Verdun (electoral district)

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Quebec electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
LegislatureHouse of Commons
District created1933
District abolished2003
First contested1935
Last contested2000

Verdun (also known as Verdun—Saint-Paul, Verdun—Saint-Henri and Verdun—Saint-Henri—Saint-Paul—Pointe-Saint-Charles) was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1935 to 1949 and from 1953 to 2004.

Verdun—La Salle riding, which covered much of the same area, was represented in the House of Commons from 1949 to 1953.


The riding was created as "Verdun" riding in 1933 from parts of Jacques Cartier and St. Anne ridings. It was abolished in 1947 when it was redistributed into Jacques Cartier and "Verdun—La Salle" ridings.

Verdun—La Salle riding was created from Verdun riding in 1947, and was abolished in 1952 when it was redistributed into a new Verdun riding and into Jacques-Cartier—Lasalle.

"Verdun" riding was recreated in 1952 from parts of Verdun—La Salle riding. It was renamed "Verdun—Saint-Paul" in 1980, "Verdun—Saint-Henri" in 1996, and "Verdun—Saint-Henri—Saint-Paul—Pointe Saint-Charles" in 2000.

In 2004, the riding was merged into Jeanne-Le Ber riding.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Jacques Cartier and St. Anne
18th  1935–1940     Jules Wermenlinger Conservative
19th  1940–1945     Paul-Émile Côté Liberal
20th  1945–1949
Verdun—La Salle
21st  1949–1953     Paul-Émile Côté Liberal
22nd  1953–1954     Paul-Émile Côté Liberal
 1954–1957 Yves Leduc
23rd  1957–1958
24th  1958–1962     Harold Monteith Progressive Conservative
25th  1962–1963     Bryce Mackasey Liberal
26th  1963–1965
27th  1965–1968
28th  1968–1972
29th  1972–1974
30th  1974–1976
 1977–1979 Pierre Savard
31st  1979–1980
32nd  1980–1984     Pierre Savard Liberal
33rd  1984–1988     Gilbert Chartrand Progressive Conservative
34th  1988–1993
35th  1993–1997     Raymond Lavigne Liberal
36th  1997–2000     Raymond Lavigne Liberal
Verdun—Saint-Henri—Saint-Paul—Pointe Saint-Charles
37th  2000–2002     Raymond Lavigne Liberal
 2002–2004 Liza Frulla
Riding dissolved into Jeanne-Le Ber

Election results[edit]

Verdun 1933-1947[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1935
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Jules Wermenlinger 5,602 22.39%
Co-operative Commonwealth Georges Stuart Mooney 4,706 18.81%
Verdun Hervé Ferland 4,214 16.84%
Labour William "Willie" Lessard 3,833 15.32%
Independent Liberal Thomas Guérin 2,731 10.91%
Independent Liberal Casimir Allard 2,065 8.25%
Reconstruction Camille Dansereau 1,266 5.06%
Independent Conservative James Albert Whitaker 232 0.93%
Independent Labour Henry Joseph Garrity 221 0.88%
Veterans Alloys Reginald Sprenger 79 0.32%
Independent Conservative Édouard Lamontagne 74 0.30%
Canadian federal election, 1940
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul-Émile Côté 8,372
Independent Liberal Hervé Ferland 7,231
Co-operative Commonwealth Robert Louis Calder 3,817
National Government Jules Wermenlinger 3,693
Independent Ruby Beryl Joan Adams 1,838
Independent Charles S.P. Halpin 1,181
Independent Conservative Samuel Currie 814
Independent Robert William Scurrah 599
Canadian federal election, 1945
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul-Émile Côté 15,943
Progressive Conservative Wilfrid Pagé 7,151
Co-operative Commonwealth Edward Wilson 6,967
Bloc populaire Louis-Philippe Hurtubise 3,060
Labor–Progressive Sam Bailey 874
Independent Liberal Joseph-Jean-Léopold Comeau 390
Independent Co-operative Commonwealth Walter Wilson 279
Social Credit Henri Turcotte 187
Independent Liberal Donald Mark Elvidge 127
Independent Liberal Joseph-Madore-Omer Royer 36

Verdun—La Salle 1947-1952[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1949
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul-Émile Côté 24,903
Progressive Conservative John William Macgillivray 7,790
Co-operative Commonwealth William Dodge 2,612
Union des électeurs Donat Fortin 445
Independent Richard Monahan 83

Verdun 1952-1980[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1953
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul-Émile Côté 20,281
Progressive Conservative Harold Monteith 7,255
Co-operative Commonwealth Raymond Lapointe 1,587
Labor–Progressive Ken Perry 483
By-election on 22 March 1954

On Côté's acceptance of an office of emolument
under the Crown, 1 January 1954

Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Yves Leduc 8,221
Progressive Conservative Armand Dupuis 5,755
Independent Liberal Roland Gadbois 4,671
Co-operative Commonwealth William Dodge 2,745
Labor–Progressive Hervé Ferland 2,180
Independent Liberal Joseph Michael Hayes 1,322
Independent Ken Perry 204
Canadian federal election, 1957
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Yves Leduc 18,695
Progressive Conservative Harold Monteith 9,037
Co-operative Commonwealth William Dodge 2,299
Canadian federal election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Harold Monteith 16,357
Liberal Yves Leduc 14,604
Co-operative Commonwealth William Dodge 2,205
Independent Liberal J.-O.-Rolland Leduc 1,901
Social Credit Édouard Provencher 264
Canadian federal election, 1962
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 13,860
Progressive Conservative Harold Monteith 11,489
New Democratic Irénée Blais 3,430
Independent Liberal William-Léonard Poitras 3,208
Social Credit P.-Raymond Leclerc 1,032
Independent PC Carl-B. O'Malley 881
Canadian federal election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 19,473
Progressive Conservative Bernard Rhéaume 7,488
Social Credit Carl B. O'Malley 4,412
New Democratic Douglas Findlay 3,380
Canadian federal election, 1965
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 18,072
Progressive Conservative Bernard Rhéaume 6,213
New Democratic Wesley Robert Dillen 4,113
Ralliement créditiste René Lassonde 2,094
Canadian federal election, 1968
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 22,436
Progressive Conservative Claude De Serres 3,410
New Democratic Matt Craig 2,813
Ralliement créditiste Eugène Lépine 1,004
Canadian federal election, 1972
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 20,943
Progressive Conservative Eddy Vigneau 7,626
Social Credit Eugène Lépine 3,323
New Democratic Gus Callaghan 2,518
Independent Paul Lévesque 239
Canadian federal election, 1974
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Bryce Mackasey 17,633
Progressive Conservative Eddy Vigneau 7,922
New Democratic Philippe Morse 2,232
Social Credit Lucien Laroche 1,774
Marxist–Leninist Arnold August 199
By-election on 24 May 1977

On Mackasey's resignation, 28 October 1976

Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Pierre Savard 15,208
New Democratic Phil Edmonston 8,151
Progressive Conservative Pierrette Lucas 2,003
Social Credit Michel Dansereau 173
Communist Samuel J. Walsh 97
Independent Louise Ouimet 78
Canadian federal election, 1979
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Pierre Savard 30,178
Progressive Conservative John Oss 4,908
Social Credit Lucien Marien 2,301
New Democratic Denis Faubert 2,299
Rhinoceros Catherine Messier 905
Union populaire Raymond Marchessault 801
Libertarian Mary Lou Gutscher 182
Communist Denis Gervais 139
Marxist–Leninist Mary Saul 59
Canadian federal election, 1980
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Pierre Savard 27,575
New Democratic David Garon 3,635
Progressive Conservative Jocelyn Giroux 3,423
Rhinoceros Ronald Cawthorn 1,141
Social Credit Lucien Marien 599
Union populaire Jean-Claude Bonin 155
Marxist–Leninist Mary Saul 80

Verdun—Saint-Paul 1981-1997[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1984
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Gilbert Chartrand 17,378
Liberal Pierre Savard 16,431
New Democratic Alain Giguère 3,912
Rhinoceros Philippe Hooligan Coté 1,309
Parti nationaliste Serge Paquette 798
Commonwealth of Canada Steve Boyle 99
Canadian federal election, 1988
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Gilbert Chartrand 20,113
Liberal Raymond Lavigne 15,207
New Democratic Alain Tassé 6,572
Green Jan-Marc Lavergne 1,339
Rhinoceros Irène Maman Mayer 902
Commonwealth of Canada Claude Brosseau 142
Independent Yvon Turgeon 105
Canadian federal election, 1993: Verdun—Saint-Paul
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Liberal Raymond Lavigne 19,644 43.69 $36,451
  Bloc Québécois Kim Beaudoin 19,095 42.47 $35,583
  Progressive Conservative André Martin 3,864 8.59 $51,508
  New Democratic Party Claude Ledoux 860 1.91 $0
Green Jean-Marc Beaudin 598 1.33 $1
  Natural Law Marylise Baux 432 0.96 $408
  Abolitionist Yvan Cousineau 140 0.31 $0
  National J.J. McPherson 130 0.29 $466
  Non-affiliated Deepak Massand 115 0.26 $6,744
  Commonwealth Golam Khan 88 0.20 $0
Total valid votes 44,966 100.00
Total rejected ballots 1,720
Turnout 46,686 75.50
Electors on the lists 61,838
Source: Thirty-fifth General Election, 1993: Official Voting Results, Published by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Financial figures taken from the official contributions and expenses submitted by the candidates, provided by Elections Canada.

Verdun—Saint-Henri 1997-2000[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Raymond Lavigne 21,424
Bloc Québécois Donald Longépée 15,153
Progressive Conservative Aline Aubut 6,838
New Democratic Claude Ledoux 1,156
Natural Law Michèle Beausoleil 498
Reform Deepak Massand 380
Marxist–Leninist Geneviève Royer 205

Verdun—Saint-Henri—Saint-Paul—Pointe Saint-Charles 2000-2004[edit]

Canadian federal election, 2000
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Raymond Lavigne 20,905
Bloc Québécois Pedro Utillano 11,976
Progressive Conservative Bernard Côté 2,670
Alliance Jacques Gendron 2,098
New Democratic Matthew McLauchlin 1,003
Green Lorraine Ann Craig 933
Marijuana Marc-André Roy 922
Communist Bill Sloan 147
Independent William Lorenson 117
By-election on 13 May 2002

Lavigne appointed to Senate

Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Liza Frulla 10,897
Bloc Québécois Sonia Goulet 4,432
Progressive Conservative Bernard Côté 735
New Democratic Matthew McLauchlin 635
Alliance Joe De Santis 241
Independent Robert Lindblad 113

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