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Members of WikiProject Quebec

  1. Mkdw (talk · contribs) - Vancouver
  2. AQu01rius (talk · contribs) - Wikipedian in Vancouver
  3. Dan Carkner (talk · contribs), Ottawa-Gatineau (from Eastern Ontario)
  4. Bearcat (talk · contribs), currently Toronto, former Ottawa-Gatineau
  5. dragfyre (talk · contribs), Ottawa-Gatineau (lived in Victoriaville and Drummondville)
  6. Bouchecl (talk · contribs), Québec
  7. CJ_Withers (talk · contribs), Montréal
  8. YUL89YYZ (talk · contribs), Montreal -> Toronto
  9. Valmi (talk · contribs), Montréal -> Brasília (July 2005) (only half active)
  10. Montrealais (talk · contribs), Montreal
  11. Earl Andrew (talk · contribs), Ottawa-Gatineau
  12. Circeus (talk · contribs), Québec City
  13. Cornellier (talk · contribs), Pointe-Claire
  14. Antaya (talk · contribs), Montreal city.
  15. Monsieurdl (talk · contribs), State of Vermont, proud descendant of many Carignan-Salières soldiers and habitants.
  16. tallard (talk · contribs), Allard one of the founding families of Baie des Chaleurs but my mom was from we grew up english...
  17. MTLskyline (talk · contribs), Montreal/Longueuil
  18. Shawn in Montreal (talk · contribs), CDN, Dollard des Ormeaux, then back to central Montreal, near where my mom was raised.
  19. Jeangagnon (talk · contribs), Montreal
  20. Gordalmighty (talk · contribs), from Chateauguay / Sainte-Martine / Dorval / Pincourt -> (municipalities, RCMs & highways)
  21. P199 (talk · contribs)
  22. SweetNightmares (talk · contribs), Sherbooke
  23. P.T. Aufrette (talk · contribs)
  24. Npmurf (talk · contribs), United States
  25. JmaJeremy (talk · contribs), Montreal
  26. MrX (talk · contribs), United States
  27. Amqui (talk · contribs), French Canadian in Alberta
  28. AshleyMorton (talk · contribs), from BC, but freshly arrived in Québec, Qc
  29. Flipandflopped (talk · contribs), born in Ontario, but live in Hudson, Quebec
  30. CentreLeftRight (talk · contribs), Renfrew–Collingwood, Vancouver
  31. Veillg1 (talk · contribs), Longueuil, Quebec
  32. Ouvrard (talk · contribs),from Montréal, Québec
  33. Justin Joven (talk · contribs), originally from Camrose, Alberta, now living in Montréal and proud Québécois
  34. Callmemirela (talk · contribs), born and raised in Montreal (tabarnak). My interests include provincial elections, the education system and hockey (GO HABS GO!).
  35. Quebec99 (talk · contribs), my mom and wife were born in Quebec, and my dad's grandfather as well.


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