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VDL Bova
SuccessorVDL Bus & Coach
The Netherlands
ParentVDL Groep
Eurolines Bova Futura in May 2010
Bova Lexio in September 2012

VDL Bova was a luxury coachbuilder based in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands which began building coaches in 1931. In particular, it is well known for the Bova Futura, a streamlined coach usually with a DAF engine, which was first introduced in the 1980s and continues in production as at 2018 as the VDL Futura.[1]

The founder, JD Bots, later to be known as JD Bova, founded the company that would come to be known as Bova in 1878 with the creation of a timber business in Valkenswaard. When Bots died, he left the business to his eldest son Simon who first introduced the name Bova, which was derived from Bots Valkenswaard.[2]

In 1931 the company began building coaches, and in 1969 introduced the Benelux, a self-supporting integral coach.[3] The company was purchased by VDL Groep in 2003, who also owned the Berkhof, Jonckheere and VDL Bus Chassis brands.[4] From 2010 the individual brands were discontinued and VDL Bova became part of VDL Bus & Coach.


Integral Buses and Coaches[edit]

  • Benelux (coach/interurban, replaced by Europa)
  • Europa (coach, replaced by Futura)
  • Futura (coach/interurban, replaced by VDL Futura 2)
  • Magiq (coach, derivative of Futura, replaced by VDL Futura 2)
  • X-press (low-floor bus with rear engine, only 16 built in 1980)

Bus and Coach Chassis[edit]

  • Calypso (coach, with Europa underframe and Duple bodywork)

Bus and Coach Bodywork[edit]

Initially Bova built bus bodywork on a variety of chassis, but switched to building integral vehicles in the early 1970s. After becoming part of VDL Groep some chassis/bodywork combinations of DAF/Berkhof heritage were sold as complete vehicles under the VDL Bova name:

  • Lexio (interurban bus based on VDL SD400 chassis, replaced by VDL Citea)
  • Synergy (double-deck coach based on VDL SBR4000 chassis, rebadged from Berkhof Axial 100. Replaced by VDL Futura FDD2)


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