Westside School, Gibraltar

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Coordinates: 36°08′39″N 5°21′22″W / 36.144205°N 5.356047°W / 36.144205; -5.356047

Westside School
Westside School crest.
Type Single-sex comprehensive
Established 1982
Headmaster Mrs Barabich
Ages 12-18
Gender of pupils Female

Westside School or simply Westside is a girls' comprehensive school in the British territory of Gibraltar.

The school opened in 1982, and was built in order to make available a better education to the students of the former Girls' Comprehensive School which had been then spread over three different sites. It was originally an amalgamation of four girls' schools: Loreto High School, St. Joseph's Secondary School, St. Margaret's School, and St. David's Commercial School.[1]

Subjects offered[edit]

Westside offers a range of subjects at different levels. These are at Key Stage 3 (year 8 & 9), Key Stage 4 (year 10 & 11) and Sixth form (year 12 and 13).[2] Students do their GCSEs during Key Stage 4 and those who wish to further their studies from there, do their A-Levels during sixth form. Italicized subjects indicate compulsory subjects.

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