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  • David G. Acker - Associate Dean of Academic and Global Programs, Iowa State University; researcher and consultant with Food and Agriculture Organization, Fulbright Research Fellow, has served as the president of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, past consultant with the United States Agency for International Development, numerous books, including Education for rural people: What have we learned? [1][press release][2][self-published source]
  • Gloria Barczak - head of achool of marketing at Northeastern University; leader in new product development[3][self-published source]
  • Manu Bhagavan Professor of History and Human Rights at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, The City University of New York.[1][self-published source] [2][self-published source] [3][self-published source] A specialist on the history and politics of modern India, with an emphasis on internationalism and human rights. Received critical acclaim for his book The Peacemakers: India and the Quest for One World.[4] Was a Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies, President of the Society for Advancing the History of South Asia, and Chair of the Human Rights Program at the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute.[5][6][7].[self-published source] Regularly appears in the media to discuss issues related to India, human rights, and international affairs.[8] [9][10] His essay on the rise of global authoritarianism went viral internationally and was translated into German as the lead cover article of the Berliner Republik magazine.[11]
  • George W. Breslauer, former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Berkeley, recently elected to AAAS.[12][press release] [Quoting Berkely page:] "He received his BA, MA, and PhD degrees in Political Science from the University of Michigan in 1966, 1968 and 1973, respectively. In 1971, Professor Breslauer joined the faculty of the Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley, as a specialist on Soviet politics and foreign relations. He advanced through the ranks to full professor of political science, was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award of the Division of Social Sciences in 1997, and was appointed Chancellor's Professor in 1998."[13][self-published source]
  • Andrew Calcutt, lecturer in journalism at the University of East London,[14][self-published source] author of several books including White noise : an A-Z of the contradictions in cyberculture.[15][original research?]
  • Terence Cave - literary scholar, Balzan Prize recipient (2009); [4]
  • Garga Chatterjee - cognitive scientist and political commentator; researcher on rare disorder prosopagnosia at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; South Asianist political commentator and human-rights activist, newspaper columnist [5][original research?]
  • Jason Corburn, Ph.D., M.C.P. - Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning and Public Health at UC Berkeley [6].[self-published source] He also directs the Center for Global Healthy Cities at Berkeley [7]. Professor Corburn is a global expert on the connections between city planning and public health, how cities can become more healthy and equitable and how to improve urban informal settlements. He has published three books and numerous journal articles.[citation needed] His books include: Street Science: Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice, published by the MIT Press [8]; Toward the Healthy City: People, Places and the Politics of Urban Planning [9]; Toward the Healthy City, Korean edition [10] Healthy City Planning: From Neighbourhood to National Health Equity, [11]. He is a 2013 recipient of the United Nations Association Global Citizen Award [12][press release]
  • Nicolaus Correll, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder [13], research on swarm robotics, smart materials, recipient of NSF CAREER award, NASA Early Career Faculty Fellowship, author of an open-source textbook on robotics.
  • Benjamin Crowell - Author of online textbooks on physics and mathematics that are under Share and Share Alike license. Chapters from the books are linked to from various wiki articles. For example Work (physics) page links to Work – a chapter from an online textbook. The textbooks can be found at [14]
  • Martin Dickson - Highly influential, deceased Princeton University scholar of Iran and Central Asia; educated a generation of scholars who are today at the top of their field, including Wheeler Thackston, John E. Woods (historian), Kathryn Babayan, and Cornell Fleischer. [15][16]
  • G. Sumdany Don (G. Sumdany Don is a Bangladeshi trainer, writer and educator who is also the Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy. He is a "Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)" Trainer, NLP One-to-One Coach, and Timeline Therapist certified under the American Board of NLP.) (SOURCES 1 [press release] 2[press release] 3 more[press release]) [self-published source]
  • Jean Donaldon - Dog trainer and behaviourist, Director of The SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, author of (among others) The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs 1993, which was revolutionary [17] [18]
  • Alexander Doty - queer theorist, author of Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture (Minnesota, 1993). [19]
  • Michael Peter Edson - Director of Web and New Media Strategy, Smithsonian Institution [20]
  • Maud Ellmann - Randy L. & Melvin R. Berlin professor of the development of the novel in English, Department of English, the University of Chicago; literary critic whose work focuses on British and European modernism and critical theory, particularly psychoanalysis and feminism; [21]
  • Allan Flanders - considered a founding father of postwar British academic Industrial Relations [22]; SSRN 963794
  • Darren Gergle - professor of communication studies and computer science; books and articles on technology design and development cited on WP, serves on prominent journal editorial boards, numerous peer-reviewed articles on technology and collaboration, Northwestern University.[23]
  • Edwin Gerow - Sanskritist, Emeritus Professor of Religion and the Humanities at Reed College [24], formerly Frank L. Sulzberger Professor at the University of Chicago[25]. Was president of the American Oriental Society[26], as well as editor of the Journal of the American Oriental Society[27] (so passes WP:NACADEMIC). Author of A Glossary of Indian Figures of Speech and Indian Poetics. Received honorary doctorate from the Sorbonne. ([28], [29])
  • Kevin Glasheen - Personal Injury Lawyer who successfully lobbied for legislation increasing state payments to exonerees, from $50,000 to $80,000 for every year served in prison. In his first civil jury trial, Kevin won a million dollar verdict against Ethicon in San Angelo, Texas - a record for Tom Green County. He was lead counsel in the two largest railroad crossing accident cases in Texas, one resulting in a 65 million dollar verdict and one resulting in a 46 million dollar verdict. [30] [31] [32] [33]
  • Dr. Cornelius Golightly (1917-1976): philosopher, teacher, civil rights activist, public intellectual and educational administrator. Golightly campaigned to eradicate segregation and seek racial harmony.
Note to editors: There's a house with his name on it on Belle Isle park in Detroit. I found the above article upon him here written by Michigan State University professor John McClendon.[34]


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Adventurers, explorers and pioneers[edit]

Ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel[edit]

To distinguish the professions listed here from e.g. political figures read the article Diplomatic rank explaining their official status.

  • Jolly Amatya, Chair of UN Youth Assembly, youngest UN job holder from Nepal[212]
  • Nasser Haji Al-Muzayen - Kuwaiti ambassador to Russia - Bio
  • A. Gopinathan - Current permanent Indian representative to UN offices in Geneva. Elected to serve in United Nations Joint Inspection Unit from January 2013. [213]
  • Francis Joseph Meehan - Former U.S. Ambassador to East Germany (1985-1988), Poland (1980-1983), Czechoslovakia (1979-1980). U.S. State Department (various roles) 1947-1978. Ex - Professor of Diplomacy. Lives or lived in Glasgow. [214] [215]
  • Abdul Minty - South African anti apartheid activist, then diplomat, ambassador of his country to the IAEA - (de)
  • Noureddine Sefiani - Moroccan ambassador to Russia - Bio
  • Yogeshwar Varma - High Commissioner of India to Nairobi, Kenya, concurrently Ambassador of India to the Federal Republic of Somalia [216] [217] [218]






Graphic artists[edit]


  • Drew Christie (born 1984) American animator, illustrator and filmmaker; [381] Best known for The New York Times animation Hi! I'm a Nutria [382] Caused a fair amount of controversy pertaining to invasive species and was called a "pioneer of the opinion pages" by the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University [383]. Also known for the short animated film Song of the Spindle, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival [384].
  • Laurent Coderre - Canadian animator, winner of the Vulcan Award at the Cannes Film Festival for his 70s-era cut out animation, Zikkaron.[385], also see this book cite
  • Jay Fosgitt - American comic book illustrator (b. 7 Oct 1974), currently working for Marvel, IDW, and Source Point. Known for his work on My Little Pony, Sesame Street, Betty and Veronica, Avengers, and Deadpool as well as his original creations Dead Duck and Zombie Chick, and Bodie Troll. [386], [387], [388], [389], [390], [391], [392]
  • Alana Dee Haynes - a mixed media artist from Brooklyn, usually working with illustrations on photographs, but dabbling with fashion, sculpture, photography, and murals.[393] [394]
  • Ola Liola (born 7 August 1979) birth name Olga Kushnir is a contemporary illustrator, artist, storyteller, designer. Olga was born in Ukraine, Poltava in 1996 moved to Israel with family. Current residence Berlin, Germany. Graduated form industrial design facility Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Main motive in her creations is animal world, which appear in vivid colours layered with dense patterns. Medium: watercolour, ink. [395][396][397]
  • Master of Rolin - 15th-century French illuminator; creator of many medieval manuscripts; employed by Jean Rolin, predecessor of the Maitre Francois; [398]
  • Ton Smits (born 18 February 1921) Full name Antonie Gerardus Smits (Ton Smits) a cartoonist and postcard illustrator from the Netherlands. Died 1981. Short article on him can be found on Netherlands Wikipedia: nl:Ton Smits


  • Liz Kelly Zook (American - Pop Artist) (Liz Kelly Zook is a Pop artist from Murfreesboro, TN who is known for her bold line and her fun subject matter. She has been featured in magazines and news articles in Middle Tennessee. She has been accredited as one of the strong female artists of the area who has inspired many of the collage students to pursue their dreams as artists. Requested 4/24/2017) ([399][400][401])
  • Timur Akhriev (painter)- Russian-American oil painter; [402]; Born in Vladikavkaz, Russia in 1983 and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee as a teenager; studied art in Russia, UT Chattanooga, and the Florence Academy of Art; he has been featured in various media outlets; popularity is gaining; please include photograph and biography from his official website; is the son of world-renowned painter, Daud Akhriev. Timur is most recently known for his collection 17-piece collection, Drifter. He now lives in Chattanooga.
  • Steven Alexander (painter) - American contemporary abstract painter; [403]; [404]; [405]; [406]; [407]
  • Alex Andreyev - Russian or Ukrainian surrealist painter; lives in St. Petersburg; [408]; [409]
  • Andrew Atroshenko Russian painter. Born in 1965, in the City of Pokrovsk, Russia. [410]
  • Marion Boddy-Evans - contemporary South African-born Scottish painter and art teacher/writer; [411], [412], [413]
  • Peter Brook (painter) (1927–2009) – British landscape artist; biography at
  • Bryce Brown (artist) (Requested June 09, 2015) New Zealand exhibiting artist, international, born march 1971. Painting since 1999 with many solo exhibitions, work in the John Deere International Art Collection. References; [414] [415]
  • Johnna Bush Alabama Portrait, Wildlife and Landscape Artist. Currently resides in Grove Hill, Alabama. [416] [417]
  • Jane Cartney (born 1951) - contemporary Scottish expressionist painter and musician; based in Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, England; [418], [419]
  • Sue Coleman - Canadian wildlife painter; lives in Duncan, British Columbia; one of the first artists to visually translate First Nations art; [420]; [421];[dead link] [422]; [423]; [424]; [425]; comment at 2012-02-10, all links belong to subject or sites closely affiliated with subject; needs mainstream reliable sources (WP:RS)[426];[427];[428]; Summerwild Productions; comment at 2012-02-14, new links and resources added
  • Matt Dangler (born 1984) - Painter and Illustrator; [429]; [430]; [431]
  • Peter Dean (artist) (born in Berlin 1934, Died Elizaville, NY 1993) Socially conscious expressionist artist known for his colorful, aggressively painted works that tended to be crowded with figures and often depicted allegorical or political themes [432]. In 1969 Dean co-founded another group, the iconoclastic Rhino Horn, which included Peter Pasuntino, Nick Sperakis, Benny Andrews, Leonel Gongora Ken Bowman. , Mike Feuerbach, and sometimes, Jay Milder and Red Grooms. This socially critical expressionist outpost, with its unashamedly phallic intentions (the rhinoceros horn) considered an aphrodisiac, did not succeed in penetrating the Minimal/Conceptual strongholds, but it did raise the temperature of the art against the Vietnam war [433]
  • Pierre Dubreuil (painter) fr:Pierre Dubreuil (peintre)
  • Reg Gadney - British portrait artist and author; [434]; [435]; [436]; [437]; [438]
  • Carne Griffiths British watercolour painter - autobiography found at
  • H. Helmick - Genre Painter; Etcher; Illustrator 1845–1907. alias Heinz Helmick. Specialized in figure painting, was active in exhibiting between 1880 and 1889. Born: Zanesville, Ohio, 1845; Died: Washington, District of Columbia 1907 Active in: Paris, France and London, England <><><>
  • Kyle Holbrook: Kyle Holbrook is the founder of MLK Community Mural Project, and has helped complete several murals with the company and independently. These murals are located all around the world, in London, Haiti, The US, Bahamas, and Brazil, as well as other locations. MLK Community Mural Project About Page Sources for Research
  • Alan Lachman American born painter. Contemporary Expressionist Artist. Born 1936 in New York City. Has been painting for 60 years.Alan Lachman studied at Syracuse University, the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League in New York City. Parents: Irving Lachman & Molly Lachman (ne: Applebaum). Siblings: Diane Lachman Calmis & Andrea Lachman Wasser. Two children: April Lachman Vassaro (born 1961, now deceased) and Lawrence Lachman. [439], [440][441]
  • Chau-Chin Lee (painter) (born 1941)  – Kaohsiung-based abstract painter;[442]
  • Ling Jian – Chinese oil painter [443]
  • Master of the Blue Jeans  – newly discovered painter who is thought to have been active in 17th-century Italy (1650s) [444][445][446][447][448] (and fr | de)
  • Winston Megoran  – English artist of maritime and naval themes; noted for book-jacket illustrations of the Mariners Library series (1948–1963); [449]
  • Harden Sidney Melville (1824–1894)  – English painter and draughtsman; had three paintings hung in the Royal Academy’s summer show between 1837 and 1841; conducted the first official hydrographic survey of the north-east coast of Australia in 1842–1846 on board H.M.S Fly[450] [451]
  • Leo Mes Start Source: Inventor, Painter, Etcher. Born in the Nederlands, Died in Kingston, ON: (1928-1974)
  • Vincenzo Molaroni (1859–1912)  – Italian pottery painter; [452]; []
  • John Pelham Napper (1916–2001)  – English experimental artist; known for radiance of colour and precision; wide variety of styles; [453][454]
  • Patrick Gorman Pettis  – Italian American Fine Arts Modern Impressionist from Saratoga NY [455]; collections (not authoritative): [456]
  • Paul Plaschke (1878–1954)  – cartoonist and painter; notable works: Nocturnes, Ohio River Shanty Boats, Southern Indiana Hllsides and Fishing Craft at Biloxi; [457]
  • Tana Powell  – Canadian graphic artist living in San Francisco, former art director for San Diego newspaper; won a Grammy Award for Best Music Festival Poster (2001); Jammin poster is one of the largest sellers ever; [458] [459]
  • Jordi Rodríguez-Amat - Catalan artist, painter and sculptor born 1944;
  • Angelo Romano - Spanish painter; known for his angels, small protective talismans and for his murals that decorate many public spaces in Europe and the U.S.; [460]
  • Gene Speck American landscape painter. Born 1936 in South Dakota. [461]
  • Jane Wooster Scott Style: Americana. Named by Guinness World Records as the most reproduced artist in America, beating out runner-up Pablo Picasso.[462] [463]
  • James Gale Tyler, 1855-1931, American artist known for seascapes, originally from Oswego, N.Y.
  • Eric Waugh (painter) Born in Montreal, November 21, 1963. Resides in Austin, Texas. Eric Waugh is one of the most recognizable and collected artists throughout North America, selling more than over 45,000 original works in the past 27 years. Charitable work is an integral part of Eric Waugh the artist. Waugh created Hero, the Guinness Book of World's Records holder for the world's largest painting on canvas (41,400 square feet) by a single artist; proceeds benefit Camp Heartland and the Starlight Children's Foundation. [464], Eric Waugh at Nan Miller Gallery. Eric Waugh at Peabody Fine Art Gallery. Eric Waugh Art Gallery at
  • Nancy Woland (Requested April 9, 2015) Christina (Christie) Botkoveli (Georgian: ქრისტინა (ქრისტი) ბოტკოველი), more commonly known as Nancy Woland, is a Georgian surrealist painter and graphic designer, born in October 27, 1991, Tbilisi. She is known for her cosmic themed paintings, that give you a sense of tranquility. Her first exhibition was on March 1, 2015, named Second Star to the Right, which took place in the Saakashvili Presidential Library. It was televised on Imedi TV [465]. You can see her artwork on her Facebook page: [466], and a short video biography: [467], [468] [469].


Please read the Notability Criteria for Photographers before submitting a request.
  • Ruven Afanador - Colombian-born American photographer with three books and many international exhibitions; es:Ruven Afanador
  • Douglas Barkey - American-born photographer, raised in Argentina, multiple international exhibitions, originated intentional camera movement as mode of photographic expession; [470][471] [472]
  • Allen Henson (born 1984) American photographer raised in Oklahoma, enlisted in the US Army 22nd Infantry Regiment, conducting several tours in Iraq during his tenure. A producer and self trained photographer/ filmmaker. Allen Henson was the center of national media coverage for his photoshoot with topless models on top of the entire state building. Henson has been featured on Fox News, USA Today, New York Times, ABC, NBC, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, LIFO, MIC, Playboy, Daily Mail UK, The New York Post, New York Daily News, The Gothamist, PetaPixel, Wired, SLR Lounge, The Young Turks, Tosh.0. Henson is Agency approved and his CV includes working with most agencies; Ford, New York Models, Photogenics, Select, Premier, Elite, Wilhelmina etc. Henson’s work has been widely published; to name a few Playboy, Vogue, Juxtapoz, Z!NK Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Kurv Magazine, The Fashionisto, Bambi Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Nu-Mode, Runway Magazine, L'Allures des Mots, Black & Grey.

([473]; HuffintonPost [474]; NY Daily News [475]; CBS News [476]; Dail Mail Article [477]; NYPost Article [478]; CBS Article [479]; CBS News Article [480]; USA Today Article [481]; ABC Article [482]; Wall Street Journal)

  • Andrew Brooks - (born July 25, 1977) British photographer and artist based in Manchester, uses digital post production to create detailed landscapes and imagined views. Exhibited in Museum Het Domein, Sittard [483]Stads Museum Zoetermeer [484] URBIS Manchester [485]; Interviewed for Wired Raw File [486] The Atlantic [487] Fast Company Design [488] Creative Review [489] Published in the Guardian, ; graduated from Stockport collage in 1996 ; [490] ; [491] ; [492] ; [493]
  • River Clark - fashion photographer; in permanent photography collection at the Guggenheim; numerous books and publications including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Playboy; [494]; [495]
  • Richard K. Dean American Photographer, world traveled and most well-known for his photography work in the Glens Falls and Lake George New York area. His photographs from the ground and air are the largest collection of photos of the Adirondack Mountains. [496]
  • Bryan Denton - photojournalist based in Beirut, Lebanon; notable for his extensive coverage of the Libyan Revolution for The New York Times; first solo exhibition will be at New York University's Gulf and Western Gallery ([497]); [498]; [499]
  • Benjamin Donaldson - American fine-art photographer; work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Jen Bekman Gallery; [500]; work featured in The New Yorker, Details, Nylon and Sueddeutsche Zeitung magazines; photography lecturer, Yale School of Art; ([501])
  • Tim Freccia - American born photographer and film maker with numerous exhibitions (Portrait series "Yirol" at New York Armory Show/Contemporary 2012/2013; Chicago Expo 2012; and noted assignments from conflict and crisis areas: Dispatches from South Sudan for George Clooney, Indian Ocean Tsunami, Haiti, Eastern Congo, Mogadishu, Nuba Mountains, Roma refugees, etc. Published/broadcast in Time; VICE Magazine; The Washington Post; Global Post; CNN; BBC; Al Jazeera; France 24 and most major international outlets. [502]; represented by [503]; contract assignments for Die Zeit; Zeit Magazin; VICE guide to Congo; Vice Guide to Libya; The Most Interesting Men in America; [504]; [505]
  • Trevor Godinho (born December 18, 1982) - Indian-born Canadian celebrity and fashion photographer; published in many international magazines including Maxim, Playboy (French and U.S. editions); Alfa Norway, Elle Canada, Zoo Weekly Australia, Che Belgium, UMM Canada; has photographed celebrities including Michael Douglas, Nicolas Cage, Edward North, Jeff Bidges, Clive Owen, et al.; interviewed for ROOM100 ([506]) interviewed for ([507]) interviewed for ([508])and Fashion One TV in Los Angeles; graduated from Sheridan College and University of Toronto (2008); [509]; works internationally out of New York City and other locations
  • Hikaru Iwasaki (1924) Only Japanese-American photographer to work for the War Relocation Authority. (Existing Wikipedia article in Czech: cs:Hikaru_Iwasaki), Iwasaki, [510]
  • John Kippin - [511]; [512]
  • Troy Lilly - nature photographer; author of ForestWander Nature Photography; File:Elakala_Waterfalls_Swirling_Pool_Mossy_Rocks.jpg; [513]; [514]; [515]; [516]; [517]; [518]
  • Marc McAndrews American Photographer, most known for his book 'Nevada Rose' with large format photographs from 33 legal Nevada brothels; []; [519]; [520]
  • Vijat Mohindra (born August 8, 1985) - American Photographer and Artist based in Los Angeles, he graduated Art Center College of Design in 2007 already having defined his ultra modernist and hyper synthetic aesthetic. The dazzling anti-vérité style of his work has culminated in various collaborations between high-profile talent and brands. [521] and [522]; featured in high-profile magazines like Paper, Complex, and Plastik to name a few [523]; [524]; [525]; [526]; featured at Mars Gallery for photography exhibition [527]
  • Bertil Nilsson (artist) (born 1981) - Swedish art photographer living in England [528]; Known for unique work with dance and circus; First monograph Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist [529] published in 2011; exhibited internationally in both galleries and public institutions including museums; extensive coverage of work online and in international press [530]
  • Ron O'Donnell (born 1952) - Scottish photographic artist; [531]
  • Kenneth Parker - American fine-art landscape photographer; represented in multiple galleries nationally including the Weston Gallery ([532]); assistant to Eliot Porter; praise by Paul Caponigro; [533]; [534]; [535]
  • Stuart Pilkington - British photographer and curator. Street portrait photographer documenting the people of Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Manchester. Photographed film directors such as Terry Gilliam, Alan Parker and Peter Greenaway for the BFI, London. A member of Documenting Britain and Fèis, his work is to be exhibited at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow and French Institute for Scotland in 2015. Known as a curator in the photography community bringing together the unknown with the well known. His projects have been featured by the BBC, Esquire, National Public Radio, PDN, Huck Magazine, Professional Photographer and many more; [536];[537];[538];[539];[540]
  • George Pitts - American photographer, painter and writer. Founding Director of Photography at Vibe Magazine (1993-2004)[541] His writing and photography has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Vice and The Paris Review.[542][543][544][545]
  • Rosamond Wolff Purcell — artful photographer of decayed animals and technological artifacts; published several books [546]
  • Jake Rajs (born 1952) - landscape and architectural photographer; published 16 coffee table books by Rizzoli, Monacelli Press and Random House; [547]; [548]
  • Mike Rosenthal (photographer) - American director and photographer, has been featured on numerous seasons of America's Next Top Model as a photographer and guest judge (cycles 9, 11, 5, 7, 13, 8, 16, 12, 10, 17), and is the resident photographer and judge of Asia's Next Top Model [549] Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 2)
  • Rukes (Drew Ressler) - Worldwide EDM photographer for artists such as Zedd, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Martin Garrix and festivals around the world like Ultra Music Festival [550]; multiple exhibitions including W Hotel New York, covered by Wall Street Journal [551]; Named #1 in top 50 music photographers right now by Complex [552]; Large social media following including Twitter verification [553];[554];[555]
  • Allen Russ - landscape and architectural photographer; [556]; [557]; [558]; [559]; publications/reviews: [560]; [561]; [562]
  • Rainer W. Schlegelmilch (born 1941) - Formula 1, sports car and automobile photographer; 50 years of consistent motorsport archive since 1962; 42 editorial books published by 2012; international exhibitions; [563]; [564]; [565]; [566]; [567]
  • Percy Loomis Sperr - better known as P.L. Sperr - awarded the honorary title of official photographer for the city of New York; took 17,815 of the photos in the New York Public Library's photography collection; shot decades' worth of street scenes and buildings throughout NYC to document the City's physical evolution. E.g.,[568]; [569]
  • Guy Tal - landscape photographer and author; [570], Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography; [571]; [572]; published articles including in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography
  • Ed Tangen - Notable American Photographer. Landscape, Nature, Stereographic, Commercial and Life Photographer. Pioneering Forensic Photographer and Investigator. Sheriff's Identification Officer. Also known as "The Pictureman". Born in Elverum, Norway, 1873, Died in Boulder, Colorado, 1951, age 78. Established Photography Studio in Boulder, Colorado in 1903. From 1906 to 1951, Tangen is known to have taken more than 16,000 photographs of the Boulder region and Rocky Mountains. Member and unofficial photographer of the Rocky Mountain Climber Club. Took photographs of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Pioneered forensic techniques. Photographer's mark, copyright logo or "bug" is a capital "T" within a diamond. Tangen's "bug" can be found on his landscape and life photographs and some of his crime photographs. [573] [] [574] [Ed Tangen, the Pictureman: A Photographic History of the Boulder Region, Early Twentieth Century, Boulder Creek Press, 1994, Thomas J. Meier (Author)]
  • Waldemar Titzenthaler - German photographer; de:Waldemar Titzenthaler; [575]
  • Max Waldman (1919–1981) - American photographer; specialized in dance and theatre photography; images in collections including the Museum of Modern Art and the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film; [576]; [577]; [578]; [579]
  • A.D. Wheeler, New York-based photographer and writer. Notable for photos of historically significant abandoned and non-abandoned sites, for example [580], Official Website, [581], PBS feature video, [582], Magazine article
  • Alice Wheeler, Seattle-based photographer. Notable for photos of musicians, the countercultural scene, street protests, etc. See, for example Art Zone: Alice Wheeler, Seattle Channel




Fiction writers, dramatists and poets[edit]

Non-fiction writers[edit]

  • Elizabeth Laura Adams (born February 9, 1909- September 9, 1982) - African American writer and poet, author of Dark Symphony (1942) detailing her conversion to Roman Catholicism. [40]
  • [[Greg Ames] – an American writer and professor at Colgate University. He grew up in Buffalo, New York, and now lives in New York City. He has published two books, Buffalo Lockjaw (2009) and Funeral Platter (2017), as well as numerous short stories and poems in journals, magazines, and anthologies [594]
  • Benjamin G. Armstrong - translator; and son-in-law of Chief Buffalo (Kechewaishke) of the Chippewa Nation; author of Early Life Among the Indians; in 1852, he accompanied the Chippewa chief Great Buffalo, to Washington, D.C., to plead against cancellation of the treaty of 1842; their trip was a success; [595]
  • Imtiyaz 'Ali Khan 'Arshi – Urdu scholar; commonly read when studying Urdu poet Ghalib; Works by or about Imtiyaz 'Ali Khan 'Arshi in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Stephen Asbury - author of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Audits - A Risk-based Approach; [596], Do the Right Thing - The Practical Jargon-free Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility [597] and over 30 other journal articles and papers on safety and risk management
  • Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky (1908–1978) - Trotskyist journalist, writer, and publisher in Samizdat, author of Notebooks for the Grandchildren - Recollections of a Trotskyist Who Survived the Stalin; [598]; Works by or about Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Lundy Bancroft - Author of Why Does He Do That: Inside The Minds of Angry and Controlling Men. Did a plethora of research on domestic violence, and is a very influential figure in the study of Abuse Psychology. [599]
  • Kevin Barbieux - author of The Homeless Guy, a blog he began writing in 2002; chronically homeless; featured in media including USA Today, Associated Press, [600]; [601]
  • P. Shaun Barbour (American author of A Conscious Effort, gay, US Navy veteran, diverse life) [602]
  • J. M. Berger - Author of Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam (Potomac Books, 2011), the only definitive history of American involvement in jihadist movements, and co-author of ISIS: The State of Terror (Ecco, 2015), with Jessica Stern. J. M. Berger is a nonresident fellow in the Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World in the Center for Middle East Policy. With roots in newspaper journalism, Berger is an author and analyst studying extremism. (request made 08-25-2015)
  • Cintra L. Best - author of Enlighten My Senses, A path to open your heart and illuminate your soul's purpose (Halo Publishing; 2013) Cintra Best is a writer, seeker, business owner and creator of Enlighten My Senses. Her extensive background in, along with her bachelor's and doctorate in natural health, helps her in coaching and writing worldwide. [603]
  • Kurt W. Beyer - author of best seller Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (MIT Press; 2009); Brigade Commander and distinguished graduate, United States Naval Academy ([604]
  • Robert M. Blevins - Science fiction author and managing editor for Adventure Books of Seattle. ([605]) Author of The 13th Day of Christmas, Say Goodbye to the Sun, and The Corona Incident. Published the controversial book Into The Blast, which names Kenneth Christiansen and Bernard Geestman from Washington state as the men who pulled off the DB Cooper hijacking. He later appeared on the Christiansen episode of History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded in January 2011 to defend his findings and to cooperate in the investigation by the show. He has edited over fifty books for other authors and is the secretary for the nonprofit Washington Literacy Organization. ([606] Born: March 17, 1954. Age: 61.
  • Michael Bluejay - web author (; work is referenced in various magazines, although he is primarily a web author, as opposed to a print author
  • Zoë Boccabella (Author) - Italian-Australian author of Mezza Italiana: An Enchanting Story About Love, Family, La Dolce Vita and Finding Your Place in the World and Joe's Fruit Shop & Milk Bar published by ABC Books/ HarperCollins; [607]; [608]; [609]; [610]; [611]; [612]; [613]; [614]; [
  • Lee Brickley - Paranormal investigator and author of UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man; born in Staffordshire, England, and shot to fame after making headlines all over the world due to numerous sightings of black-eyed children on Cannock Chase in September and October 2014; has been interviewed on hundreds of radio stations and television shows including ITV's This Morning with Eamonn Holmes. (talk) 00:07, 23 October 2014 (UTC) [615]; (talk) 00:07, 23 October 2014 (UTC) [616]; (talk) 00:07, 23 October 2014 (UTC) [617]; (talk) 00:07, 23 October 2014 (UTC) [618]; [619]
  • Robert Buccellato - Author, Historian; [620],[621], [622], [623], [624], [625]
  • Ann Budd - knitting designer and writer; associated with Interweave Press; has published several knitting books; [626]
  • Henry Burton (clergyman) (1840–1930) - English Methodist clergyman and author; wrote poem "Pass It On" ([627]) as well as several books[628]. Short bio here.
  • Montgomery Carmichael (1856–1936), author of In Tuscany: Tuscan towns, Tuscan types and the Tuscan tongue (1902), The Life of John William Walshe, F. S.; translator, Rosmersholm: a play in four acts / by Henrik Ibsen (1890), Francia's masterpiece; an essay on the beginnings of the Immaculate conception in art (1909); editor and translator, The Lady Poverty: a XIII. century allegory (1901); co-author, Sketches on the old road through France to Florence (1905); [629]
  • Sheldon Charrett - author of several Paladin Press titles, including several in their New ID category ([630]) with titles going back all the way to 1997.
  • Onur Cinar - Author of several books on application development on Android platform, such as Android Quick APIs Reference, Pro Android C++ with the NDK, Android Apps with Eclipse, Android Best Practices, by Apress. [631] Onur Cinar also works for Skype. [].
  • Chelsey Clammer - Author and editor. Clammer has over 75 publications consisting of lyric essays, personal essays, short stories and reviews. She is also the Managing Editor and Nonfiction Editor of The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review. ([632])
  • Elliot D. Cohen - philosopher and author [633]; co-founder, in 1992, of the Society for Philosophy, Counseling and Psychotherapy (ASPCP), the first association of philosophical counseling in the U.S. ([634]); inventor of logic-based therapy (LBT), a philosophical counseling variant of rational emotive behavior therapy ([635]); founder and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Applied Philosophy; blogger for Psychology Today ([636]); ethics editor of Free Inquiry ([637]); contributing writer and freelance journalist for political news sites ([638]); inventor of artificial-intelligence technology for checking reasoning for fallacies ([639])
  • Danielle Corcione - freelance writer; contributor to Teen Vogue (, "Esquire" ( and "Paste Magazine" ( ; founder of the Millennial Freelancer ([640]);
  • Armand V. Cucciniello III - Former U.S. diplomat and press officer for the Department of State. Iraq veteran. Media personality, writer, political commentator, policy specialist. Wrote for Time magazine, Also on CNN, here:
  • Dave Cullen - author of Columbine and TV/radio analyst. Now redirects to the book he wrote [641]
  • Subhorup Dasgupta (req. 2014-11-30) - DOB: November 2, 1965. Hyderabad-based writer, educator and activist, social media evangelist, creator of SoCh, a platform for connecting local changemakers with needed support, part of several community based initiatives like Our Sacred Space, a cultural center in Secunderabad, Writers' Carnival, a bi-annual training workshop for writers, and the annual Hyderabad Bloggers' Meet, now in its fourth edition. Writes on simplicity, responsibility and frugality as the key components of preserving what is good about societal development. Tea and Jazz educator, conducts tea appreciation programs and jazz listening sessions. Heads Eight Winds, a business solution suite that aims to correct the imbalanced approach to consumption based economies. Personal philosophy appears to a mix of Buddhism and atheism. Popular blogger, among topranked Indian bloggers in several categories (Source:,; [642]; [643]; [644]; [645]; [646]; [647]
  • Maria Dismondy - award-winning children's book author and public speaker, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, The Juice Box Bully, Pink Tiara Cookies for Three and The Potato Chip Champ; [648]
  • Baz Dreisinger - author, journalist, professor & founder of the prison to college pipeline (a program that mentors prisoners and educates them to be ready spots in college allocated to them when released). Dreisinger's second book Incarceration Nations is set to be released in February 2016, her first book; Near Black was released in October 2008. As a journalist and critic, Dr. Dreisinger writes about Caribbean culture, race-related issues, travel, music and pop culture for such outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and ForbesLife, and produces on-air segments about music and global culture for National Public Radio (NPR). Together with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Peter Spirer, Professor Dreisinger produced and wrote the documentaries Black & Blue: Legends of the Hip-Hop Cop, which investigates the New York Police Department's monitoring of the hip-hop industry, and Rhyme & Punishment, about hip-hop and the prison industrial complex. [41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51]
  • David Drum (req. 2015-06-15) - American author of eight nonfiction books in the health area, a novel, a book of poems, and artist's books. Wikipedia contributor and registered user.
  • Peter H. Eichstaedt - award-winning journalist and author of books on war and human rights issues in some of the world's most dangerous places, including If You Poison Us: Uranium and Native Americans (Red Crane Books 1994), First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army (Lawrence Hill Books 2009), Pirate State: Somalia's Terrorism at Sea (Lawrence Hill Books 2010), Consuming the Congo: War and Conflict Minerals in the World's Deadliest Place (Lawrence Hill Books 2011), and Above the Din of War: Afghans Speak About Their Lives, Their Country, and Their Future, and Why America Should Listen (Lawrence Hill Books 2012). Website:
  • [Wael El-Manzalawy]- Egyptian writer who writes in English. He has published 22 e books. His books have been translated into many languages. Many of his books have appeared among the itunes free top charts in many countries for many months.

  • Ron Emmons - A successful British travel writer/photographer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Published about a dozen books, including Portrait of Thailand (New Holland, UK) - a glossy photo-driven overview of the country, Top Ten Bangkok (DK Books), AA Spiral Guide to the Dominican Republic, Frommer's Thailand (last 2 editions), Rough Guide to Vietnam (last 4 editions), National Geographic Traveler Guide to Vietnam and Walks along the Thames Path. Further details of publications can be found at, which has been maintained for over a decade.
  • Hannah Faye – self-published author; has published sixteen titles including A Rapper's College, White Like the Rainbow, Occupy the World From the Heart of the Protesters; [649]

and here ( [61][62][63][64][65]
  • Jane Haapiseva-Hunter (also known as Jane Hunter) - American historian, political scientist and author; [660]
  • Emily Hatoyama - Australian-born Japanese essayist; former Japanese actress; wife of Japanese politician Kunio Hatoyama [661]
  • Dr. David R. Hawkins, psychologist, author, lecturer, scientist; involved with the work of Linus Pauling; contemporary of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra; author of best-selling book Edition Power vs Force, Hay House Publishing, 1995; 9 other books; involved in kinesiology work; considered skeptical by many
  • Mehmet Salih Özalp (born September 1990, Van) is a Kurdish origin, Turkish researcher and author. ISBN-3 978-9756130629
  • George William Helon - (born 1965) Polish, Australian and Aboriginal author, etymologist, ethnographer, historian, genealogist and political aspirant. Lives Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Refer: People with the name Helon for reference links; also Arnold, et al., John (2004). The Bibliography of Australian Literature: F-J. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press. p. 401. ISBN 0-7022-3500-8; AUSTLIT [662]; National Library of Australia [663]; TROVE - National Library of Australia [664]; Polish Genealogical Society of America [665]; RootsWeb [666] ; Wikipedia Candidates of the Australian federal election, 1990; Constitutional Convention Candidate: Australia [667]; [668]; Who's Who Australian Writers and Who's Who Australian Childrens' Writers; search Google
  • Nancy Grass Hemmert - author of Public Speaking in American English, (Allyn & Bacon, 2008) and co-author of Relationships Inside Out (Kendell Hunt, 2014). Foremost expert in training non-native English speakers in the art of public speaking for American English speaking audiences. Also, an expert in intercultural communication training and education. Santa Monica College ( Los Angeles County Training Academy ( Also known for her service work she conducts with students. ( (
  • Booton Herndon (1915–1995) - writer; wrote histories of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Ford empire, wrote biographies on Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, Guy Lombardo, Fulton Lewis, Desmond Doss, Bergdorf Goodman, and a work on The Humor of JFK; [669]; [670]
  • Amanda Howard - (born 1973) Australian true crime author of fifteen books. Works include Murder on the Mind: An Insight into the Minds of Serial Killers and Their Crimes, A Killer in the Family: When Murder Waits at Home, Predator: Killers Without A Conscience, Innocence Lost: Crimes that Shocked a Nation, published by New Holland Publishers. Lives Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Has appeared in international documentaries including: Prime Suspect: Jack the Ripper, Crimes that Shook the World: The Backpacker Killer. Refer: National Library of Australia [671]; Amazon: [672]; imdb: [673]
  • Charlotte Russell Johnson - author of A Journey to Hell and Back, Daddy's Hugs, A Journey to Hell and Back the Flipside, Grace under Fire: The Journey Never Ends, Mama May I, In the Lords Eyes Mama's Pearls, Breaking the Curse and Kissing Hell Goodbye; Works by or about Charlotte Russell Johnson in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Gregory Paul Johnson - author of Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned Living in 140 Square Feet ([674]), published by Gibbs-Smith ([675]); interviewed by numerous international media outlets; [676]
  • George Gheverghese Joseph - Author who wrote biographies, and on history of Indian Mathematics. His books are Women at Work, The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, Multicultural Mathematics: Teaching Mathematics from a Global Perspective, A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and its Impact, and George Joseph: Life and Times of a Kerala Christian Nationalist (Orient Longman, 2003). The last named book is a political biography of his grandfather, George Joseph, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarhalal Nehru and other leaders of modern India. He is also the author of about 75 articles and chapters in books. In October 2000, he was called to the Bar of the Middle Temple, London. At present he holds joint positions at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and at McMaster University, Canada. A bio at Amazon Author page [677].
  • A. C. Kermode (Alfred Cotterill Kermode) - books include Mechanics of Flight (1932) and Flight Without Formulae (1940); Works by or about Alfred Cotterill Kermode in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Simon Kingsnorth - (Requested October 2015) Author of Digital Marketing Strategy: An integrated approach to online marketing and contributing author to the books Understanding Digital Marketing and Understanding Social Media by Damian Ryan. Brother of award-winning author Paul Kingsnorth. Also a senior digital marketing businessman and speaker. [678]
  • Brett Lark (Brett was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to figure out how to cure it naturally, he has written a book, Divine Healing, on his experience and is coming out with a second, The Cure for Cancer in Spring 2016) (
  • Charles de Leusse (born 1976) - French writer (born in Paris); author of the book of aphorisms, Le Sablier (in French text) (2006; ISBN: 2-7481-7934-X; EAN: 9782748179347); [679]). Style ans feature : he writes his maxims and aphorisms in French, but in verse, so that rhyme (which is unique in the world ???). => fr:Charles de Leusse
  • Joseph Ligé (born 05/12/1980) - author of A Mile A Day, American writer, motivational speaker, athlete, inventor, spokesperson and master salesman. born in St. Louis, Missouri, on the north side, into poverty and became successful. Mentored by his blind grandfather Joe W. Wiley (Papa Joe), a St. Louis historical figure.,
  • Lloyd A. Luna, motivational speaker, author, lecturer [680]
  • Ibtihal Mahmood - (February 13, 1983) Palestinian/Jordanian writer, translator, journalist, poet, feminist and human right's activist [681]
  • Carlos Malvar - author of Not Quite Unreal; toured with a speechless project for the British Council Literature Department ([682]); Korea Literature Translation Institute's writer-in-residence (a one-week program);[683]; [684]; [685]
  • Danine Manette - author of Ultimate Betrayal-Recognizing, Uncovering and Dealing with Infidelity; media pundit on HLN's Dr Drew On-Call; professional model; criminal investigator; [686]; [687]; [688]; [689]; [690]
  • Drew Manning - American fitness and diet author. Wrote book titled Fit2Fat2Fit. Drew voluntarily decided to stop eating correctly and working out in an attempt to gain so that he may better understand the psyche of his overweight/obese clientele. Drew also has a website that tracked his journey of gaining and losing weight.[691] and [692] and [693]
  • Steve Maraboli - American author, behavioral science academic. Wrote, Unapologetically You (ISBN:0979575087), Life, the Truth, and Being Free (ISBN: 1496086244), The Power of One (ISBN: 097957501X), La Vida, La Verdad, y Ser Libre (ISBN: 0979575044) He is the creator of Psycho-Neuro-Actualization™; a counseling/coaching methodology. [694] [695]
  • Sondra Marshak - science-fiction author; wrote about the Star Trek franchise, wrote several novels as well as co-wrote Shatner - Where No Man - The Authorized Biography of William Shatner; 10+ mentions in Wikipedia articles; Works by or about Sondra Marshak in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Ron Martinsen - (Requested August 19, 2015) Ronald Robert Martinsen (born May 6, 1970 Baton Rouge, Louisiana) co-author of Using Visual Basic 4, Special Edition (ISBN: 1-56529-998-1), Using Visual Basic 5, Special Edition (ISBN: 0-7897-0922-8) [696], and Printing 101 Notebook: An Introduction to Fine Art Photography Printing [697]. Ron is also an internationally renown photographer with images published in magazines around the world including GQ France, Robb Report Russia and more [698] and blogger [699]. Ron's also contributed articles on photography [700] and data protection [701] on Scott Kelby's blog Scott Kelby. Ron is also a featured photographer for NEC [702] and is a successful engineer / inventor at Microsoft for 21 years who has six patents issued by the US [703]] Finally Ron is mentioned in MSDE and referenced in Noiseware.
  • Kevin Maurer - (Requested August 21, 2015) (born October 2, 1974) - journalist and best selling co-author of No Easy Day, a first-hand account of the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. Author of eight books [704]. His work has also appeared in national magazines. He wrote two issues of the Punisher for Marvel [705] and contributed stories to two anthology stories. A graduate of ODU and Frank W. Cox High School, Maurer covered both the Iraq and Afghan wars
  • D.J. MacLennan - Writer and cryonicist. Featured in New Scientist magazine, June 2016 - 'Why I signed up to have my head cryogenically frozen'. Author of cryonics book Frozen to Life: A Personal Mortality Experiment (Anatta Books, 2015). Contributor of chapters 'The Wonder of Indeterminacy'​ and 'Buddhism and Cryonics' to cryonics anthology The Prospect of Immortality - Fifty Years Later (Ria University Press, 2014).
  • Danielle McLaughlin - New Zealand born, U.S.-based lawyer [706] and author of The Federalist Society: How Conservatives Took The Law Back From Liberals (2013), with Michael Avery. Her published work has been reviewed by The New York Times [707], the Washington Independent Review of Books [708], the L.A. Review of Books [709], and The Daily Beast [710] among others, and examines the strategies employed by conservative and libertarian lawyers, academics, judges and policy makers, grounded in theories of constitutional originalism and small government, in various areas including international law and policy, privacy rights, and economic and property rights. Danielle has appeared as a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, discussing the IRS 501(c)(4) ideological profiling scandal [711], as well as various radio outlets including This Is Hell! with Chuck Merz [712], the Jim Bohannon Show and David Alpern's For Your Ears Only. Danielle has co-authored articles on the federal courts and marriage equality for the Chronicle of Higher Education [713] and Truthout [714] with Michael Avery. Danielle honed her writing skills early in her career as a public relations consultant and marketing manager in London, England and in Vail, Colorado. Prior to that, Danielle was a consulting engineer in her native New Zealand.
  • Bryan Miller (food writer) (req. 2015-07-15) - former restaurant critic and food writer, The New York Times; magazine writer; Works by or about Bryan Miller in libraries (WorldCat catalog); [715]; [716]; [717]; [718]
  • Stephen M. Miller (born August 3, 1952, Oakland, MD) -author; easy-reading Bible reference books: The Complete Guide to the Bible (Amazon's #1 bestselling Bible Handbook), How to Get Into the Bible, Who's Who & Where's Where in the Bible, Illustrated Bible Dictionary, The Bible: A History. Awards: Christian Broadcasting Council non-fiction book of the year; CBA [Christian Bookseller's Association] non-fiction book of the year; Evangelical Press Association Award of Excellence in magazine editing.
  • Robert Mole - author; British civil servant; twice Mentioned in Despatches; awarded a Burma Star; wrote The Temple Bells Are Calling, an autobiography of his posting in Burma incorporating the politics of Burma from 1824 to 1948 during the Japanese occupation of Burma; [719]; Works by or about Robert Mole in libraries (WorldCat catalog); [720]
  • Jon Niccum - Author of The Worst Gig (, screenwriter (, and Kansas City Star film critic (
  • The Office Hobo - Nom de plume of the contemporary writer whose experiment of living in his Los Angeles office for nearly two years gained him notoriety as a social agitator. The Office Hobo got his start on his blog [] and published subsequent articles in L.A. Weekly [721]; [722]. An interview with the anonymous writer appeared in the June 2014 issue of Germany's Business Punk Magazine [print version only]. In 2014, The Office Hobo moved out of his office and into his truck camper. Though the actual identity of the author is unknown, his blurred image has been on national television, featured on the Fusion TV channel in September of 2014 [723]. The Office Hobo is reporting to be completing a memoir titled Home-Free: My Life as The Office Hoboon his time living in his office, though no report of its publication has been mentioned yet.
  • Keston Ott-Dahl - an American memoirist, blogger and activist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Co-Author of Saving Delaney ( Has written many articles for newspapers and magazines including The Washington Post ( and whose activism for Down syndrome equality has been covered world wide in the media.
  • Josephine Powell - filmmaker and producer; consultant for Tito Puente; author of Tito Puente - When the Drums are Dreaming (Authorhouse, 2007); film consultant, including The Mambo Kings (1992); dance and Cuban-music historian; [724]
  • Denny Ray Randall (author of fiction and non fiction , Physicist At CERN, last words of Dr. Edward mantill, countless horror and scfi storys. father of two, author of paranoid times on youtube, and has a HUGE fan base ) (
  • Crystal Renaud - author of Dirty Girls Come Clean (Moody Publishers, 2011). Founder of Dirty Girls Ministries assisting women addicted to pornography and sexual addiction ([725]; [726]; [727])
  • Mary Reynolds - Irish born landscape designer, author of "The Garden Awakening: Designs to Nurture Ourselves and Our Land", nature activist, organic gardener and winner of the 2002 Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. (Sources: Smithsonian Magazine Interview [728] Book Endorsement video from Jane Goodall [729] Interview/book review at the Telegraph [730] RTE piece [731] Part of 100 European Women in Design exhibit [732] Book review in Japan Times [733] Interview in Irish Examiner [734] Book review Publisher's Weekly [735] 1 of 7 Female Landscape Architects You Need to Know [736] Website [737])
  • Paul Ritter - pioneering Superbike racer and author of Racing the Gods: A Ducati Superbike Racer's Autobiography (
  • Carey Roberts - American columnist, men's-rights activist and anti-feminist; conservative commentator on political correctness; [738]
  • Martin Rosenbaum - freedom-of-information journalist; blogger for the BBC (since 2006); [739]; [740]; [741]
  • Carl Rosier-Jones - author of The Caveman Principles - Get rid of everyday stress and enjoy mammoth success (2015; Filament Publishing, London, United Kingdon) National Police Bravery award nominee 2012, motivational speaker and coach [742] [743]
  • Neil P. Ruzic - author of Where the Winds Sleep - Man's Future on the Moon, a Projected History (1970; Garden City, New York: Doubleday; OCLC 73907); innovator; part of Operation Paperclip (NASA's Von Braun group)
  • Jared Sawyer Jr. - founder of National Youth Empowerment Initiative and author of three books; starred in BBC's Around the World in 80 Faiths; actor known for his roles in Tyler Perry's Boo 2: A Made Halloween, My Harvest Is Near, and The Best of Enemies; was a child prodigy first appearing on ABC Nightline [744] [745] [746]
  • Phillip C. Schlechty - founder of Schlechty Center and author of many books; [747]; [748]
  • Colin Shindler - producer of a variety of films and television series, as well as an author of a variety of books and articles, see [749]
  • Amit Singh - author, technical writer, columnist, etc., see [750]
  • P. D. Smith (or Peter D. Smith) - British author of scientific and cultural history, most recently of Doomsday Men (2007) ([751]); also writes for The Guardian; [752]
  • Peter Stiff - London-born author who wrote a trilogy on South Africa's secret warfare. He also authored Cry Zimbabwe, which tells how Robert Mugabe became the president of Zimbabwe and ruined the country; [753]; Peter Stiff (Q21091211)
  • Unto Tähtinen - philosopher; author of Ahimsa - Non-Violence in Indian Tradition; Works by or about Unto Tähtinen in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Kerrin J D Tarr - British author of Reminiscence of Chaos, Escape the Labyrinth, The 30th of February, and 501 Questions You've Never Been Asked; [754]
  • Saba Tekle - Publisher, creator, and co-author of best selling book, 20 Beautiful Women; [755]
  • Isabel Thomas, author of more than 100 non-fiction books for children, published around the world in 20 languages. Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2011. [756]; [757] [758]; [759]; [760] [761] [762] [763] [764] [765]
  • Patricia Volk - Author of "Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family," "Shocked: My Mother, Schiaparelli, and Me," and four works of fiction. She is also a frequent contributor to The New York Times. [766]
  • Richard G. Walsh - Author of "Three Versions of Judas," and other books, Professor of Religion; Co-Director, Honors Program. B.A., Baylor University; M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Baylor University.[767]
  • Tara Washburn - author of "Crossing Bridges" (2014), diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 28, advocate for a new view of Autism, Founder of Hearts that Feel<>, guest of Autism Warriors <> published in "Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought", claims a blog reader base of 12,000 in 82 countries
  • Aidan Watson-Morris - self-published author of To Flee or Not to Be, has been featured on Google News, Newsguide, Having a Laugh, et al.; [768]
  • Seth Weintraub, Author, Web Publisher,,,,
  • Linda K. Wertheimer - author of Faith Ed: Teaching About Religion in an Age of Intolerance (August 2015, Beacon Press). Recent journalistic work includes [769]. Print journalist, not to be confused with the noted NPR correspondent Linda Wertheimer.
  • Randall Wood - author of Moon Nicaragua, Living Abroad in Nicaragua, Dictator's Handbook: a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant; [770]; [771]
  • Chris Woodford (author) - author of Cool Stuff and How it Works,
  • Raghda Zaid (blogger) (born 1991) - author of Baghdad Girl blog,Baghdad Girl blog: Part 2, [772] ; [773] ; [774] ; [775] ; [776] ; [777]
  • David Zweig (born 1974) - American journalist and fiction writer. Author of Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self Promotion based on his widely read article for The Atlantic "What Do Fact-Checkers and Anesthesiologists Have in Common?" Invisibles has been translated into five languages and received coverage in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Salon, Wired, Fortune, Forbes, and the author was interviewed on numerous public radio programs and TV shows, including CBS This Morning, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, and the CBC. Zweig is also a well known writer on technology, media and psychology for outlets such as The Atlantic and The New York Times. His 3,000 word takedown in Salon on errors in the David Brooks book "The Road to Character" was widely read and cited, including a citation in the Sunday New York Times itself, by Margaret Sullivan, the paper's Public Editor, where it was noted that Zweig's piece led to Brooks's publisher altering the text of the book for future editions and the Times making corrections on past Brooks columns. (The piece is also linked to in David Brooks (journalist)#Criticism.) Zweig's 2,000 word feature on the front page of The New York Times real estate section on his move from the city to the suburbs was widely read and cited as well, and also generated backlash on social media.



Business people[edit]


  • Yolanda gampp - Youtube Cake Artist; appears on her Youtube Chanel, How To Cake It; [778]; Has been featured on The Today Show, The Social, Cityline, Breakfast Television, and BuzzFeed; She has her own website [779] Yolanda is From Toronto, Canada.


Computer scientists[edit]

Earth scientists[edit]





  • Keith Negus - British music scholar; author of Popular Music in Theory: An Introduction, et al.
  • Edward Bartlett Nitchie (1876–1917) - principal of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing; author of various works on lip-reading; see Dictionary of American Biography
  • Patrick Overton - American author of the "Faith" poem and many other things; [828]
  • Scott D. Pearson - Executive Director, District of Columbia Public Charter School Board; [829]; [830]; [831]; [832]
  • Kurt Penberg - President of Kid's Jukebox Inc.
  • Dr. Gerard Putz - President and Co-Founder of National Science Olympiad
  • Martha T. Roth - Dean of Humanities, University of Chicago; Professor of Assyriology, Oriental Institute, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Committee on Jewish Studies, and the College; Editor-in-Charge, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary; [833]
  • Constance Rulka - (1926–2014) Teacher, Examiner in English for the Oxford and Cambridge Joint Matriculation Board. Author of textbooks in English language and Poetry for Macmillan Publishing company, School Trustee for Squamish School district 48, wrote a regular weekly column titled "Sound Schools" for the Chief newspaper in Squamish as well as articles for Teacher Newsmagazine. Chief Examiner and Assistant Registrar for the West African Examinations Council. She was awarded The Educational Press Association of America "Distinguished Achievement Award" given for excellence in Educational Journalism (1992). In 2003 she was awarded the Golden Leaf Award - "Writing and Editing" Educational Issues Reporting from the Canadian Educational Press Association. On June 13, 2006, School District No. 48 honored Constance Rulka's contributions and renamed the Howe Sound Secondary School Library "The Constance Rulka Library"
  • Cheryl Ryne - speech, forensics, psychology and sociology teacher at Friendswood High School; winner of The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Teaching Award from the University of Texas in 2000
  • Edward B. Shils - founded the Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (1973); Chair in Alternative Dispute and Arbitration at Penn's Law School (1991); Professor of Management
  • Beth H. Slingerland - pioneering dyslexia educator; creator of the Slingerland classroom adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching dyslexic children; [834]
  • Clint Smith - Clint Smith, Instructor and author. President and Director of Thunder Ranch®, is a Marine Corps veteran of two infantry and Combined Action Platoon tours in Vietnam. His experience includes seven years as a police officer during which he served as head of the Firearms Training Division as well as being a S.W.A.T. member and precision rifleman.


  • Comfort Starr - Early Cambridge, Massacusetts, resident, first Harvard class convened in his living room, father of one of Danbury, Connecticut's eight founders
  • Susan Rubin Suleiman (Susan Suleiman) - literary and cultural critic, and theorist; Harvard University professor; author
  • Rupert Till - expert in sound technology at Huddersfield University; believes Stonehenge used as a place for dancing
  • Priya Venkatesan - former Dartmouth College professor who achieved notoriety by threatening lawsuits against the school and some of her undergraduate students; [835]; [836] [837]
  • Neil L. Waters - Professor of History; Kawashima Professor of Japanese Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont; noted for speaking out against Wikipedia as a citable reference. Required subject of study at DeVry University Online..... [838] and [839]
  • Joshua Wolff - New York City media teacher and director at Nomading Films; produced the first online global classroom collaboration for Discovery Education
  • Patricia Zander (1943–2008) - British-American pianist and instructor; ARCM, LRAM, Royal College of Music, London; studied with Cyril Smith; longtime faculty member of the New England Conservatory; students included Yo-Yo Ma, Judith Gordon, and Max Levinson; toured and recorded with Ma; [840]
  • Jose R. Otaola (1945) - Basque-Spanish-American educator and biologist; UPRM, UIPR, a; [841]
  • James W. Walters (1945-)Professor of Religion and Bioethics at [Loma Linda University School of Religion]; [842] Co-founder of [Adventist Today] Author of several publications including but not limited to: [Living is Loving: Relationships Matter Most (Washington DC: Review and Herald Publishing Assoc., 1985)] [Bioethics Today, A New Ethical Vision (Loma Linda University Press, 1988), editor. [War No More? Options in Nuclear Ethics (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1989), editor] [Facing Limits: Ethics and Health Care for the Elderly (Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, 1993), edited with Gerald R. Winslow] [Choosing Who's to Live: Ethics and Aging (University of Illinois Press, 1996), editor] [What is a Person? An Ethical Exploration (University of Illinois Press, 1997)] [Martin Buber and Feminist Ethics, The Priority of the Personal (Syracuse University Press, 2003)] [The Predicament of Belief in Dialogue, Philip Clayton and Steven Knapp and 8 Discussants (in press), edited with Philip Clayton]
  • Rakesh Vohra George A. Weiss and Lydia Bravo Weiss University Professor at the [University of Pennsylvania]; [843]
  • M K Bashar Ln. M K Bashar is the founder and chairman of Cambrian Education Group [Cambrian College, Dhaka]; [844]




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Documentary filmmakers[edit]



Other filmmakers[edit]

(casting directors, cinematographers, special-effects people, et al.)

Film Editors[edit]



Performance artists[edit]


  • George D. Lottman (1900-1942) - American Publicist who invented this job in New York in the roaring twenties in Tin Pan Alley and then in the Brill Building on Broadway next to Times Squart, chronicler, song writer who wrote the lyrics of Anchors Aweigh

Radio personalities[edit]

See also the list of requests for Wikipedia:Requested articles/Biography/By profession#Disc jockeys.

Television personalities[edit]


Espionage and intelligence[edit]

  • Joshua Skule - Named Executive Assistant Director for the Intelligence Branch at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, D.C. by former FBI Director James B. Comey. Mr. Skule served as the Assistant Director of the Directorate of Intelligence.
  • Shawn Henry - Former Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch (CCRSB) of the FBI, appointed by Robert Mueller under President Barrack Obama.

In 2010, Mr. Henry served as assistant director in charge of the Washington Field Office, which is where he began his career with the FBI in 1989, investigating a variety of matters, focusing primarily on public corruption and serving as a member of the SWAT team.

In his 21 years with the Bureau, Mr. Henry has served in a variety of capacities at FBI Headquarters and in the field. Among his many assignments Mr. Henry has served as: a supervisory special agent in the Public Corruption Unit; chief of the Computer Investigations Unit in the National Infrastructure Protection Center; field supervisor of the Computer Crimes Squad for the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office; assistant inspector and team leader in the Inspection Division; assistant special agent in charge of the Philadelphia Field Office; and chief of the Executive Staff for the National Security Branch.

In 2007, Mr. Henry was named deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, with program management responsibility for all FBI computer investigations worldwide. He was an original member of the National Cyber Study Group, which developed the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative (CNCI). In September 2008, Mr. Henry became assistant director of the Cyber Division, where he played a central role in restructuring the FBI’s cyber strategy and investigative programs.

Mr. Henry has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University in New York, and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.[1,262] According to the FBI, Henry worked tirelessly on a variety of cases involving the take down of cyberterrorist group LulzSec and other copycat black hat hacker groups. In 2011 it was revealed that members of this cyberterrorist group were in fact working for the FBI. [1,263]

Currently Henry is President and CSO of Irvine, California based security firm CrowdStrike, and is partnered with Cloudflare, a company run by former members of cyberterrorist group LulzSec. [1,264]


Feminist figures[edit]





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  • Justinian Caire (One of the investors in Santa Cruz Island in the late 1800's. He was a French immigrant and founder of a successful San Francisco hardware business that sold equipment to miners. By the late 1880s Caire had acquired all of the shares of the Santa Cruz Island Company.) (
  • Alan Cocconi - engineer, inventor, and developer of technology needed for modern electric cars and airplanes; founder of AC Propulsion; has registered several patents [1,364][1,365][1,366]
  • Ariel R. Davis - inventor of the first slider multiple tap autotransformer dimmer and numerous other patents relating to stage lighting. Davis filed for the transformer patent (USRE23409 E)[104] in 1941. He also created the first slider cross connect panel for connecting lighting circuits to individual dimmers. Many schools, colleges, churches and buildings in the United States have had his products installed. He founded the Ariel Davis Mfg. Co. in Provo, Utah and later moved it to Salt Lake City, Utah. He sold the company around 1970 so he could focus on inventing when it was renamed ElectroControls. His inventions include one for solar heating (US 4136668 A).
  • Robert Edwin Dietz (or Robert E. Dietz) (1818–1897) - American businessman and inventor; founder of the R. E. Dietz Company; [1,367]
  • Riccardo Giraldi - Italian Inventor, Designer and Creative Director. Explores new technologies focusing on user experience and designed experiences that connect physical and digital. Award winner designer shaping the future of human computer interaction. Now Creative Director at Microsoft working on HoloLens [1,368]. Invented Escape Flight [1,369],[1,370],[1,371],[1,372],[1,373], Mind Controlled Scalextric (first mind controlled race game) [1,374],[1,375],[1,376], Creative Director of Google Web Lab[1,377],[1,378],[1,379], Honda The Experiment, EELs [1,380], and numerous other award winning projects [1,381],[1,382],[1,383]. Speaker at FITC [1,384], Cannes, Imagination Day, Kikk [1,385], Glugg[1,386][1,387]. [1,388],[1,389],[1,390],[1,391],[1,392],[1,393],[1,394],[1,395]
  • Johnathan Goodwin - co-founder of SAE Energy; [1,396]; [1,397]
  • William R. Pape - Co-Founder of Verifone, EVP and Co-Founder of TraceGains, Inc. Holder of multiple patents, professor, rancher, author, blogger, co-designer of the first commercial spell checker system for computers. [1,398]
  • Stephen M. Key - award winning inventor and patent holder of the SpinLabel Rotating Label Technology.[1,399] Licensed over 30 products in the past 30 years. Co-Founder of inventRight - Helping people bring ideas to market for over 10 years. Author of the One Simple Idea book series. [1,400];[1,401];[1,402]
  • Jan Vinzenz Krause - German businessman; director, Institute for Condom Consultancy; invented a spray-on condom; [1,403];[1,404]
  • Frank J. Richtig Blacksmith; regarded for much of the 20th century as among the greatest custom knifemakers in the United States.[105] Perhaps best known today for inventing a steel heat-treatment process that achieved exceptional results but was lost when he died; some of today's leading knife makers are still working to recreate it.[106]
  • Stephen L. Rush - inventor of organic hydrolysis and combination ethanol / bio-diesel plant [1,405], "Systems and Processes for Cellulosic Ethanol Production" application Ser. No. 12/014,090, filed January 14, 2008; [1,406]
  • Richard Sclafani - invented the see-through 0s New Year's Eve glasses; [1,407]
  • David Schurig - EE professor, inventing invisibility cloak; [1,408]
  • Charlie Sobcov - Ottawa student who invented window decals transparent to humans, but not to birds; [1,409], but his "invention" had been on sale for more than a year
  • Allan Thieme - Inventor of the Amigo in 1968, the world's first power operated vehicle, more commonly known as a mobility scooter. Thieme's company Amigo Mobility is still operating in Michigan. In 1977, the Social Security Administration added power operated vehicles (Amigos) to coverage under Medicare [1,410]. In 1982, Amigo Mobility was #212 on Inc.'s Fastest Growing Companies list [1,411] and Allan Thieme was named the US Small Businessman of the Year. In 2012, Allan Thieme of Amigo Mobility was named the Michigan Manufacturer of the Year [1,412].
  • Stanislav V'Soske - inventor of the tufted-wool rug in 1925; custom and museum-quality rug manufacturer with collaborations with 20th-century artists and architects; [1,413]; [1,414]
  • Raymond Wang - Internationally Acclaimed Canadian Inventor from Vancouver. He is one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 for his various inventions: At the age of 17 he won the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for designing a system of fin-like devices that can be installed in the air inlets of narrow body to reduce disease transmission aboard airliners by creating a virtual "wall of air" around each passenger. Wang estimates the modification, which can be installed overnight at a cost of $1,000 (USD) per aircraft, can reduce the concentration of airborne pathogens by 55 times and increase the availability of fresh air to passengers by 190 percent. Since the age of 12, Raymond also developed a Self-Cleaning Outdoor Garbage Bin, a Dynamically Supportive Knee Brace, and an Energy Harvesting Roof System, and was both a multi-time Canada Wide Science Fair Gold Medallist and Google Science Fair Top 90 Finalist. His inventions have been featured with TED, IEEE, NBC, Wall Street Journal, and CBC[107] [1,415] [1,416] [1,417] [1,418][1,419][1,420][1,421]


See also the list of requests for Documentary Filmmakers.



Detectives and police[edit]


  • Madasamy Ravi also known as M. Ravi, is a well known human rights lawyer who is involved in several high profile constitutional challenge cases. His name is mentioned ever so often on the mainstream media that there is substantial material to write about.

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) figures[edit]


Maritime figures[edit]


Medical people[edit]

Military figures[edit]

American Medal of Honor recipients[edit]

Natural scientists, other[edit]

Ornithologists (birds)[edit]



Political figures[edit]


Religious figures[edit]

Atheistic Satanism[edit]





Eastern Orthodox[edit]



  • Meraj Rabbani - Islamic scholar who is trying to spread peace through quran and sunnah and questions all the major sects like sufis,shias,deobandis,barelwis etc; [1,676];
  • Shabbir Ally - Islam apologist who wrote 101 contradictions of the Bible, which created a lot of problems in the Christian community; [1,677]; [1,678] (Christian response to his pamphlet)
  • Shaykh Taner Ansari - Turkish-born Muslim Sufi Shaykh; head of the Qadir-Rifai Tariqa, based in New York, written four books: Grand Master's of Sufism (translated); Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way; What About My Wood! 101 Sufi Stories; The Sun Will Rise in the West: The Holy Trail; [1,679]
  • Sheikh Adil Kalbani (or Adil Kalbani (sheik)) - "... King Abdullah had chosen him to be the first black man to lead prayers in Mecca" at the Grand Masque, fall 2008. "A Black Iman Breaks Ground Leading the Faithful in Mecca", The New York Times, printed, late edition, Saturday, April 11, 2009 (p. a6); [1,680]
  • Mahomed Khatri - hero and role model for young disabled Muslims; [1,681]; [1,682]; [1,683]
  • Jamal Khawaja - progressive-liberal American Muslim blogger for the Houston Chronicle; substantial corpus of writing on post-modern and existential approaches to Islam and Islamic philosophy as it relates to American culture; [1,684]
  • Sheikh Shariff Ibrahim Saleh Maiduguri, a renowned Islamic Scholar and the Grand Mufti of Nigeria. He was included among the Muslim 500 of 2015 (an annual publication of the world 500 most influential muslims).


New-age spirituality[edit]

Non-denominational Christian[edit]


Pentecostal and charismatic[edit]

Presbyterian, Reformed and Calvinism[edit]


  • William E. Gilroy, D.D. (Editor of The Congregationalist, Boston MA. Gilroy's articles were published nationally in newspapers for apparently decades. I have seen a brilliantly written article from Gilroy on page 4 the 16 November 1929 edition of The Clarksburg Exponent, Clarksburg West Virginia. The article urged new attitudes of kindness and love toward all racial groups. This article is as relevant today as it was in 1929. According to The American Missionary Volume 76, 1922, Gilroy took a tour of the South to get acquainted with the works of the A.M.A. and came back a profound believer in its value. Gilroy's articles were obviously still being published in the late 1950s as seen in the links below.)1 2 3 4
  • Enos Hitchcock - quoted in an Economist article as having said "The free access which many young people have to romances, novels and plays has poisoned the mind and corrupted the morals of many a promising youth."; may be the Enos Hitchcock (1745–1803) who was a well-known minister (not sure of denomination) during the American Revolution mentioned here
  • John Hunt (b. 1812) - A missionary to Fiji. He was born in England and was one of the first Methodists. He went to the Fiji Island, which was cannibalistic. He was the first person to write down the Fijian language. He translated the New Testament from Greek into Fijian. He died of a disease while on the island of Fiji but not before converting the entire island to Christianity and ending the cannibalism and human sacrifice. There are many books written about him including Rowe, George Stringer. A Missionary Among Cannibals; or, the life of John Hunt who was eminently successful in converting the people of Fiji from cannibalism to Christianity. New York: Carlton & Porter, 1859.; McLean, Archibald. Epoch Makers of Modern Missions. New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming H. Revell company, 1912. Source of the image. There are also many websites devoted to him, [1,702] and [1,703] among many others. His name is also mentioned in the History of Fiji page.
  • Matthew Flannagan - new zealander christian, apologist and philosopher [1,704]
  • Thomas Munster - Swedish Christian reformist; sv:Thomas Munster
  • Edward R. Skane (or Edward Skane) - reverend, television evangelist, book author; father of high-profile murdered son, died February 2001
  • Thomas Thorowgood (c. 1600–1669) - English Divine; author of Jewes in America, or Probabilities that the Americans Are of that Race; influential to the writing and thought of John Eliot; intellectual peer to Menasseh Ben Israel
  • Adrian Bulley - United Reformed Church minister and Synod Clerk for the United Reformed Church synod of Wales, previously Moderator for the United Reformed Church synod of Wessex; outspoken supported of LGBT inclusion in the Church and supporter of asylum justice in the UK [1,705] [1,706] [1,707] [1,708]
  • Walker Railey - Requested November 12, 2015. Former First United Methodist minister accused and acquitted of having tried to kill his wife, Peggy Railey. [1,709]; [1,710]; [1,711]
  • Francis M. Craft (1852-1920) - Missionary to the Sioux [1,712]
  • William Schnoebelen - American fundamentalist Christian author focussing on Satanism, Wicca, Mormonism, Freemasonry, Vampirism, anti-Catholicism, UFOs and spiritual warfare. Some books published by Chick Publications. [1,713] [1,714]

Unitarian Universalist[edit]

Wicca and witches[edit]

  • Edain McCoy - author of Celtic Myth and Magick and other works published by Llewellyn Publications; purported founder of the Witta tradition
  • Agnes Snoth (1500s) - burned at the stake with four other women; preached against auricular confessions, stating that it was sinful to ask forgiveness from a man for what only God can grant There is a source on page 49 of this PDF, which may come in handy.



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