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This article is about a Linux program. For Microsoft software, see System Center Virtual Machine Manager. For a class of products that manage and host virtual machines, see Hypervisor.
Virtual Machine Manager
Virtual Machine Manager logo.png
VMM FreeDOS Installation.png
Virtual Machine Manager running FreeDOS (post-installation phase)
Developer(s) Red Hat
Stable release 1.3.2 / December 24, 2015; 46 days ago (2015-12-24)
Written in Python[1]
Operating system Linux
Type Virtual machine
License GPL v2+
Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) is based on libvirt and supports several Hypervisors

In computing, the Red Hat Virtual Machine Manager, also known as virt-manager, is a desktop-driven virtual machine manager with which users can manage virtual machines (VMs).[2]


Virtual Machine Manager allows users to:

  • create, edit, start and stop VMs
  • view and control of each VM's console
  • see performance and utilization statistics for each VM
  • view all running VMs and hosts, and their live performance or resource utilization statistics.
  • use KVM, Xen or QEMU virtual machines, running either locally or remotely.
  • use LXC containers

Support for FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor has been included since 2014, though it remains disabled by default.[3]

Distributions including Virtual Machine Manager[edit]

Virtual Machine Manager comes as the virt-manager package in:


Documentation exists both inside Virtual Machine Manager and at its website.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization documentation comes as three guides Administration, Getting Started and Host Configuration and Guest Installation.

Ubuntu 8.04 virtualization documentation comes with the Ubuntu Server Guide.

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