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• The fact that a business or organisation exists is not grounds for having an article.
• Whether your competitors have an article or not is completely irrelevant.
• Being a competent professional in your field is not the standard for having an article.

Many people with a conflict of interest wish to have a Wikipedia article about themselves, their product, or their group or organisation. Their basis for this is usually a mixture of reasons such as:

  • It's useful.
  • It contains valuable information about us/our product.
  • It's easy for our customers to find.
  • Other businesses/products have an article.
  • There are lots of Google hits for it.

However, none of these matter and are in fact arguments to avoid when discussing if an article should be included or not. Wikipedia is specifically not a directory and by extension is not for listing businesses and organisations - this purpose is served by websites such as LinkedIn.

Wikipedia has specific criteria for inclusion, namely that in order for a subject to have an article, it must meet the general notability guideline. This means that whether other or similar businesses have their own article is completely irrelevant; everything must satisfy the criteria for inclusion on its own merit. Article X is not an excuse for Article Y.

In order for something to have an article, you need:

Simply being a competent professional in a field is not grounds for having a wikipedia article. It is the goal of most career-minded people to be successful in their profession, and there are probably hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are doing so. Being a competent doctor, lawyer, engineer, executive, etc., is not the standard for having a wikipedia article.