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Welcome to WikiProject World's Oldest People!

About us[edit]

See Category:WikiProject World's Oldest People articles.

This WikiProject and its editors aim to create, improve, update, discuss and assess articles and lists about the world's oldest people, collaboratively.

Article alerts[edit]

Articles for deletion


The subject or topic of all articles, including those on centenarians and supercentenarians, must meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline at a minimum.


Articles on centenarians and supercentenarians are biographies. The notability guidelines for biographies apply. Significant, independent coverage in reliable sources is required.

These articles are subject to Wikipedia policy guidance on one-event biographies. A subject whose biography is based on only one or two reliable sources establishing notability may belong on a list, rather than in a stand-alone biography, unless these sources provide significant details beyond longevity.

Some centenarians and supercentenarians are notable for reasons in addition to their longevity, e.g., Leila Denmark. In such cases, notable aspects of the subject's life, that are reported in reliable sources, should be included in the subject's biography. Supercentenarians whose age has been reported in reliable sources should be included in longevity-related lists, whether or not other notable, reliably-sourced facts justify a stand-alone biography.

Although not the primary focus of this project, cases where advanced age is contested or in doubt should be considered for notability using the same criteria as cases where advanced age has been verified by independent, reliable sources, e.g., Old Tom Parr is notable.

When sufficient reliable secondary sources establish notability that calls for a stand-alone biography, the following primary or tertiary sources may be used, for limited purposes only. They may supplement reliable sources, but no article should be based solely or primarily on these sources, and no article should rely on these sources alone in order to make assertions about subjects' history of records broken, rank-order placement in longevity-related lists, or current status as alive or dead.

Living people[edit]

When a person is still living or recently deceased, the guidelines on biographies of living people apply. Note that it must not be stated that a person falsified his or her age or date of birth unless that has been clearly reported in independent, reliable sources.


In regard to lists of centenarians and supercentenarians, and lists of unverified, disputed or disproved claims to longevity, WP:LISTPEOPLE applies. Independent, reliable sources are required. All items must be supported by a citation or a link to an article. Individuals may be included even if they are only notable for their longevity, or claim to longevity, and even if there is not enough material for a stand-alone biography article.


All sources used on Wikipedia must meet the reliable sources guideline. If the reliability of a source is in doubt, obtain the community's input at the Reliable Sources Noticeboard (RSN).


There are various verification services and databases of long-lived people. Information on these databases may be in the process of checking rather than fully checked. They have been described at RSN as more in the nature of "works-in-progress." Such databases may be consulted in order to find further direction to more reliable sources. The databases should be viewed with even more care where they disagree. No article should be based solely or primarily on any of these databases, and no article should rely on any one of them alone in order to make assertions about subjects' history of records broken, rank-order placement in longevity-related lists, or current status as alive or dead.


Obituaries and newspaper articles[edit]

  • Family- and self-written obituaries, such as those listed on,, on funeral home websites, and published in newspapers, are reliable for the date of death but are not reliable for the date of birth or age.
  • Newspaper-written articles and obituaries may or may not be reliable sources. When in doubt, ask editors at RSN whether a particular newspaper article is a reliable source for birth and/or death dates and age in a particular article.

Forums and discussion groups[edit]

  • The World's Oldest People Yahoo! group is a discussion group and is not a reliable source.
  • The 110 Club on invisionfree is a discussion group and is not a reliable source.
  • Any other forum or discussion group is not a reliable source.

Article structure[edit]

Biographies should be structured in the normal manner for biographies. List articles should be formatted according to best practice for lists. Embedded lists should be avoided in articles.


Importance guide[edit]

Need The article's priority or importance, regardless of its quality.
Top Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopedia on the subject matter, e.g., Supercentenarian, List of the verified oldest people.
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge such as the biographies of any world's oldest person (oldest male and female) (e.g. Jeanne Calment and Jiroemon Kimura).
Mid Subject fills in more minor details such as lists of the oldest people by continent and countries like List of Canadian supercentenarians, List of European supercentenarians or List of Japanese supercentenarians along with biographies for any national or continental oldest individuals.
Low Subject is mainly of specialist interest such as biographies on any subcontinental oldest individuals, lists for historic regions, lists of supercentarians by year of death and List of last survivors of historical events.


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