Wolf 1061b

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Wolf 1061 b
Exoplanet List of exoplanets
Parent star
Star Wolf 1061
Constellation Ophiuchus
Right ascension (α)  16h 30m 18.1s
Declination (δ) –12° 39′ 45″
Distance13.8 ly
(4.29 pc)
Spectral type M3 V
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis(a) 0.035509 (± 7e-06)[1] AU
Eccentricity (e) 0
Orbital period(P) 4.8876 (± 0.0014) d
Physical characteristics
Mass(m)≥1.36[2] M
Radius(r)≥1.44[2] R
Stellar flux(F)6.2[3]
Discovery information
Discovery date December 18, 2015
Discoverer(s) University of New South Wales, Australia
Discovery method Radial Velocity
Discovery site European Southern Observatory
Discovery status Submitted

Wolf 1061b or WL 1061b is an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf star Wolf 1061 in the Ophiuchus constellation, about 13.8 light years from Earth. It is the first planet in order from its host star in a triple planetary system, and has an orbital period of nearly 5 days. The planet orbits too close to its star for it to be in the habitable zone.[4]

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