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The third London Wikimeet took place on Saturday the 26th of March 2005 from 14:00 GMT at a pub called "The Cock" just to the North of Oxford Circus and East of Broadcasting House in central London. The main topic of discussion was creating a UK chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.


Location: The Cock on 27 Great Portland Street, near Broadcasting House, located a few dozen metres from Oxford Circus tube station.


Obviously, if you're not listed, or mis-listed, please correct.

Made it

in order of sitting around the tables and writing their name in James F.'s notebook (which bears no resemblance to actual arrival time)

Didn't make it

The below expressed interest, but didn't manage to make it.

Couldn't make it

The below sent their regrets.

  • Jimbo (too expensive to stop off on his journey home this time round)
  • Theresa Knott
  • Xed - I would only go to meet the luverly Theresa. 13:03, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Noisy - Family event, I'm afraid.
  • Rje (work commitments)
  • User:Solipsist I was hoping to be able to make it, but I've got various things coming up next weekend and a trip down to London isn't part of the picture at the moment. -- Solipsist 00:29, 19 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • Brookie
  • G-Man - Sorry cant afford the train tickets, I'm skint at the moment. Maybe next time (hopefully outside London). Good luck to you all.
  • max rspct - Sorry .. I've bailed out..not coming. I have missed 2 coaches already. - max rspct 13:15, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC) (ran after and missed coaches- then too late...)
  • JFW | T@lk - next time please a Sunday evening.


Discussion was wide-ranging, and took in (non-comprehensive listing)

  • The nature of the Arbitration Committee w.r.t. the community
  • What's wrong with Commons
  • ... and what to do about it
  • Coding suggestions
  • ... and admonishmonts for not getting on with coding something but just whining about it
  • Wonderous praise of devs
  • What the nature of "counties" entails, exactly (in traditional, ceremonial, postal, administrative and imaginary forms), including interactive multi-editor diagrams
  • Whether countries that take the definite article should have their article on Wikipedia be named as such
  • Call to arms for Wikinews
  • Anticipation of various features
  • Magnus' sifter code, and how it will help with 1.0
  • The sustainability of open editing as the ratio of idiots to enlightened users forever increases
  • Ponderances on the ratio of British English- to American English-writing editors, why is has fallen of late, and whether it is likely to fall further or reverse
  • Licensing laws in the United Kingdom. Not that we have an article on that. Indeed, discussion included that we do not have an article.
  • That is worthwhile registering for, when registering opens (for institutions with trademarks) in a few months' time.
  • The need for an additional text entry field in the use of the sysop 'rollback' function for clarity of reasoning

Oh, and:

  • Setting up Wikimedia UK


I took lots of photos, the best 29 of which are in a gallery at User:Thryduulf/Wikimeets/London3. Thryduulf