Woodford's Battery

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Woodford's Battery
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Europa Flats in Gibraltar
Woodford's Battery is located in Gibraltar
Woodford's Battery
Woodford's Battery
Location within Gibraltar
Coordinates 36°06′39″N 5°20′59″W / 36.11085°N 5.3496°W / 36.11085; -5.3496
Type Artillery battery
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar
Open to
the public
Condition Abandoned
Site history
Built by UK Ministry of Defence

Woodford's Battery was an artillery battery in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.[1] It is located at Europa Flats between the Defensible Barracks and the Officer's Barracks and Eliott's Battery.[2]

The battery was built before 1738 as a demi-bastion set into the old Spanish-era coastal wall, constructed by Charles V. It was originally called Five Gun Battery but its complement of guns was later expanded. It was equipped with four embrasures on the left flank, facing south-east towards Europa Point, and two on the right flank, facing north-west towards the nearby Hutment Battery. Further firing positions were provided a short distance further south by the three-gun Woodford's Left Flank battery, which together with the 1st Europa Point Right Flank battery enfiladed the ground in front of the Defensible Barracks. It was renamed after a governor of Gibraltar, Field Marshal Sir Alexander George Woodford, who served in that role between 1836–43.[3]

Nine guns had been installed in the battery by 1859 and it continued to mount a variety of guns up to 1892. During World War II it was used to mount a defence electric light, which was removed in the late 20th century.[3]


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