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The exhibit includes this stoneware jar (c. 1797-1819) by Thomas Commeraw, a free Black potter. It bears the mark of his Corlears Hook studio in Lower Manhattan

The Afrofuturist Period Room wiki campaign is a virtual edit-a-thon running throughout February 2022.

The launch event will be livestreamed Saturday February 5, 12-2 PM Eastern. Livestream on YouTube and Facebook

Video chapters include:

We'll have a follow-up event and showcase of work done over this month on February 27, 2 PM Eastern.

It focuses on Before Yesterday We Could Fly (Q109674835) as a particularly data-rich and intertextual exhibition that brings together historical, modern and contemporary African diaspora art and history, to be further developed as community crowdsourced resources on Wikipedia and Wikidata.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art are hosting, as well as bringing together as partners the wiki groups AfroCROWD, Black Lunch Table, and Wikimedia New York City. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture was also instrumental in curating the exhibition, as well as in the broader program of NYC edit-a-thons, and the Afrofuturist Teen Advisory Council established by both cultural institutions will be active in furthering the project going forward.

Met Museum pages[edit]

  • Overview - Describes the project with roots in the homes of Seneca Village in Central Park, and the philosophy of creating this period room.
  • Visiting Guide - Specific breakdown of each part of the period room, including objects.
  • Exhibition Objects - Image grid and description of all accessioned objects in the room.

Art + Artists tasklist[edit]

General topics:

Artists in the exhibition:

History + Culture tasklist[edit]

General topics:

Books on display:

  • Ball, Alverne. Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre. United States: ABRAMS, 2021.
  • Black Futures. United Kingdom: One World, 2020.
  • Butler, Octavia E. Wild Seed. Vol. 1. Open Road Media, 2012.
  • Butler, Octavia E. Patternmaster. Open Road Media, 2012.
  • Coates, Ta-Nehisi. The Water Dancer: A Novel. United States: Random House Publishing Group, 2019.
  • Commander, Michelle D. Afro-Atlantic Flight: Speculative Returns and the Black Fantastic. United Kingdom: Duke University Press, 2017.
  • Commander, Michelle D. Avidly Reads Passages. United States: NYU Press, 2021.
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  • Greene, Sanford, David Walker, and Chuck Brown. Bitter Root Vol. 2: Rage and Redemption. United States: Image Comics, 2020.
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Knowledge graph[edit]


Works in the period room[edit]

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label description instance of creator inception main subject depicts The Met object ID image
In Sojourner Truth I fought for the Rights of Women as well as Negroes print by Elizabeth Catlett (MET, 1999.529.30) print Elizabeth Catlett 1947 woman
Sojourner Truth
Shine sculpture by Willie Cole (MET, 2008.259) sculpture Willie Cole 2007 human head
Earth & Sky collage by Lorna Simpson (MET, 2019.471) collage Lorna Simpson 2018 839361
Jitterbugs II print by William Henry Johnson (MET, 1999.529.79) print William H. Johnson 1941 dancing
Jar jar by Thomas W. Commeraw (MET, 18.95.13) jar Thomas Commeraw 17th century 4501
Jar MET DP207617.jpg
OUT / SIDE OF TIME 2021 film directed by Jenn Nkiru film Jenn Nkiru 854667
Thriving and Potential, Displaced (Again and Again and...) 2021 artwork collage
Njideka Akunyili Crosby 2021 853342
Digable Underground ceramic artwork urn
Roberto Lugo 2021 Harriet Tubman
Erykah Badu
Imbizo Table table by Chuma Maweni (MET, 2021.280a, b) table Chuma Maweni 846749
Imbizo Stool stool by Chuma Maweni (MET, 2021.281) stool Chuma Maweni 846750
Imbizo Stool stool by Chuma Maweni (MET, 2021.279) stool Chuma Maweni 846752
Vernus 3 chandelier by Ini Archibong (MET, 2021.253.1a, b–.9a–j) chandelier 2020 846762
Mollo Oa Leifo – Mme (“fire in the hearth – Mother”) chair by Atang Tshikare (MET, 2021.273) chair 2021 846916
Mollo Oa Leifo – Ngoanana (“fire in the hearth – Girl”) chair by Atang Tshikare (MET, 2021.274) chair 2021 846917
Mido Chair chair by Jomo Tariku (MET, 2021.257) chair Jomo Tariku 2021 846920
Miyale Ya Blue sculpture by Cyrus Kabiru (MET, 2021.282) sculpture Cyrus Kabiru ukupacks 2020 846921
Sandi Conical Vase vase by Andile Dyalvane (MET, 2021.275) vase Andile Dyalvane 2020 846964
Handpinched Vase vase by Zizipho Poswa (MET, 2021.276) vase Zizipho Poswa 2020 846965
Handpinched Vase vase by Zizipho Poswa (MET, 2021.277) vase Zizipho Poswa 2020 846966
Fat conical vase vase by Zizipho Poswa (MET, 2021.278) vase Zizipho Poswa 2020 846967
Iya Ati Omo chair by Yinka Ilori (MET, 2021.270) chair Yinka Ilori 2016 849304
Summer Azure photograph by Tourmaline (MET, 2021.271) photograph Tourmaline 2020 851508
Morning Cloak photograph by Tourmaline (MET, 2021.272) photograph Tourmaline 2020 851509
Sol drawing by Xul Solar (MET, 2021.263.1) drawing Xul Solar 851784
Solo mando drawing by Xul Solar (MET, 2021.263.2) drawing Xul Solar 851785
Andrea Motley Crabtree, the first painting by Henry Taylor (MET, 2018.4) painting Henry Taylor 2017 Andrea Motley Crabtree Andrea Motley Crabtree 769369
Hair Comb comb by India Rubber Comb Company (MET, 2000.561) comb 1851 16809
Atlas Chair chair by Ini Archibong (MET, 2021.392) chair Ini Archibong 21th century 846758

∑ 28 items.

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Artists with works in the period room[edit]

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label description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth occupation image
Elizabeth Catlett Black American-born Mexican artist (1915–2012) Mexico
United States of America
Washington, D.C. sculptor
graphic artist
William H. Johnson African American artist (1901-1970) United States of America 1901-03-18 1970-04-13 Florence painter
William H. Johnson.JPG
Lorna Simpson African American photographer United States of America 1960-08-13 Brooklyn photographer
video artist
installation artist
LornaSimpsonApr09 cropped.jpg
Magdalene Odundo Kenyan-British artist Kenya 1950-05-05 Nairobi ceramicist
Thrown, Burnished, Reduction Fired pot by Magdalene Odundo (YORYM-2004.1.950).JPG
Willie Cole African American artist United States of America 1955 Newark visual artist
installation artist
Cole Portrait 3.jpg
Henry Taylor American painter United States of America 1958 Oxnard painter
Henry Taylor painting in studio.JPG
Roberto Lugo American artist 1981 Kensington potter
visual artist
Roberto Lugo You Lose.jpg
Njideka Akunyili Crosby Nigerian-American visual artist Nigeria
United States of America
1983 Enugu visual artist
Njideka Akunyili ed.jpg
Tourmaline American activist, artist and writer United States of America 1983-07-20 Boston activist
LGBTQI+ rights activist
Reina Gossett ArtAndFeminism 2016 MoMA.tif
Cyrus Kabiru ukupacks Kenyan artist Kenya 1984 Nairobi visual artist
Fabiola Jean-Louis Haitian-American Photographer Haiti 1978-09-10 Port-au-Prince photographer
visual artist
Jenn Nkiru Nigerian-British artist and director United Kingdom
Peckham filmmaker
Yinka Ilori British visual artist and designer of Nigerian parentage England designer
Ini Archibong Swiss-American Designer 1983 designer
Chuma Maweni South African artist 1976 Port Elizabeth artist
Zizipho Poswa South African artist South Africa 1979-12-05 Mthatha artist
Andile Dyalvane South African artist South Africa 1978 Eastern Cape artist
Jomo Tariku Ethiopian American designer designer
data scientist
Atang Tshikare South African artist South Africa 1980 Bloemfontein artist
Thomas Commeraw American potter (c.1772–1823) Great Britain
United States of America
1772 1823 potter
Jar MET ADA42.jpg

∑ 20 items.

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Video chapters[edit]

Segments of the Met video, with direct links into the video.

Youtube video: Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room Virtual Opening

Segment Timecode Youtube link
Max Hollein, director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art 00:04 link
Hannah Beachler, lead curator 03:14 link
Sarah Lawrence, curator in charge, European Sculpture and Decorative Arts 04:04 link
Ian Alteveer, curator, Modern and Contemporary Art 04:38 link
Sarah Lawrence, introducing Hannah Beachler 06:10 link
Michelle Commander, Seneca Village 06:39 link
Ian, perimeter walls 09:18 link
Michelle, kitchen space 10:17 link
Michelle, in these fragments we see lots of glass 11:02 link
Sarah, match American Wing works 11:28 link
Kitchen, styling one's hair 12:28 link
Pottery and ceramics 13:13 link
Hannah on time travel 14:29 link
Hearth 15:31 link
Television in living room 16:01 link
Living room space 16:38 link
Bird staff 17:04 link
Prestige stool 17:17 link
Shoes - Willie Cole 17:33 link
Flooring 18:21 link
Structure, framing and bookcase 18:32 link
Circle of chairs 19:05 link
Important to bring in contemporary artists 19:52 link
Chairs by Atang Tshikare 20:09 link
Mido Chair by Jomo Tariku 21:01 link
Ceramic by Zizipho Poswa, hair commentary 21:14 link
Radio - Miyale Ya Blue by Cyrus Kabiru 22:13 link
Lighting - Vernus 3 by Ini Archibong 22:35 link
Painting - Andrea Motley Crabtree, the first by Henry Taylor. Deep sea divers. 23:10 link
Dress - Justice of Ezili by Fabiola Jean-Louis 23:57 link
Michelle - Afrofuturism as creative mode 25:24 link
Hannah - Inspiring Black children 26:27 link
End credits 26:59 link

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