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Wikipedia Primary School: Providing on Wikipedia the information necessary to complete the cycle of primary education in the languages used by the different education systems.
This is a project allowing students, families and teachers to find on Wikipedia the documentation necessary to obtain the primary school qualification in their country, in their language.

Wikipedia is meant to be an educational tool and it is currently available online, via mobile phones and offline. Experiences have shown that, once accessible, Wikipedia does not provide information that responds directly to curriculum-based questions. The project relies on Wikipedia as an existing and growing resource, it solves the need for an encyclopedia capable of responding to curriculum-based questions, and it fosters Wikipedia content, quality and outreach.

What's the goal of this project?[edit]

Mobile A2K

The project aims at:

  1. Bridging Wikipedia and primary education. This objective implies to move the Wikipedia community towards a focus on primary education, and at the same time to strengthen the capacity of the education ecosystem to contribute to Wikipedia, and in general to open collaborative knowledge.
  2. Enriching Wikipedia with new content relevant to primary education. This objective implies an assessment of the articles produced.
  3. Fostering the development of translations and new content in different Wikipedia linguistic editions. This objective implies the release of existing educational resources (OER in cc by or cc by-sa), the production of datasets and the involvement of the Wikimedia movement.
  4. Verifying and evaluating the use of Wikipedia as a source of information for primary education. This objective implies the involvement of stakeholders and data analysis.

Wikipedia Primary School contributes to universal primary education and to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG2: Achieve Universal Primary Education). Even if it is scalable and international, the project is conceived primarily to address African countries and languages.

The project is focusing on the South Africa primary school curriculum. A list of 100+ articles on the English Wikipedia was drafted: over the course of the next few years, those will be reviewed (or created: missing articles were identified as well) by Wikipedians, by scholars/external experts or by journals.

Who can contribute to this project?[edit]

Glad you asked, because the answer is: everybody can! If you decide to create a new article or review an existing one, please bear these criteria in mind.
Please add your name here if you're interested in working/if you worked on any of these articles.

Can I suggest you the name of an expert?[edit]

By all means, please do check the list of articles and see if you know someone (e.g., an academic) you'd like to recommend. We'll evaluate your advice carefully if we don't have an engagement for that specific article yet.

Which articles need to be created?[edit]

The current articles proposed for creation are Bolt's Farm and Minaar's cave.
The suggested articles for creation in november 2014 were Makhonjwa Mountains and Stone-walled town of Kaditshwene.

Which articles need to be reviewed?[edit]

These articles are going to be evaluated by an expert in the next few weeks. Improving them before a version is sent to the relevant expert for review would be optimal!
none at the moment
These articles were evaluated by an expert without initial review by community request (Feb 2016):
HIV - Health - Ecosystem
These articles were proposed to experts for review
These articles were proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was May 15, 2016 for::
Saartjie Baartman
These articles were proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was February 28, 2016 for:
These articles were proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was October 31, 2015 for:
Sexism - Domestic violence - Children's Day - Children's Act, 2005 - Domestic violence in South Africa
These articles were proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was September 15, 2015 for:
Water pollutionAgriculture in South AfricaHand washing.
This article was proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was June 30, 2015 for:
These articles were proposed to experts for review. Deadline for community review was March 31, 2015:
Western CapeCradle of HumankindDomestic violence in South AfricaOutline of domestic violence.
These articles were proposed to experts for review early 2015. Deadline for community review was Mar 15, 2015.
SexismDomestic violenceGender stereotypesTransport in South AfricaBicycleKhoikhoiSan healing practicesRepublic of South AfricaCoal in South AfricaWater supply and sanitation in South AfricaWater privatization in South AfricaHealthcare in South AfricaNelson MandelaApartheidOliver Tambo.
These articles were proposed to experts for review in early 2015. Deadline for community review was Dec 31, 2014.
Walter SisuluDiscriminationStereotypeHerero and Namaqua GenocideWinnie Madikizela-MandelaFrances BaardSan people.

Which articles need to be improved after external review?[edit]

Several articles were recently evaluated by experts. Please read their notes on the articles' talk page, and feel free to reuse them, to accept their suggestions or comment their reviews.
a full list of reviewed articles may be found in the Category:Articles in SSAJRP reviewed by an external expert

Can one work on the articles after the deadline?[edit]

This shouldn't be a question! We welcome articles' improvement at any time, working on them after the deadline just means designated experts won't be able to keep your changes into account, since they'll be working on an older, offline version of the article.

Will you use the formal Wikipedia:Peer review process for your articles?[edit]

It's entirely possible that we'll do it at some point, although the relevant page currently says that nominations are limited to one open request per editor, and we probably need to work at a faster pace.

What are the other strategies you use to get the articles improved ?[edit]

Several strategies are being tested

  • Review by an expert and publishing of reviews on the article talk page
  • Call for review and improvement by the community
  • Feature some articles on SA portal page
  • Request assessment or reassessment from WikiProject relevant to the article
  • Organise Edit-A-Thons as part of the project in South Africa (by South Africa Chapter)
  • Suggest articles to be edited as part of other Edit-a-Thons (organized by WM UK, AfroCROWD)
  • Propose the review or the creation of an article by a journal
  • Ask the expert to write a new version of an article
  • List stubs in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/The 10,000 Challenge/The Africa Destubathon [1]
  • Boldly reassessing articles quality for all WikiProjects it belongs to
  •  ?


To facilitate article creation and improvement, Wikimedia South Africa organized several edit-a-thongs

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