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The purpose of this essay is not to suggest you to cast "keep" !votes in WP:India related deletion discussions. Please use common sense and write your own opinion. But, you are encouraged to note these points while debating/arguing in AFD.

Main points[edit]

  • Google News does not crawl and index Indian newspaper articles properly. Please do not rely only on Google News hits count. Alternatively you can use, Indian English Newspaper Custom Search Engine or Indian Newspapers Search Engine (for all Indian languages).
  • Local language search: Search with local languages too. For example, if the deletion discussion is about a Tamil author, consider searching the Tamil language web. If you don't know the language, see if the article exists in interwiki, else ask at WT:INB for help.
  • Year of creation/publication: Unfortunately most of the Indian Newspaper archives do not store content for before 2000 or so. So if a deletion discussion is about a book published in 1967 or so, searching in Google or Google News may not be helpful.
  • Search with alternative/local names: Many Indian people, places have multiple names. Consider searching with alternative names/local names. For example, the city of Tiruchirappalli is also called Tiruchi or Trichy or Trichinopoly.
  • Search with alternative spellings: Originating from varied Indian languages, the words you are trying to search can be anglicised in multiple ways. Try searching various probable spellings. For example, the surname Mukherjee is at times also spelled as Mukharji, Mookerjee, Mukerji or Mukherji.
  • Search with additional words: Sometimes you can add additional words in your query (specially if the term means multiple things). For examples in this AFD: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Murugaa, your search query might be "Murugaa", "Murugaa (film)", "Murugaa (director's name), "Murugaa film (release year)".

Known issues[edit]

Lack of reliable sources[edit]

You may not get too many reliable sources in Google/world wide web on these topics:

  • Indian (higher) secondary school/colleges: You can mention WP:SCHOOLOUTCOMES in your post. Also note the Indian education structure: Nursery— Class X (i.e. from nursery standard to grade ten) and Classes XI—XII (i.e. grade XI-XII). Schools offering Nursery—Class XII are almost certainly notable. Schools offering Nursery— Class X are generally considered notable. Please do Google search to learn more about these schools.
  • Old Indian movies (other than Hindi language movies): You will not get too many articles in the world wide web on old Indian movies (other than Hindi language movies).
  • Politicians: You'll not find too many articles on MLA, MP unless they are Ministers too or involved in some notable controversy, political act. It is undecided whether these articles should be kept or deleted. Please apply your own common sense and observations.
  • Scholars/Academicians: Indian newspapers do not write on scholars/academicians. If you find 2—3 full length articles on a Mathematician, you may consider the person notable, But, please comment on the basis of your observation.
  • Roads: Unlike US Roads (see WP:ROADOUTCOMES), there might be a dearth of reliable sources for Indian streets and highways.
  • Small town/Non Metro cities locations: Details on important locations in small Indian cities cannot be found in Google. For example Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park of Bokaro Steel City is a notable zoological garden, but, Google does not offer much information.
  • Villages: India is home to 1.21 billion people according to 2011 census and there are around half a million villages in India. Unfortunately it is a very tedious job to get a reliable source on these villages from Internet search engines. However, in cases of legally recognised populated villages, you may try to look into the Census of India official website to confirm the existence of the village and cite WP:GEOLAND in the related article deletion discussion.
  • Books: Unlike Western countries, no one writes on or discusses Indian books (especially non-English books) in the World Wide Web.

Search tricks[edit]

  • and Add or in your search queries, eg. Jadavpur Your query will return results from Indian Government websites only. In the UK, and perhaps elsewhere outside India, content hosted on servers is often available only intermittently. If the site appears to be unresponsive or even dead then please try again a few hours later.
  • Please search here

Get help[edit]

If you need help to find sources etc, you can ask at WT:INB or the editors mentioned below: (feel free to add your name below if you think you can help too.)

  1. Dharmadhyaksha (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Hindi, Marathi
  2. Titodutta (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Bengali
  3. Dwaipayanc (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Bengali
  4. TheOriginalSoni (talk · contribs)
  5. Jayantanth (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Bengali & Hindi
  6. Soham (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Bengali
  7. Jim Cartar (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi
  8. Sanskari (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Hindi, Haryanvi, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri and Awadhi
  9. Rsrikanth05 (talk · contribs)
  10. AmritasyaPutra (talk · contribs) Indian languages known: Hindi, Sanskrit
  11. Yash! (talk · contribs), Indian languages known: Hindi and Gujarati