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Status Active
Genre Science fiction/Fantasy
Location(s) Lombard, Illinois
Country United States
Inaugurated 1974
Attendance circa 1,300-1,500
Organized by ISFiC
Filing status Non-profit

Windycon is a science fiction convention held in Lombard, Illinois, on the weekend closest to Veterans Day.

ISFiC, the parent corporation that runs Windycon,[1] was founded in 1973 in Chicago. The first Windycon was held the following year and has been held annually ever since either in Chicago or a Chicago suburb.[2] It is a general interest convention.

ISFiC and Windycon were founded to raise the profile of fandom in Chicago in preparation for a Worldcon bid.[1] In 1982, Chicon IV was the result. From its small beginnings, Windycon has grown to have an annual membership hovering around 1300. It is the largest of the three fan-run Chicago conventions.

Annually since 1986, ISFiC has hosted a writers contest, open to unpublished authors. The contest is judged by professional authors and editors.[3] Separately, Windycon has hosted a writers' workshop under the coordination of Richard Chwedyk since 2000.[4]

In addition to traditional con activities, Windycon has also run a series of on-line chats during the con, hosting by Cybling.[5][6]

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