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"Wikipedia Primary School: Providing on Wikipedia the information necessary to complete the cycle of primary education in the languages used by the different education systems" is a project allowing students, families and teachers to find on Wikipedia the documentation necessary to obtain the primary school qualification in their country, in their language.

This is a list of articles, selected within the research project, which are relevant to the South African primary school curriculum: articles in this list need to be reviewed and/or createdhow? by Wikipedians, journals and/or experts. Please do not add remarks or suggestions to the list here, but feel free to do so in the talk page.

Please learn more about this list, the topics and the process at m:Research:Wikipedia Primary School SSAJRP programme/Wikipedia and related pages.

Articles under active work[edit]

Articles proposed for community review[edit]


Articles for creation[edit]

The current articles proposed for creation are

The suggested articles for creation in november 2014 were Makhonjwa Mountains and Stone-walled town of Kaditshwene.

Articles for improving after external review[edit]

The following articles were recently evaluated by experts. Please read their notes on the articles' talk page, and feel free to reuse them, to accept their suggestions or comment their reviews there:
Herero and Namaqua Genocide - Ecosystem - South Africa (March 2016)
Water pollutionAgriculture in South AfricaHand washing - Children's Day - Children's Act, 2005 - HIV - Health - Ecosystem (Feb 2016)
Domestic violence in South Africa (Dec 2015)
Day of ReconciliationHeritage Day (South Africa)Human Rights DayNational Women's Day.
Gender role.
San healing practicesWater supply and sanitation in South AfricaWater privatization in South Africa.
Walter SisuluBicycleSan peopleHealthcare in South AfricaCradle of HumankindWestern CapeNelson MandelaApartheidOliver Tambo;
San rock artMapungubwe Museum;

Articles currently under review by a designated expert[edit]

Wood - Outline of domestic violence - Transport in South Africa - South Africa - Coal in South Africa - Discrimination - Stereotype - Winnie Madikizela-Mandela - Frances Baard - Sexism - Domestic violence.

Articles deeply rewritten by an expert[edit]

Content not integrated

Articles proposed to Afro CROWD task list[edit]

Those may be edited either online, or during some of the edit-a-thons organized by AfroCrowd. Articles added on the 5th of July

Note: no improvement recorded by 29th of July

Articles proposed to an edit-a-thon Occupational Safety and Health - Washington DC[edit]

A meet-up was proposed by Wikipedia:WikiProject Occupational Safety and Health : Wikipedia:Meetup/DC/Safe and Healthy at Work (July 15th 2016). The following articles were added to the suggestion list for the WikiProject and the meet-up [1]'

  • Fire safety: Needs style editing, sources, and has currently a limited geographical scope
  • home safety: Require expansion of this article. More global perspectives. Currently an orphan
  • Hand washing: Requires copyediting, review, and sources

Note:No edits were done on the 15th of July



Wikipedia requests[edit]

List of all articles selected as part of the Wikipedia Primary School Project by theme[edit]

See the top of this page for a comprehensive explanation of what this list is.
(ER) means that the article has undergone a review by an expert and that the comments are available in the talk page. All reviews are available at c:Category:Wikipedia Primary School SSAJRP reviews
(RW) means that the article has undergone a major rewritting by an expert

General / National history[edit]

Life stories of leaders[edit]

Transport on land[edit]

San hunter-gatherer society in the Later Stone Age[edit]

Khoikhoi herder society in the Later Stone Age[edit]

Heritage from each province[edit]

Crop and stock farming[edit]

Food processing[edit]

Access to water[edit]

Mineral and coal resources in South Africa[edit]

Fair trading[edit]

Animal shelters[edit]

Solid materials[edit]

Mouvement and energy in a system[edit]

Vibration and sound[edit]

Stored energy in fuels[edit]

Nutrients in food and balanced diet[edit]

Ecosystem, natural resources[edit]

Processes to purify water[edit]



Discrimination, stereotypes and bias[edit]

Child abuse[edit]

Safety measures[edit]

Gender stereotyping[edit]

National events[edit]


Animal husbandry and wild animal maintenance[edit]


Home violence[edit]

Health and hygiene topics and impacts[edit]

Youth culture[edit]


Economic and political system[edit]

Human rights[edit]



Physics and engineering[edit]

Biological sciences[edit]

History of written communication[edit]