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Click here to request a video game article.
Articles require significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.
Optional: Please sign your request after creating it as it will help the person notify you if the article is created/the request is declined.

If you think an article about video games should be added to Wikipedia and know that it meets the inclusion criteria above, please list it below with URL links to the reliable sources that prove its notability (e.g., reviews or dedicated coverage from IGN or Polygon, but not forum posts, blogs without a professional staff, or the official website of the subject). Please do not add games or developers that do not yet meet this notability criterion, as they will be deleted; instead help us work on another current article and remember to add the game/developer if they meet the criteria in the future. Once an article is created, please remove the request. Please see Wikipedia:Articles for creation for more information on what articles are acceptable. Thank you.

If you placed a request here that was since removed, it likely did not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline, and is not a fit topic for an article at this time.

New requests[edit]

Requests for Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games via Wikipedia Requests:

15 total open requests • 9 total completed requests

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January 2017[edit]

March 2017[edit]

May 2017[edit]

June 2017[edit]

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix - Arguably the most well-known modification created for Sonic the Hedgehog. The current project leader (Simon Thomely) actually assisted the development of the iOS Sonic games and Sonic Mania. Sources that cover it in great detail: [69][70][71] Articles that mention it: [72][73][74]

July 2017[edit]

[87] [88] [89] [90] [91] [92]

September 2017[edit]

December 2017[edit]

January 2018[edit]

February 2018[edit]

March 2018[edit]

April 2018[edit]

May 2018[edit]

June 2018[edit]

August 2018[edit]

October 2018[edit]

November 2018[edit]

January 2019[edit]

  • Westerado/Westerado: Double Barreled - 2D Western game, like Red Dead Redemption 2 but with a greater degree of freedom. Initially a free Adobe Flash game, then a commercial release. fr:Westerado: Double Barreled Many reviews. [660][661][662][663]
  • Gnog - Toy like puzzle game, also for VR. Presented by Double Fine. IGF nominated. Lots of articles and reviews. [664][665][666][667]Metacritic
  • Virtual reality locomotion systems - there is a number of VR locomotion methods: standard joystick, steering wheel+pedals, VirZOOM, VRGo, 3dRudder, nintendo wii controlers, omnidirectional treadmill, “redirected walking”, other software based are Smooth Artificial Locomotion, Dynamic FOV Reduction (best paired with previous method), On-Rails (Vehicles) Locomotion, Physical Movement – Planted,Physical Movement – Active, Instant Teleportation,Teleport - Blink,Teleport Dash, Teleport Sprint, Teleport – Projected Avatar, Thrown Object Teleporter,Teleport – Preview Cam,Host to Host Teleportation,Armswinger locomotion ,Tunnelling,Head-Bobbing Locomotion,Redirected Walking, Walkabout Locomotion (form of redirected walking),Superman Locomotion,no-locomotion system (a player is dropped into a scene where they sit/stand in a single location or maneuver within the space outlined by their physical play-area setup), push-pull systems (users will use their virtual hands to directly move their cameras or characters by “pushing” and “pulling” on the world around them;This is analogous to a “click and drag” mechanic seen in regular PC ),Propulsion ( The combination of a floating environment and propulsion control system provides the sensations like floating in zero gravity or swimming underwater.),Joystick Translation (using one of the joysticks to control the translation of a player’s body while utilizing the headset to determine the movement heading.). More general classification is hand-centric controls, leg driven systems, full body systems. It also seems that they can be classified as software or hardware based.

February 2019[edit]

March 2019[edit]


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