Lawndale Elementary School District

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Lawndale Elementary School District is a school district headquartered in Lawndale, California, United States.

The district serves Lawndale and portions of Hawthorne as well as unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County (including Alondra Park).


Elementary schools[edit]

  • William Anderson Elementary School (Lawndale)
  • William Green Elementary School (Lawndale)
  • Billy Mitchell Elementary School (Lawndale)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt-Kit Carson Elementary School (Alondra Park, Unincorporated area)
  • Lucille J. Smith Elementary School (Lawndale)
  • Mark Twain Elementary School (Alondra Park, Unincorporated area)

Middle schools[edit]

  • Jane Addams Middle School (Lawndale)
  • Will Rogers Middle School (Lawndale)


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