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University of Queensland Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon


UQ Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon is aimed at all abilities and no experience is necessary. The session will be a relaxed get together where the basics of how to set up an account, how to make an edit, what makes a good contribution, how to reference, fair use and copyright, and new article creation. The session will begin just covering the basics you need to know before everyone can begin editing and improving Wikipedia. There is a list of articles which need improving which everyone is free to pick subjects that interest them or they can work on their own project. Experienced editors will be on hand to help answer questions and guide you through getting started.

What you will need[edit]

Please bring along your own laptop and any other resources you want. Food will be provided.

Attendance details[edit]

Time: 17:30 - 20:00

Date: 8th August 2013

Location: Room 566, Brian Wilson Chancellery Building(61A), St Lucia Campus

List of attendees[edit]

If you already have an account then please feel free to add your name to this list: --Bluejacketset (talk) 09:39, 8 August 2013 (UTC)

Would have attended if I was at UQ Geraldshields11 (talk) 21:39, 16 August 2013 (UTC)

List of target articles which require improvement[edit]

Cleanup needed[edit]

Achmet (oneiromancer) Alien autopsy, Amygdalin, Biolumanetics, Black Athena, Black triangles, Buttered cat paradox, Capture-bonding, Chemical imbalance, Christian Science Journal, Cláudio Tsuyoshi Suenaga, Controversy about ADHD, Creation Science Association, Crop circle, Crystal skull, Dean drive, Dropa, Ellsworth UFO Case, Emergy synthesis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Extraterrestrial hypothesis, Famous oracular statements from Delphi, Fine-tuned universe, Gaia philosophy, Game nou, Gene Matlock, Herd behavior, Institute 22, James McCanney, List of discredited substances, Majestic 12, Maury Island incident, Meridian (Chinese medicine), Milton William Cooper, Necromancy, Neuro-linguistic programming, New Age, Onmyodo, Prediction, Process physics, Propaganda, Prophet Yahweh, Pseudoarchaeology, Quantum evolution (alternative), Quantum mind, Rupert Sheldrake, Seduction community, Social Darwinism, Spaewife, Starchild skull, State of Fear, Technology in Revelation Space, Tweaking (behavior), UFO conspiracy theory, UFO sightings in Iraq, Unidentified submerged object, Uri Geller, Walt Brown (creationist), Word salad (mental health)

Expansion needed[edit]

Catoptromancy, John F. Schrank, Loyd Auerbach

Wikification needed[edit]

Black Eyed Kids, Lysenkoism, Naturopathic medicine, Self Advocacy, Thought Field Therapy, Unarius Academy of Science, Wrap rage

Neutrality in question[edit]

Antonio Villas Boas Case, Applied kinesiology, Bernard Haisch, Cartomancy, Chi Machine, Craniosacral therapy, Dynamic theory of gravity, Dysgenics, Edward R. Dewey, Electrical quackery, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Ernesto Contreras, Ex-gay, Extra-sensory perception, Gerson therapy, Gravity shielding, Hydrino theory, Interdimensional hypothesis, Internet troll, Ionized bracelet, John Hutchison, José Silva (parapsychologist), Matthias Rath, Modern Galilean relativity, Neuro-linguistic programming, New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, Oscillococcinum, Parapsychology, Parental alienation syndrome, Philip J. Klass, Physiognomy, Plasma cosmology, Polarizable vacuum, Popular psychology, Pseudoscience, Psychiatric imprisonment, Quasi-steady state cosmology, Radiesthesia, Reiki, Tired light, Transcendental Meditation, Unidentified flying object, Uri Geller, West coast air raid, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

To be merged or split[edit]

Bibliomancy, Church of Christ, Scientist, Consumer eugenics, Creationism, Cyberpathy, Diagnostic kinesiology, Divining rod, Emotional intelligence, Energy vampire, Epsilonism, Erototoxin, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Herd behavior, Homeopathy, Human zoo, Involuntary treatment, Jeane Dixon effect, John E.W. Keely, Metron, Paleocontact theory, Plasma Universe, Psi ball, Psionics, Racial purity, Rex Deus, Stopping power, Time Cube, Virgula divina

Articles needing Skeptical attention[edit]

Articles needing improvement

Women in Science needing articles[edit]

Times Obits
Mothers and Daughters of Invention


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Useful Websites[edit]

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