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For the automobile, see Tata Xover. For other uses, see Crossover (disambiguation).

Xover is an English-language environment magazine owned by the BCIL Alt. Tech. Foundation and edited in Bangalore.

The magazine started in January 2004. Its print edition has a circulation of 5000.[citation needed] The print edition is based on an annual subscription fee. The online edition is free.[1]

The aim of the magazine according to Chandrasekaran Hariharan, its editor, is:[2]

Many of the features that leaven the pages of Xover talk of inspirational sustainability initiatives across the world and in India. Human ingenuity and the innovative chutzpah that these accounts talk of, is hope enough for a world that is hungry for solutions that will slow down this madness of abuse of resources. We can't afford to go on the way we are—producing as many cars in the next ten years as we did in the entire last century; or creating as many hotels in the next 5 years in India, as we have built in the last 50 years; or consuming as much energy in one year as we did in the entire decade of the 1950s...


From the magazine's inception, its editor has been Hariharan.


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