Kingdom of Vikesland

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Kingdom of Vikesland

Flag of Vikesland
Coat of arms of Vikesland
Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom, Equality and Strength
Official languagesEnglish
Organizational structureConstitutional monarchy
• King
Christopher I
• Declared
• Dissolved
Purported currencyVikeslandic Crown

The Kingdom of Vikesland was a micronation in Manitoba, Canada.[1] It was founded in 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette (King Christopher I), a television news cameraman employed by the CHUM network.

Vikesland's creation and subsequent development was the intended focus of a documentary film about micronations which Beyette planned to produce. The focus of the micronation's activities subsequently shifted to unspecified endeavours of a charitable and humanitarian nature.

The official website of Vikesland states that the micronation was "not secessionist" and has no intention of claiming the territory of Canada or any other sovereign state.

However, the site also identifies Beyette's place of residence near the city of Brandon, as well as a nearby 6.5 square kilometre rural property which he co-owns with his parents, as being "Vikeslandic territory". The latter is referred to as the "Royal Ranchlands".

According to the official website, Vikesland (as a kingdom) was dissolved in the April of 2018. Recent edits to the site indicated an intent to revive the project as the "Jarldom of Vikesland" sometime in the Spring of 2019, however no further updates have been made, as of September 2019.


The kingdom's flag was made up of three horizontal bars of black, white and red. At the centre of the white bar it had a white, Albanian-style double-headed eagle.

Space sponsorship[edit]

Vikesland was one of the sponsors of the JP Aerospace "Away 35" balloon mission.[2]

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