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This is a list of selected August 10 anniversaries that appears on the "On this day" section of the Main Page. To suggest a new item, in most cases you can be bold and edit this page. Please read the selected anniversaries guidelines before making your edit. However, if your addition might be controversial, or on a day that is or soon will be on the Main Page, please post your suggestion on the talk page instead.

Please note that the events listed on the Main Page are chosen based more on relative article quality and to maintain a mix of topics, not based solely on how important or significant their subjects are. Only 5–6 events are posted at a time and thus not everything that is "most important and significant" can be listed. In addition, an event is not generally posted this year if it is also the subject of the scheduled August 10, 2019 featured article or the August 10, 2019 featured picture.

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Feast Day of Saint Lawrence; needs more footnotes
Independence Day in Ecuador (1809) refimprove section, unreferenced section
991 – Inland-raiding Vikings defeated Byrhtnoth and the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Maldon in Essex, England. Tagged with {{refimprove}}
1675 – The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, today the basis of the Prime Meridian, was laid in Greenwich, London. unreferenced section
1792French Revolution: Insurrectionists in Paris stormed the Tuileries Palace, effectively ending the French monarchy until it was restored in 1814. refimprove section
1913 – Delegates of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece signed the Treaty of Bucharest, ending the Second Balkan War. one source, no footnotes
1920 – Representatives of Sultan Mehmed VI signed the Treaty of Sèvres, recognizing the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I. unreferenced section
2009 - Twenty people were killed in Handlová, Trenčín Region, in the deadliest mining disaster in Slovakia's history. Stubby


Template:*mp 1628 – The Swedish warship Vasa (salvaged wreck pictured) sank after sailing less than a nautical mile into her maiden voyage from Stockholm on her way to fight in the Thirty Years' War. Template:*mp 1821 – As per the conditions of the Missouri Compromise, Missouri was admitted into the United States as a slave state, despite the fact that most of its territory was north of the parallel 36°30' north. Template:*mp 1846 – The United States Congress established the Smithsonian Institution, an educational and research institute and associated museum complex. Template:*mp 1861American Civil War: The first major battle west of the Mississippi River, the Battle of Wilson's Creek, was fought. Template:*mp 1904Russo-Japanese War: The first major confrontation between modern steel battleship fleets took place in the Battle of the Yellow Sea. Template:*mp 1981 – The severed head of kidnapped six-year-old Adam Walsh was found in a canal in Vero Beach, Florida, prompting his father John to become an advocate for victims' rights, helping to spur the formation of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Template:*mp 1990 – The space probe Magellan reached Venus, fifteen months after its launch. Template:*mp 2006 – British police arrested 25 people suspected in an alleged terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives carried on board at least 10 airliners heading from the UK to the US and Canada.

August 10

The Louvre palace (Richelieu wing)

Template:*mp 955 – Forces under Otto I were victorious at the Battle of Lechfeld near present-day Augsburg, Germany, holding off the incursions of the Magyars into Central Europe. Template:*mp 1270Yekuno Amlak deposed the last Zagwe king and seized the imperial throne of Ethiopia, beginning the reign of the Solomonic dynasty that would last for more than 700 years. Template:*mp 1793 – The Louvre (pictured), the most visited art museum in the world, officially opened with an exhibition of 537 paintings. Template:*mp 1953First Indochina War: The French Union withdrew its forces from Operation Camargue against the Viet Minh in central modern-day Vietnam. Template:*mp 1988Japanese-American internment: The Civil Liberties Act of 1988 became law, authorizing US$20,000 in reparations to each surviving internee.

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