seen anything so juvenile on a wikipedia user page, though.

Remember what we are doing here. We are building a free encyclopedia for every single person on the planet. We are trying to do it in an atmosphere of fun, love, and respect for others. We try to be kind to others, thoughtful in our actions, and professional in our approach to our responsibilities. I encourage you to join us in that attitude, and drop the immature posturing, ok? It's more fun, believe me.

--Jimbo Wales 16:49, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

Must be nice in wearing blinders all the time.

--Boothy443 | comhrÚ 19:33, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

Please explain.--Jimbo Wales 23:47, 26 August 2005 (UTC)