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April 28[edit]

Category:Security forces of Rwanda[edit]

Category: Congress images to Category: Images of the United States Congress [edit]

Category:List of free daily newspapers[edit]

Category:European national football teams to Category:UEFA national football teams[edit]

Category:University of Montreal to Category:Université de Montréal[edit]

Category:School exams to Category:School examinations[edit]

Category:Muslims-related Lists to Category:Muslims-related lists[edit]

Category:Disaster preparation to Category:Disaster preparedness[edit]

Category:Government Munitions Production (United Kingdom) to Category:Government munitions production in the United Kingdom[edit]

Category:Former Catholics to Category:Former Roman Catholics[edit]

Category:Disaster to Category:Emergency management[edit]

Category:Professors by university[edit]

Category:Phalaropes to Category:Phalaropus[edit]

Category:Conscription Armies to Category:Conscript militaries[edit]

Category:Modern Greek dramatists and playwrights to Category:Greek dramatists and playwrights[edit]

Category:Fans of Cowboy Bebop to Category:User Cowboy Bebop[edit]

Category:Fictional British Army regiments to Category:Fictional British Army units[edit]

Category:National Basketball Association, Category:National Hockey League, Category:Major League Baseball sub-cats (and ultimately others)[edit]

Category:Lists by nationality to Category:Lists of people by nationality[edit]

Category:Weezer singles to Category:Weezer songs[edit]

Category:Aliso Viejo[edit]

Category:Husbands of Mayors of Aliso Viejo[edit]