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Challenge: 100 years of Finland
1-30 November 2017

Welcome to the Wikipedia writing contest around Finnish culture!

About the list[edit]

This is a closed list of 100 articles. Do not try to change the list. Only edits to these articles, and their translations in other languages, give you points.

About the articles[edit]

Almost all of the Finnish articles have been through some kind of peer review, and reached the status of featured, good or "OK" articles. The corresponding English articles have at least one external link, but there is certainly room for improvement. You can translate from Finnish or English, or do your own research. What counts is that your contributions are to the articles linked to these through Wikidata (see link "languages" in left column) and in any of the language versions listed in the Participants page.

The List[edit]


  1. Finland







Economy and technology[edit]

Famous people[edit]

  1. Mikael Agricola founder of literary Finnish
  2. Elias Lönnrot creator of national epic, Kalevala
  3. Johan Ludvig Runeberg national poet
  4. Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld explorer
  5. Aleksis Kivi author
  6. Albert Edelfelt artist
  7. Helene Schjerfbeck artist
  8. Akseli Gallen-Kallela artist
  9. Eino Leino poet
  10. Gunnar Nordström theoretical physicist
  11. Johannes Gabriel Granö explorer and geographer
  12. Eino Kaila philosopher
  13. Edith Södergran poet
  14. Wäinö Aaltonen sculptor
  15. Artturi Ilmari Virtanen scientist
  16. Paavo Nurmi long-distance runner
  17. Alvar Aalto architect
  18. Vilho Lampi artist
  19. Olavi Paavolainen author
  20. Lars Ahlfors mathematician
  21. Tauno Palo actor
  22. Mika Waltari writer
  23. Ansa Ikonen actress
  24. Tove Jansson artist, writer
  25. Tapio Rautavaara singer and athlete
  26. Georg Henrik von Wright philosopher
  27. Väinö Linna author
  28. Martti Ahtisaari president
  29. Juha Vainio singer-songwriter
  30. Lasse Virén long-distance runner
  31. Juice Leskinen singer-songwriter
  32. Mika Häkkinen F1 driver
  33. Linus Torvalds creator of Linux
  34. Jari Litmanen football player
  35. Hanno Möttölä basketball player
  36. Sofi Oksanen author
  37. Jarkko Nieminen tennis player
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