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Windows DVD Maker
A component of Microsoft Windows
Windows DVD Maker Vista Icon.png
Windows DVD Maker Vista.png
Windows DVD Maker in Windows 7
Type DVD authoring software
Included with Windows Vista and Windows 7
Related components
Windows Movie Maker

Windows DVD Maker is an application included in Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate and Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate enabling the creation of DVD movies viewable using either DVD playback software or standalone [1] DVD player. It is comparable to iDVD for OS X.

Other applications can pass XML files to Windows DVD Maker, this using its MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital audio encoding abilities for their own purposes.

The application is not included in Windows 8.


Windows DVD Maker has a simple Aero Wizard-style user interface. The first step of the wizard involves importing video files from the computer's file system. The videos can be rearranged to play in a different order, and Windows DVD Maker automatically splits the videos into scenes that can be accessed from a special Scene Selection page in the DVD menu system.

In the next step, various animated DVD menu styles can be applied. Many of these are similar to the transition effects available in Windows Movie Maker. Users can also customize the font and button styles. Windows DVD Maker can also add a slide show of pictures with a musical accompaniment and transition effects.

The application can also show an interactive preview of what the DVD will look and act like when it has been burned. For example, users can navigate the DVD menus using the arrow buttons (mimicking the action of using a DVD player remote control).

Windows DVD Maker is designed to encode video as a Below Normal priority background process to ensure the computer remains responsive during the burn process. By design this feature puts the program at the back of the line among user mode applications. This can be circumvented by using Windows Task Manager to adjust the priority.[1]

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