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"WP:MED" and "WP:MEDS" redirect here. For Wikipedia's medical disclaimer, see WP:Medical disclaimer. For the Mediation Committee, see WP:Mediation Committee. For medications, see WP:WikiProject Pharmacology.

Welcome to WikiProject Medicine! Here we discuss, collaborate, or debate anything related to medical and health content on Wikipedia. We do this on the discussion page. Everyone is welcome to join in!

While you're at it check out our goals, and ways you can help. Wikipedia is a work in progress and there is always something that can be done. We also have a list of Related WikiProjects, so bot all health-related article fall under our scope, but we still care about its quality so feel free to comment on it as well.

Over the years we've developed guidelines, and our typical article style is described in our manual of style which can be helpful to consult when issues arise. We also strongly abide by reliable medical source guidelines found at WP:MEDRS. Neither of these pages are "laws", but are intended to give, inspire, and organize our contributions. They should never prevent anyone from writing and improving medical articles!

If you would like to help, add yourself to the list of participants (no strings attached!) We hope you enjoy reading and improving Wikipedia's medical articles.


We want to have a worldwide impact and to give the general public as well as health care professionals information that they can read, appreciate, and respect, free of charge. To help organize our efforts, we are currently working towards these milestones:

Goal 1: Get all top-importance articles at B-class quality or above.
If you feel a C-class article should be bumped up head over and talk to us at WT:MED.

Goal 2: Have 80 up-to-date featured articles

Goal 3: Have 300 good articles.

Our initiatives[edit]

  • Partnering with the field of medical education: see UCSF 2014 elective for current pilot course and proof of concept elective that we are supporting.
  • Collaborative publication: Getting medical Wikipedia articles to high quality standard, and subsequently having them published in peer reviewed journals.
  • The Medical Translation Project: an effort to first improve health-related topics in English followed by translation into as many other languages as possible. It's run by WikiProject Medicine together with Translators Without Borders as well as a number of other actors.
  • Wikiversity Journal of Medicine: A sister project initiative to create original articles

How to help[edit]

WikiProject Medicine assessment statistics worklistlogcategory

Would you like to help, but you are not really quite sure what to do? WikiProject Medicine pages have many opportunities for improvement (even this page, which you can edit). You do not need to be an expert.


Maintain the integrity of articles[edit]


289 edits Zika virus
242 edits Zika virus outbreak (2015–present)
236 edits Paleolithic diet
165 edits Zika fever
142 edits Flint water crisis
111 edits Selegiline
105 edits Schistosomiasis
91 edits Helminthiasis
77 edits Christiane Woopen
73 edits Rasagiline
These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last seven days. Last updated 10 February 2016.
  • Stay in touch. Put this page on your watchlist, and feel free to communicate on the talk page.
  • Recruit members. Assist in public relations and outreach by recruiting editors interested in medicine to contribute to Wikipedia (m:Wiki Project Med is a non-profit corporation that shares this goal). Invite good editors to join us. Personal messages are best when inviting Wikipedia editors.

Work behind the scenes[edit]

Project organization[edit]



WPMED userbox
⚕ This user is a member of WikiProject Medicine.

The full list of project participants is located on a separate subpage. Any interested Wikipedia editor is welcome to join this project. If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list.


Our Task forces help organize our medical topics, but these talk pages are not very active. Try discussion at the main talk page first.

Featured and good content[edit]


Featured articles are considered to be Wikipedia's very best work; they must pass through a review process as featured article candidates before being selected and being featured on the Main Page. Follow the link above for a showcase of Wikiproject Medicine's finest articles.

Good articles have been evaluated for their quality, but they have not been through the featured article process. For good articles in the biology and medicine category, see Wikipedia:Good articles/Natural sciences § Biology and medicine. For articles tagged by this project, see Category:GA-Class medicine articles.


Writing good medical articles and trimming poorly cited article content can be hard work! Why not reward someone you have seen do some good work in the area? Any editor may present an award to any person as a reward for and public recognition of good work.

Current events[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine
Recent changes in WP:Medicine
Articles and their talkpages:

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Templates and navigation bar[edit]


Category:Medicine templates contains all templates used on medicine-related articles.

  • {{WPMED|class=|importance=}} - Placed on talk pages of medicine-related articles and used to assess articles.
  • {{reqphoto|medical subjects}} - Used on talk pages to request that photographs be added to the article.
  • {{med-stub}} - Used on stub articles (here is the complete list)
  • {{Medref}} - Used to indicate an article in need of adequate references.
    • {{Medref|section|{{subst:DATE}}}} - Used to indicate an section in need of adequate references.
  • {{Medicine}} - The bottom navbox template to be used on articles about broad disciplines of medicine.
  • {{medical advice}} - placed around requests for medical advice on talk pages (box ends with {{cob}}).
  • {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Navigation}} - transcludes the navigation template shown to the right.
  • {{Reliable sources for medical articles}} - template providing links to recent reviews, for use on Talk pages

Inline with article text[edit]


WP:Infoboxes have been created for a number of article types including:


the welcome video
  • Welcome messages (all of these should be substituted onto a user's talk page):
    • {{subst:WPMED welcome}} ~~~~ – Welcome message for new Wikipedians (with invitation to join us) – newish, with video
    • {{subst:MedWelcome}} ~~~~ – Welcome template to greet new Wikipedians and invite them to join WikiProject Medicine. – includes general intro links
    • {{subst:Welcome medical student}} ~~~~ – For welcoming new editors who appear to be students associated with a course
  • [[File:New medical editor.ogv|thumb|right|thumbtime=2:59|right|320px|Welcome to Wikipedia and [[WP:MED|Wikiproject Medicine]]]] A video that can be transcluded onto the pages of new users.
  • {{User WPMed}} – Userbox for members of this WikiProject.
  • {{User MedLat}} – Userbox for those who understand Medical Latin (Babel-compatible; just add |MedLat to your Babel template)
  • {{subst:RSPlease}} ~~~~ – User Talk page request to use MEDRS sources


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