Willesden Green Library Centre

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Willesden Green Library Centre
Willesden Old Library.jpg
Old Library Building
Country United Kingdom
Type Public library
Location Willesden Green
Coordinates 51°32′48″N 0°13′44″W / 51.54667°N 0.22889°W / 51.54667; -0.22889Coordinates: 51°32′48″N 0°13′44″W / 51.54667°N 0.22889°W / 51.54667; -0.22889
Branch of London Borough of Brent

Willesden Green Library Centre is a public library complex situated in Willesden Green, London, United Kingdom. The centre includes a public library, operated by Brent Council, a cinema and (formerly) an independent bookshop named The Willesden Bookshop.[1] The Willesden Bookshop was forced to move to a new location as part of the proposed regeneration project.

Proposed Regeneration[edit]

In February 2012 Brent Council announced a proposed regeneration project for the Willesden Green Library Centre. The regenerated centre would be renamed as 'Willesden Green Cultural Centre'. Following the closure of six other libraries within the London Borough of Brent, the intention of this regeneration was to enable the library to sufficiently meet the increased demand for library space within Brent. [2]

This proposal was considered controversial by some local residents. Following consultation and petitions the designs for the regenerated centre have been amended to ensure the old Victorian library is retained.


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