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Finland Finland
Finland Basketball.png
FIBA ranking 32Steady
Joined FIBA 1939
FIBA zone FIBA Europe
National federation Finnish Basketball Association
Coach Henrik Dettmann
Nickname(s) Susijengi (The Wolf Pack)
Olympic Games
Appearances 2
FIBA World Cup
Appearances 1
Appearances 16
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Light jersey
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Team colours
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Dark jersey
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Team colours

The Finnish national basketball team (Finnish: Suomen koripallomaajoukkue, Swedish: Finlands herrlandslag i basket) represents Finland in international basketball.

Finland has played in 13 EuroBasket tournaments, its best finish being 6th at the 1967 EuroBasket on home soil. Finland made its FIBA World Cup debut at the 2014 edition.

Since 2011, Finland has had the highest FIBA ranking among Nordic countries.


Early years[edit]

Finnish national team during the EuroBasket 1939 in Lithuania.

Finland first competed at the European championship at its third installment, the EuroBasket 1939. In the round-robin, they initially struggled and lost to each of the other seven teams and finished with a 70–541 overall point differential.


Finland playing against Mexico at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics

Finland's next European competition was 12 years later, at the EuroBasket 1951 in Paris. Overall, they fared much better and split their four preliminary round games and finished at third place in the group at 2–2 but were eliminated from championship contention. They had success after that, winning all three of their classification round 1 games and both round 2 games to finish in 9th place of the 18 teams.

In 1952, by virtue of hosting the games in Helsinki, Finland played at the Olympic basketball competition for the first time. The team finished at the bottom of its first-round Group B with the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Mexico, losing all of its games and scoring 147-178.[1]

Finland used this international experience when they competed again at the EuroBasket 1953 in Moscow. In the preliminary round, they finished with 1 win and 3 losses for 4th place of the 5 teams in the group. They fared significantly better in the first classification round, winning 3 and losing only 1 to finish in the middle of a three-way tie in the group. They lost both the 9–12 and 11/12 classification games, however, taking 12th place of 17 overall.

At the next event, Finland had some difficulty in the preliminary round of EuroBasket 1955. They lost all three early games in Budapest and were relegated to the classification round. Once again, not faced with the world elite opponents anymore, the Fins shone in the classification round and won all four of the pool play games. They won their classification 9–12 match as well, but lost to France in the 9/10 final to finish 10th of 18 in the tournament.

In Sofia, at the EuroBasket 1957, the Finns finished third in their preliminary group after going 1–2. They moved to the 9–16 classification pool and won five games there with only one loss. They took 11th place overall in the tournament.

Modern era[edit]

At the EuroBasket 1995 in Greece, Finland finished 13th.

Finland qualified for the EuroBasket 2011. The tournament berth was the first for Finland in 16 years. There they finished third out of six teams in EuroBasket 2011 Group C and defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 92–64 and Montenegro 71–65. This allowed them to they qualify for the EuroBasket 2011 Group F. In their first match they were easily defeated by Russia but afterwards they defeated Georgia, before losing to Slovenia in their final match of the tournament. Despite not making it to the best of 8 tournament, Finland ended up making it to their first ever FIBA World Cup as a Wild Card team alongside Greece, Turkey, and Brazil.

Competitive record[edit]


Current roster[edit]

Roster for the EuroBasket 2017.[2]

The following is the squad in the EuroBasket 2017

Finland men's national basketball team – EuroBasket 2017 roster
Players Coaches
Pos. # Name Age – Date of birth Ht. Club Ctr.
SG 4 Koivisto, Mikko 30 – (1987-04-18)18 April 1987 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in) Salon Vilpas Vikings Finland
SF 7 Huff, Shawn (C) 33 – (1984-05-05)5 May 1984 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) Skyliners Frankfurt Germany
C 8 Lee, Gerald 29 – (1987-11-23)23 November 1987 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) Helsinki Seagulls Finland
SG 9 Salin, Sasu 26 – (1991-06-11)11 June 1991 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in) Gran Canaria Spain
F/C 10 Kotti, Tuukka 36 – (1981-03-18)18 March 1981 2.05 m (6 ft 9 in) Crailsheim Merlins Germany
PG 11 Koponen, Petteri 29 – (1988-04-13)13 April 1988 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in) FC Barcelona Spain
SF 12 Nuutinen, Matti 27 – (1990-05-06)6 May 1990 2.00 m (6 ft 7 in) Chorale Roanne France
PG 15 Rannikko, Teemu 36 – (1980-09-09)9 September 1980 1.89 m (6 ft 2 in) Kataja Finland
SF 22 Lindbom, Carl 25 – (1991-11-10)10 November 1991 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) Helsinki Seagulls Finland
PF 23 Markkanen, Lauri 20 – (1997-05-22)22 May 1997 2.13 m (7 ft 0 in) Chicago Bulls United States
PG 31 Wilson, Jamar 33 – (1984-02-22)22 February 1984 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Estudiantes Spain
PF 33 Murphy, Erik 26 – (1990-10-26)26 October 1990 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) Strasbourg France
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
  • Finland Mikko Larkas
  • Finland Jukka Toijala
  • Finland Lassi Tuovi
  • (C) Team captain
  • Club – describes last
    club before the tournament
  • Age – describes age
    on 31 August 2017

Depth chart[edit]

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2
C Gerald Lee Tuukka Kotti
PF Erik Murphy Lauri Markkanen
SF Shawn Huff Matti Nuutinen Carl Lindbom
SG Sasu Salin Mikko Koivisto
PG Petteri Koponen Jamar Wilson Teemu Rannikko

Other notable players[edit]

Head coach position[edit]

Past rosters[edit]

1939 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 8 teams

Kalevi Ihalainen, Pauli Sarkkula, Erkki Lindén, Ilkka Törrönen, Erkki Saurala, Pentti Vuollekoski, Vladi Marmo, Martti Salminen, Reino Valtonen, Alo Suurna, Heinonen (Coach: Osmo Kupiainen)

1951 EuroBasket: finished 9th among 17 teams

Kalevi Heinänen, Pentti Laaksonen, Raimo Lindholm, Pertti Mutru, Tapio Pöyhönen, Timo Suviranta, Kalevi Sylander, Oiva Virtanen, Olli Arppe, Kaj Gustafsson, Arto Koivisto, Juhani Kyöstilä, Raine Nuutinen, Allan Pietarinen (Coach: Eino Ojanen)

1952 Olympic Games: finished 15th among 23 teams

Kalevi Heinänen, Pentti Laaksonen, Juhani Kyöstilä, Raimo Lindholm, Pertti Mutru, Tapio Pöyhönen, Eero Salonen, Timo Suviranta, Kalevi Sylander, Oiva Virtanen, Raine Nuutinen, Olavi Lahtinen, Tuomo Ristola, Esko Karhunen

1953 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 17 teams

Kalevi Heinänen, Pentti Laaksonen, Pertti Mutru, Allan Pietarinen, Raimo Lindholm, Timo Suviranta, Timo Lampen, Raine Nuutinen, Keijo Hynninen, Oiva Virtanen, Eero Salonen, Kaj Gustafsson (Coach: Eino Ojanen)

1955 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 18 teams

Kalevi Heinänen, Kalevi Sylander, Pertti Mutru, Oiva Virtanen, Timo Lampén, Taisto Ravantti, Seppo Kuusela, Timo Suviranta, Raine Nuutinen, Eero Salonen, Kalevi Tuominen, Asko Jokinen, Raimo Lindholm (Coach: Eino Ojanen)

1957 EuroBasket: finished 11th among 16 teams

Timo Lampén, Arto Koivisto, Pertti Mutru, Raine Nuutinen, Eero Salonen, Seppo Kuusela, Arvo Jantunen, Juhani Kala, Paavo Suhonen, Raimo Lindholm, Timo Suviranta, Kalevi Sylander (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1959 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 17 teams

Timo Lampén, Raimo Lindholm, Seppo Kuusela, Arvo Jantunen, Juhani Kala, Matti Nenonen, Raine Nuutinen, Eero Salonen, Raimo Vartia, Matti Köli, Kyösti Rousti, Pentti Palkoaho (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1961 EuroBasket: finished 14th among 19 teams

Martti Liimo, Kari Liimo, Raimo Lindholm, Timo Lampén, Raimo Vartia, Pertti Laanti, Tony Bärlund, Arvo Jantunen, Uolevi Manninen, Lauri Nurma, Seppo Kuusela, Rauno Ailus (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1963 EuroBasket: finished 14th among 16 teams

Martti Liimo, Kari Liimo, Jorma Pilkevaara, Timo Lampén, Pertti Laanti, Raimo Vartia, Uolevi Manninen, Antero Siljola, Juha Harjula, Seppo Kuusela, Rauno Ailus, Kauko Kauppinen (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1964 Olympic Games: finished 11th among 16 teams

Martti Liimo, Jorma Pilkevaara, Kari Liimo, Raimo Vartia, Pertti Laanti, Timo Lampén, Risto Kala, Kauko Kauppinen, Raimo Lindholm, Teijo Finneman, Uolevi Manninen, Juha Harjula (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1965 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 16 teams

Martti Liimo, Kari Liimo, Jorma Pilkevaara, Kari Lahti, Pertti Laanti, Timo Lampén, Uolevi Manninen, Jyrki Immonen, Hannu Paananen, Lars Karell, Kari Rönnholm, Teijo Finneman (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1967 EuroBasket: finished 6th among 16 teams

Veikko Vainio, Jorma Pilkevaara, Martti Liimo, Kari Liimo, Pertti Laanti, Kari Lahti, Uolevi Manninen, Teijo Finneman, Jyrki Immonen, Lars Karell, Olavi Ahonen, Kari Rönnholm (Coach: Kalevi Tuominen)

1977 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 12 teams

Heikki Taponen, Tapio Sten, Jarmo Laitinen, Erkki Saaristo, Antti Zitting, Mikko Koskinen, Klaus Mahlamäki, Risto Lignell, Raimo Mäntynen, Anssi Rauramo, Kalevi Sarkalahti, Heikki Kasko (Coach: Robert Petersen)

1995 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 14 teams

Hanno Möttölä, Martti Kuisma, Kari-Pekka Klinga, Petri Niiranen, Juha Luhtanen, Jyri Lehtonen, Pekka Markkanen, Sakari Pehkonen, Markku Larkio, Mika-Matti Tahvanainen, Riku Marttinen, Jarkko Tuomala (Coach: Henrik Dettmann)

2013 Eurobasket: finished 9th among 24 teams

Mikko Koivisto, Antti Nikkilä, Kimmo Muurinen, Shawn Huff, Gerald Lee, Sasu Salin, Tuukka Kotti, Petteri Koponen, Samuel Haanpää, Hanno Möttölä, Teemu Rannikko (Coach: Henrik Dettmann)

2014 FIBA World Cup: finished 22nd among 24 teams

Mikko Koivisto, Erik Murphy, Kimmo Muurinen, Shawn Huff, Gerald Lee, Sasu Salin, Tuukka Kotti, Petteri Koponen, Matti Nuutinen, Hanno Möttölä, Antero Lehto, Teemu Rannikko (Coach: Henrik Dettmann)

2015 Eurobasket: finished 16th among 24 teams

Mikko Koivisto, Shawn Huff, Gerald Lee, Sasu Salin, Tuukka Kotti, Petteri Koponen, Matti Nuutinen, Ville Kaunisto, Joonas Cavén, Roope Ahonen, Jamar Wilson, Erik Murphy (Coach: Henrik Dettmann)



2015: Li-ning [4]


2015: Microsoft [4]

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