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This project aims to bring together editors interested in working on articles related to all aspects of bagpiping. Migrated from Wikipedia:WikiProject Pipe Bands in December 2016.

Ongoing article work[edit]

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Needs work[edit]


Looking for quality photos of all players and pipe bands that have their own article.

Key pages and categories[edit]


Music ClefG.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Bagpipes.
GHB This user plays the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Add {{User WP Bagpipes}} to your user page to be added to the category of participants. {{User Highland Bagpipes}} is also available.


Pipe Band Infobox[edit]

{{Infobox Pipe band}} all pipe band articles

Musical Artist Infobox[edit]

{{Infobox musical artist}} for solo players

Grade 1 pipe band NavBox[edit]

{{Grade 1 pipe bands}} for the bottom of articles on Grade 1 pipe bands.

Talk Page Template[edit]

{{WikiProject Bagpipes}} for article and category talk pages

Stub template[edit]

{{Pipe-band-stub}} for pipe band stubs


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