Women's National Cricket League

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Women's National Cricket League
WNCL Logo.png
Countries Australia Australia
Administrator Cricket Australia
Format Limited-overs (50 overs per side)
First tournament 1996–97
Last tournament 2016-17
Next tournament 2017-18
Tournament format Single round-robin, then finals series
Number of teams 7
Current champion New South Wales Breakers (18 titles)
Most successful New South Wales Breakers (18 titles)
TV Cricket Australia TV
Website Cricket Australia

The Women's National Cricket League (WNCL) is the national competition for women's cricket in Australia.

The league competition involves the six member teams playing each other in two 50-over limited-over matches, with the side finishing at the top of the table after the preliminary rounds earning the right to host the best-of-three finals series. The winner of the finals series wins the Ruth Preddey Cup. From 2007–08 onwards the finals series as reduced to a single match as Twenty20 matches were introduced.[citation needed]

The first WNCL took place in 1996–97, replacing the Australian Women's Cricket Championships which had taken place in a two-week tournament format since 1930–31. The Ruth Preddey Cup was introduced to those championships in 1972–73. The competition was expanded to include ACT in the 2009–10 season and Tasmania in the 2010–11 season.[citation needed]

In the 2008–09 season, a Twenty20 competition was introduced for Australian domestic women's teams. The competition was expanded to include ACT and Tasmania in the 2009–10 season.[citation needed]

The Australian Capital Territory participates in the Women's National Cricket League despite not being members of the national association.[1]


Map of Australia with each state / territory shaded in its cricket team's main colour.
  State/Territory Team Home ground[a] Established Season Titles Runner-up
  Australian Capital Territory ACT Meteors Manuka Oval, Canberra 2009 2009-10 - present 0 0
  New South Wales New South Wales Breakers Sydney Cricket Ground 1996 1996-97 - present 18 3
  Queensland Queensland Fire Allan Border Field, Brisbane 1996 1996-97 - present 0 4
  South Australia South Australian Scorpions Adelaide Oval 1996 1996-97 - present 1 3
  Tasmania Tasmanian Roar Bellerive Oval, Hobart 2009 2010-11 - present 0 0
  Victoria Victorian Spirit Melbourne Cricket Ground 1996 1996-97 - present 2 10
  Western Australia Western Fury WACA Ground, Perth 1996 1996-97 - present 0 1

a Each team has used several venues to host matches. For a full list, see list of cricket grounds in Australia.

Competition placings[edit]

1996–97 New South Wales2 Victoria1 South Australia Western Australia Queensland n/a
1997–98 to be added soon
1998–99 to be added soon
1999–00 to be added soon
2000–01 to be added soon
2001–02 to be added soon
2002–03 to be added soon
2003-04 to be added soon
2004–05 to be added soon
2005-06 to be added soon
2006-07 to be added soon
2007-08 to be added soon
2008–09 to be added soon
2009–10 to be added soon
2011–12 to be added soon
2012–13 to be added soon
2013-14 to be added soon
2014-15 to be added soon
2015-16 to be added soon
2016-17 New South Wales2 Queensland1 Victoria South Australia Australian Capital Territory Tasmania Western Australia


1996–97 [2] New South Wales Victoria 1Sydney Cricket Ground
2Sydney Cricket Ground
3Sydney Cricket Ground
1New South Wales won by 3 wickets
2New South Wales won by 5 wickets
3New South Wales won by 7 wickets
4New South Wales won 3–0
1997–98 New South Wales South Australia Albert Park, Melbourne 3–0
1998–99 New South Wales Victoria Princes Park, Melbourne 2–0
1999–00 New South Wales Western Australia Sydney Cricket Ground 2–0
2000–01 New South Wales Queensland Bankstown Oval 2–0
2001–02 New South Wales Victoria Bankstown Oval 2–0
2002–03 Victoria New South Wales Melbourne Cricket Ground 2–0
2003–04 New South Wales Victoria Melbourne Cricket Ground 2–1
2004–05 Victoria New South Wales Bankstown Oval 2–1
2005–06 New South Wales Queensland North Sydney Oval 2–1
2006–07 New South Wales Victoria Central Reserve, Glen Waverley 2–1
2007–08 New South Wales South Australia Sydney Cricket Ground Washout, won on virtue of qualifying first
2008–09 New South Wales Victoria Sydney Cricket Ground 1–0
2009–10 New South Wales Victoria Melbourne Cricket Ground 1–0
2010–11 New South Wales Victoria Sydney Cricket Ground 1–0
2011–12 New South Wales Victoria Sydney Cricket Ground 1–0
2012–13 New South Wales Queensland Sydney Cricket Ground 1–0
2013–14 New South Wales Victoria North Sydney Oval 1–0
2014–15 New South Wales South Australia Blacktown International Sportspark 1–0
2015–16 South Australia New South Wales Hurstville Oval 1–0
2016-17 New South Wales Queensland Allan Border Field 1-0


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